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Agenda *Word splash *Chapter notes *Read and discuss Ch. 15

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1 Agenda *Word splash *Chapter 12-14 notes *Read and discuss Ch. 15

2 Word Splash, Ch. 12 Calpurnia Helen Robinson Church Respect Atticus
Scout Double life Lula Alexandra

3 Notes on Ch. 12 Visit to Calpurnia’s church:
Named First Purchase because it was the first thing bought by freed slaves. An all black church with no hymn books. Took up collection for Helen Robinson, who has been having trouble finding work. The congregation respects Atticus Finch.

4 Notes on Ch. 12 cont. Scout’s realizations about Calpurnia:
She leads a “modest double life” and has “a separate existence outside” the Finch household. She speaks differently around the people at church. At the close of the chapter, Aunt Alexandra arrives.

5 Word Splash Aunt Alexandra Atticus Scout Trial Feminine Parenting
Disagrees Critical

6 Notes on Ch. 13 Aunt Alexandra’s characterization:
Proud and self assure. Very interested in manners, heritage, family, morals, and being in charge. She fits right in to town, and is an example of the town’s values.

7 Notes on Ch. 13 cont. Atticus’ beliefs on “acting like Finches”:
Attempts to tell the children to act like the gentleman and lady they are by blood. However, this was Alexandra’s idea of something Atticus should stress with his children, and it scares them and makes Scout cry. Atticus realizes he was wrong, and ultimately tells them to just be themselves. Scout is altogether displeased to have Aunt Alexandra there.

8 Ch. 14 Alexandra Runaway Dill Calpurnia Atticus Matured
Jem Cal’s house disagree Scout Jem

9 Notes on Ch. 14 Aunt Alexandra’s views on Calpurnia:
Tries to have Atticus send her away. Does see her as one of the family. Doesn’t think Scout should go visit with Cal at Cal’s house. Aunt Alexandra’s criticism of Atticus: Thinks Atticus is soft hearted and to relaxed with the children. She thinks he’s raising them wrong.

10 Notes on Ch. 14 cont. Jem’s maturity:
Jem recognizes Atticus has a lot on his mind because of the trial. He advises Scout to try to be nice to Alexandra, if only to make life easier for Atticus. Jem calls Atticus for help when they find a runaway Dill hiding under Scout’s bed.

11 Ch. 15 Jail Tom Anger Mob Atticus Danger Hang Nighttime Courage
Scout Jem

12 Ch. 15 Why is Atticus sitting in front of the jail?
What was the intention of the Cunningham crew? Do you think Atticus was in danger? Why or why not? Was Atticus frightened? How do you know?

13 Ch. 15 How does Scout unwittingly diffuse the situation?
What might have happened if the children didn’t go to the jail that night? How was this scene similar to the scene with the rabid dog? How was it different?

14 Quickwrite “A mob’s always made up of people, no matter what… That proves something—that a gang of wild animals can be stopped, simply because they’re still human.” Do you think this is ALWAYS true? Can a mob always be reasoned with? Why or why not?

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