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Nic Streatfeild 07973 730005.

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1 Nic Streatfeild 07973 730005

2 Agenda SMM - Where are UK councils at? How does it work? Sector Trends

3 Head in the Sand Still adapting On it Approx 25% of councils “Social Media not a priority” “No resource set aside” “It’s not for us” “We’re not focusing on that yet” Customer Categories: Customer Needs & Concerns: EDUCATION Why SM is important Why SMM is important The dangers of ignoring it Approx 50% of councils “Need to get a SM presence” “Why is good value?” “We do it manually” “Haven’t got the tools” OPERATION The value of SMM Info on benefits of automation Approx 25% of councils “Using a SMM but it is lacking...” “Can it fit into our reporting / our structure/ just report on blogs. ” “Can your system do.....” APPLICATION How SMM can be applied Creative results

4 Pilot Scheme: Customer Expectations Manage reputation The ability to respond to what people are talking about An early warning system To know what is being said Curious about mentions “Understand difference of using a system instead of me doing it” Evaluate the impact on manpower See how the sentiment works Using the statistics for internal comms Want to change to a self-serve process Want a comparison to our press clipping service for social media Want to see if it is better than current supplier Interested in the breadth of mentions

5 Pilot Scheme: Feedback so far “I like how eco-friendly it is. It will save on all the photocopying and paper waste” “Brilliant, we are using it loads” “I am able to quickly glance for key issues but also drill down for detailed info” “It’s so easy to use” “I haven’t seen anything like this” “This will save so much time as I do everything manually at the moment” “It’s very intuitive” “This is a great way of seeing what the hot topics that people are talking about are & how this impacts on us” “It will make the process a lot quicker”

















22 Some general trends

23 Timing - Birmingham CC - Compare the 10 th Feb mix of site sources with the rest of the 30 day period

24 Correlation – generally ‘council’ sentiment is in sync – but spikes out due to local events etc

25 12 councils aggregated


27 Birmingham

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