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How to manage the Job Hunt and keep positive! Jane Burns Sept. 7, 2013.

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1 How to manage the Job Hunt and keep positive! Jane Burns Sept. 7, 2013

2 WHAT NEXT!! You have the power to get over the first hurdle Understanding the process will help you prepare better Help potential employers find you Some tips to get you there How to stay motivated

3 Perception and then Reality The Hunt…. Finally the perfect job for me….. The Reality

4 Understanding the Process 1.Usually the first person who reads your CV may not really know about the role or background of applicants 2.For every job advertised there is a minimum of 70 applications 3.Job Specs are often written as a Wish List or written poorly 4.Your role is make sure your CV gets past point 1 5.You have to demonstrate you understand the role and how you can deliver/solve the problem

5 What the Employer Wants 1.Can this person do the job? 2.Will they evolve with the job? 3.Will this person fit in? Critical for teamwork, collaborations, projects. 4.If over qualified will they leave when something better comes along? 5.Will they aggravate me? Dilbert Comics

6 How you can help 1.Apply for jobs you are suitable for or be able to demonstrate transferable skills. 2.Demonstrate your value as an employee, use experiences, coursework, volunteer work 3.If you are over qualified say it- but then say why you want the job and how you will commit. 4.Be professional from the 1 st encounter- this includes the application process.

7 How you can help 1.Review Job Specifications thoroughly Visual analysis Job Spec table DO NOT send application in within minutes of it being advertised! 2. Standard CV that gets customized for each role 3. Fresh Cover letter, matching points in job spec for each application 4. A professional submission 5. Understand from the employers perspective

8 Visual Analysis-Do I match the profile?

9 Visual Analysis-Do I match the profile?

10 Job Specification Table

11 Cover Letter – a Foot in the door Address to the right person Re: This Amazing Job Hit every single point in the mandatory field Explain transferable skills Triple check everything, esp. Job Title Don’t include Social Media unless you want to highlight your prescence

12 Keeping Motivated Employers don’t know your back story- approach each interview fresh! Keep a log of time spent on applications, interviews, etc. ALWAYS ask for feedback Don’t limit your scope for jobs Go to talks, events, force yourself to be with people Be kind to yourself…when the interview is over don’t replay! Research Project Manager Developing Databases Publishing Information Officer Websites/Blogs Desk Top Publishing Writer Digital Imagery Digitisation Taxonomy Meta Data Dev. Training Social Media Seminars Archival Information Literacy Content Development

13 Closing thoughts and Reflections This is only one part of your life at this one time You are employable- it is a very tough market You have not wasted your education You have the ability and power to help yourself Reflect in a detached way when rejected You have choices- taking a break should be one of them We must be mindful of each other- lots of support


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