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Co-creating Heritage - Birmingham Soho House initial inspiration; Makernow further inspiration.

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1 Co-creating Heritage - Birmingham Soho House initial inspiration; Makernow further inspiration


3 Gloria & Geraldine who are very good friends made their brooches for the project today

4 Gloria brought in knitting she has done to show the group

5 Gloria's design inspired by SohoHouseMuseum wallpaper lasercut into fabric for applique

6 Geraldine is printing lasercut blocks which we hope to sell

7 Geraldine's Soho House inspired wallpaper pattern

8 Geraldine’s abstracted floor pattern

9 Shared discussion about the next stage of Gloria's appliqué Soho House

10 Valerie is near to completing her tablecloth with a design taken from SohoHouse Museum wallpaper

11 Myrtle & Valerie debating embroidery techniques

12 Myrtle & lead artist Natalie collaborate to problem solve production of a tablecloth

13 Myrtle & artist Natalie collaborate to produce napkins using lasercut element


15 Dublin castle as inspiration

16 Deirdre was with the Carecrafters group in Dublin being inspired by Rathfarnham castle


18 Designs from Dublin group for 4 metre textiles using blocks digitally milled

19 Dublin's lost jewels replicated in textile by Margaret & Frances, lasercut & hand

20 drawing of original jewels

21 Margaret and Frances combining lasercut elements with crochet

22 here's the whole chain

23 Stolen in 1907,created again in Wandering Methods project by lasercut & hand

24 Kaye has learnt new 3D skills to replicate the chandelier in the castle using nylon tube

25 Hester's lasercut soldiers have been embellished

26 Phil was inspired by staircase in the castle & is engineering a lampshade in response

27 Yvonne working on arranging her lasercut elements as a wall hanging inspired by carpet

28 Marie's work has signatures & messages from visitors over a day overlaid with block print

29 Robyn adds drawing of Soho House Museum to Irish tablecloth contrast to Dublin castle

30 Irish group thoughts about reasons to make

31 Lovely feedback for all involved in wandering methods Dublin 2014

32 Exercise today make a brooch in an hour using a lasercut blank based on Soho House Museum floor pattern


34 Participants from Birmingham Carecrafters project off with Deirdre to Makernow in Falmouth for digital cocreation

35 Birmingham Carecrafters group with Katie Bunnell at Makernow

36 Showing the sources of inspiration from Soho House Museum for our collaboration with Makernow


38 Robyn shares her process starting with image of a plate

39 Next Robyn made an intricate tracing to be made into a cad file

40 Then Makernow lasercut the components for Robyn to assemble into brooches

41 Then Katie Bunnell helped her redesign on computer for lasercut components

42 Robyn's design from plate rim in the kitchen of Soho House Museum being laser cut into plywood

43 Viv's first experiments with components for brooches - how to take them further?

44 First trial of a lasercut blank for brooch based on Soho House Museum floor


46 Two finished brooches inspired by Soho House Museum ready to sell

47 Viv's brooches for sale

48 Alex is sharing his design process starting with drawing plants

49 Alex modifying his designs learning new skills using illustrator at Makernow with the Carecrafters in Falmouth

50 Alex working on ideas for a lampshade, ideas have expanded in collaboration with Makernow

51 Alex's drawings translated into cad files for lasercut vinyl to play with

52 Alex's lasercut vinyl foliage from sketches in Soho House Museum garden. To become a lampshade.

53 Alex assembling his lamp

54 Alex’s lamp

55 Dublin Carecrafters have arrived & are exchanging with Birmingham group at Makernow, inspired by Dublin castle & Soho House Museum

56 Viv's talking to the Dublin group about her inspiration

57 Thanks Makernow for a productive day with Dublin & Birmingham groups

58 Robyn back from Makernow with components which embody the spirit of co creation

59 Back from Makernow Falmouth & Robyn is sharing the experience & lasercut goodies

60 From drawing to laser, participants have learnt new skills & ways of working

61 Keen to talk to Soho House Museum about displaying the outcomes

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