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Empowering Value Education Teachers : VIV Workshops P.L.Dhar.

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1 Empowering Value Education Teachers : VIV Workshops P.L.Dhar

2 Essence of Value Education Value Education = Emotional Education + Spiritual Education How to refine the emotions ? …..How to actually purify the mind of baser tendencies, the mental defilements ? How to develop insight, not mere intellectual knowledge, about the nature of human reality ?

3 Attributes of a Good VE Teacher  Ability to inspire : Role Models -- Intellectual clarity -- Emotional maturity -- Visible integrity : Living values  Interacting with students with compassion and respect  Accepting shortcoming gracefully  Empowering teachers through a comprehensive workshop


5 VIV Workshop Day 1 - 12 Day 1 : Discussion Essence of Value Education Day 1 evening to Day 12 early morning : 10-day retreat of Vipassana Meditation –Training in self observation –[A] : observation of breath –[B]: observation of sensations and feelings/ emotions – [C] : Practice of metta ; loving kindness Day 12 : outing till evening 5 pm Day 12 : Meditation 6-7 pm followed by Feedback on “ Was interaction with people today different from earlier days?”

6 VIV Workshop : Day 13 - 14 Every day meditation : 5- 6: 30 am ; 8-9 am; 2:30 – 3:30 pm ; 6-7 pm Rest of the time discussions on : –Challenges of Value education –How to handle the issue of ‘secularism’ –How to provoke students to analyze their own experiences from value perspective –FAQ on Meditation and how to answer these Day 13 morning : shramdaan

7 VIV Workshop : Day 14 Discussions continue Understanding Vipassana and its role in Value Education –Clarification on the practice of Vipassana Meditation Evening after dinner : Listening to discourse on meditation given to teachers and parents

8 VIV Workshop : Day 15 Practical Demonstration of a Anapana Course for children ( 9am to 1 pm) Teachers participating in the workshop act as volunteers Q&A Workshop ends after practice of meditation from 2:30 to 3;30 pm.

9 Feedback Consistently positive feedback Many teachers start teaching Anapana meditation to students in their classes / schools Increase in confidence of VE teachers …………………………………………….. Some Colleges have started regular 10-day retreats for their students


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