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Mr. Hock.  Phone: 720 972 6384   Office Hours: 5th and 6 th hours, south teacher work area.

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1 Mr. Hock

2  Phone: 720 972 6384  Email:  Office Hours: 5th and 6 th hours, south teacher work area Class Blog: (Anyone interested in a TA position, please enquire.)

3 General  Students are expected to enter class each day to learn. This is a give and take procedure.

4 Grading  Students are assessed in a variety of academic situations and activities. Assessments are based solely on demonstrated student progress and achievement of reasonable and clear standards.

5 Late work  Students are responsible for completing assignments in a timely and professional manner. Late work will be accepted, but penalized.

6 Class Materials  Students must be prepared for class each day. This includes bringing all supplies necessary, plus texts that are being used. A Writer’s Notebook is required for the class and must be with the student each day. Students are encouraged to use their planners to denote all assignments and deadlines. IDs must be with students at all times throughout the school day, this class is no exception.

7 Make-up work  A student with an excused absence may make up any work and will have one day plus the number of days absent in order to do so. In order to preserve test security, students may be required to take a missed test immediately upon return from an authorized absence if that student has had the opportunity to access all learning prior to the absence. Students missing a group or individual presentation may also be required to give that presentation upon return.

8 Absences and Tardies  I will follow Mountain Range attendance policy as it is specified in the Student Planner and Parent/Guardian Handbook. Please be in class on time!

9 Food and Drink  The revised food and drink policy in the student handbook will be followed in this class as in others. In short, this policy mandates that student privileges to eat light snacks and drink from approved containers in the hallways and classrooms is entirely based on how well the student body cleans up after itself in said areas.

10 Plagiarism/Cheating  Plagiarism means to present, as one’s own work, the work, writing, words, ideas or computer information of someone else. These sources could be published or unpublished. Cheating is supplying receiving or using inappropriate devices to improve performance on a test or assessment. Students who engage in plagiarism or cheating will be disciplined according to the school discipline matrix.

11 Electronic Devices  The use of cell phones for any purpose during class time is inappropriate and rude. Please turn your cell phones off in my class. If you refuse to abide, your phone will be confiscated for the duration of the class.  The same goes for IPods or other mp3 players; however, there will be times in class when such devices will be permitted. Such privileges have to be earned and maintained.

12 Relax, have fun and contribute. This will be a productive, good year. Be positive and participate…

13  What is culture?  How is it reflected in literature?  How is the evolution and transcendence of ideas reflected in the literary works of respective ages and cultures worldwide?  What is absolute about the human experience?

14 Semester One:  The Odyssey  The Inferno  The Stranger  No Longer Human Semester Two:  Medea/Antigone  Chronicle of a Death Foretold  From Sleep Unbound  A Doll’s House  The Brideprice

15  Ideals of heroism (hero/antihero)  The evolution of faith in literature  Human isolation and disillusionment  Codes of honor (Honor killings)  Literature as a catalyst for change (Feminism)



















34 Assignment guidelines:  Some form of artwork or design must be on the cover (Feel free to cover up the existing title and use whatever material you need).  Responses to most questions should be detailed and well-written, using complete sentences.  You must present your work in a brief introduction to yourself in class tomorrow.

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