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Diler Gültekin Gözde Uludağ Mary Kumar Bromwell Seyit Ömer Gök Eylem Yaşam Cindi Esra Çelik Soydan.

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1 Diler Gültekin Gözde Uludağ Mary Kumar Bromwell Seyit Ömer Gök Eylem Yaşam Cindi Esra Çelik Soydan


3 1. Meeting with textbook and curriculum unit  Teaching context  Physical conditions of the school, classrooms  Equipment  Student profiles  Teacher profiles  Sharing of the objectives 2. Classroom observations (to get to know the teachers and students better, to have an idea about how the lessons are delivered)

4 3. Identification of the themes (not “too” content specific; applicable to real life, likely to arouse interest among students) 4. How the skills are treated within the themes Reading & Listening & Speaking: (strategy training following the exercises, not separately at the of the unit or the back of the book) Writing: (for lower levels, included in the book; for upper levels a separate writing book)

5 The order of the materials in the units:  Warm – up (i.e. video)  The skills might follow a different order in each unit (SURPRISE element!)  A variety of question types  Recycling of important strategies as well as grammar and vocabulary items  Vocabulary words should come from frequency word lists & academic word lists  Selection and order of grammar items (frequency of the grammar items, the time allocated for different items might be different E.g. Countables vs. Simple Past)

6 NOT JUST AN ANSWER KEY!  The rationale behind the book (the materials, the suggested methodology and exercise types)  Resource pack for the instructors (should include leveled materials, A1 (one at the level, one slightly above the level, and one slightly below the level)  Cultural elements and subject-specific information should be explained.  Suggestions on the exploitation of the materials  Extra ideas for production  They should provide ideas for a whole lesson, not activities alone (transitions between the activities should be provided as well)

7  Include a variety of activity types  Recycling of the strategies in terms of all four skills  Recycling of the previously taught / learned grammar items as well as vocabulary items  Inclusion of common English devices

8  Include a variety of question types (both for skills and grammar & vocabulary) E. TECHNOLOGY

9  They share their first draft of the books or particular units with us  Piloted  Feedback must be taken into consideration before it is published


11 STEP 1:  Needs and wants of learners  Our objectives  Teaching context (teaching hours, modular or semester-based system, length of the programme, classroom sizes, student profile, teacher profile)  Limitations of the institution

12 STEP 2 Request a varıety of appropriate books that meet the criteria STEP 3 External evaluation (themes, appearance, layout and design, assessment tools, components)

13 STEP 4  Internal evaluation  See how the skills are integrated  To what degree and how well text and materials meet the objectives STEP 5  Selection of top 2-3 books based on internal evaluation

14 STEP 6 In-depth analysis a) By curriculum member i. Close study of the whole book ii. Plan hypothetical lessons and units iii. Develop hypothetical timeframe b) By interested teachers i. Assign one skill to each teacher; ask them to analyze one coursebook with a focus on their assigned skill and to give feedback to the curriculum team

15 STEP 7: Selection of the best of what is left

16  To identify the strengths and weaknesses of the book and to prepare supplementary materials  Concerns:  When?  Who?  Who with?  How long?

17  STEP 9  Ongoing preparation of the supplementary materials  Concerns:  When?  Who?  How long?

18  STEP 10  Ongoing evaluation with both the teachers and the students  Observations  Meetings & Interviews  Questionnaires  Diaries


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