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Dip’d Designs co. Final Report Nicholas St. Clair.

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1 Dip’d Designs co. Final Report Nicholas St. Clair

2 Venture Introduction Dip’d Designs co, is a growing operation that began through personal interest. -passionate interest in car customization -operated this business on a very small scale this past summer (turning a very minor profit, more so based upon interest) This project was a chance to do something I enjoy in a profitable manner -Starting from a dream, to being put on paper and then to action -I have surpassed the goals which I have outlined for myself in regards to the duration of this venture. The opportunity is to turn this business into an even more profitable one, once the peak season for car customization is upon us in Spring 2014.

3 The Team Nicholas St. Clair Saffee:Student Entrepreneur designing the practicum setting goals and objectives labour involved in applying the service involved with designing of all marketing material & designing of the car customization finished product(s). Milan Yoganathan:Professional Advisor financial advisor with TD Canada experience: the fraud dept., sales, customer service, and marketing. Peter Miller:Teacher Advisor Mr. Miller is the professor for EBM660AA. He offered multiple suggestions in regards to time management, sales improvements and marketing. Chirs Wong:Student Advisor Chris helped with ideas and suggestions in regards to future promotions and marketing strategies. He also gave many suggestions in regards to time management.

4 Activities 1. Research different variations and uses of the product being used (completed) 2. Apply the service to my own vehicle for mobile advertising (completed) 3. Generate web interest (social media) (completed) 4. Complete a minimum of 5 projects (completed) 5. Marketing plan (completed)


6 Dip My Own Car -Mobile Advertising -Visual Awareness -Refine Skills

7 Projects completed to Date Honda Accord Coupe: Gloss Black Eyelids BMW 3 Series: Matte Black Roof w/ silver flake Nissan Maxima: Satin Black Body w/ green/gold pearl flake

8 Projects Completed to Date 2009 nissan altima pearl white grille/eyelids/matte black rims 2009 Cadillac satin navy blue 2003 civic 2dr satin black 2010 Infiniti rear emblems & spoiler

9 Final Thoughts & Future Plans - Viable business for the near future - Spring 2014 - Room for expansion - Profit of $2125 - Completed 6 vehicles opposed to 5 - my own spray bay - New marketing plan including flyers, new business cards, & extensive social media efforts - Utilize the skills, knowledge, and experience in expanding this business

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