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Presenting Crossing Borders Spring 2011

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1 Presenting Crossing Borders Spring 2011
8 June 2011

2 CB Global Studies Content Spring 2011
The aim: toward understanding the global forces impacting on our lives and how we can participate positively in shaping the future we want for ours and future generations CB Global Studies Content Spring 2011

3 Introduction participants and course themes
communication and presentation and facilitation skills the folk Højskole movement and Denmark Introduction

4 Active citizenship What is voluneering Why volunteer?
In which issues you can volunteers What are the benefits of volunteering? When is the best period of your life to volunteer What does it take to volunteer? What are main global volunteer organisations

5 Millennium Development Goals

6 The founding philosophy of globalisation
The dream: a free open world where people, ideas, services, goods move freely, where cultures meet and cross fertilise. This has been made possible by the impressive advancement of telecommunication and transport The relay: one big market monopolized by the mega corporations which make profit anywhere, anytime.

7 the global drivers/ institutions
The bank The Fund WTO TNCs

8 the green/climate dimension

9 The Conflict Tree Adapted from “Working with Conflict” RTC Manual and others
Effect Effect Effect Effect Effect Effect EFFECTS Effect Effect Effect CORE PROBLEM Conflict Issue Issue Issue ROOT CAUSES Issue Issue Issue Issue

10 Global Media As the media is controlled by big corporate monopolies for profit, we need : Strong public service media Media education from childhood Sufficient media awareness as a necessary qualification for jobs Using the opportunities provided by the online media Netizenship development

11 Organisational development
Name Logo Moto/slogan Legal status Background that led to/triggered its creation Vision Mission Organisational structure Core objectives Target/stakeholder/beneficiary groups Activities Organisational learning policy and strategy Funding sources

12 Project proposal

13 Methods cooperative simulations, introduction lectures workshops
documentary films individual/pair/group work project guest speakers Student run workshops on active citizenship and voluntarism at high schools visits to relevant institutions study tour in Denmark Methods

14 evaluation What was the most useful for you
What was the most interesting for you Your most important contribution The academic content The social content The group dynamic within CB What can be done better evaluation

15 CB U ROCK! See you soon and have a safe journey! TAK !

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