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Advanced-degree in Communication Engineering Ing. Masruri, S.T PhD Student

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1 Advanced-degree in Communication Engineering Ing. Masruri, S.T PhD Student Email:

2  CE is a second-level degree according to the European categorization (LM 27 - Telecommunication Engineering), taught and examined in English, offered by the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Parma.  A two-year course which enables successful students to be awarded the Advanced Degree Certificate “Laurea Magistrale” – “equivalent to a US Master of Science”. Advanced degree in Communication Engineering

3  Provides the sound and fundamental background tools of the Communication Engineer, but also leaves significant space to interdisciplinary learning by allowing the student to attend courses from other Engineering, Physics or Economics programs. First Year

4  The second year focuses on specific advanced disciplines within Communication Engineering and leaves significant space to a final thesis work. Second Year

5 COURSECREDITSYEAR Detection and Estimation91st Information Theory61st Microwaves61st Network Security91st Network Performance61st Elective Complementary Courses151st Elective Courses91st First Year Syllabus

6 Elective complementary Courses and Elective Courses Elective Courses (9 CFU ) can also be selected out of the list of Elective Complementary Courses or in the programmes of Advanced Degree Courses (Lauree Magistrali) in Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering, and International Business and Development with no need of further approval. Other courses can be chosen subject to approval by the Course Programme Committee.

7 COURSECREDITSYEAR Photonic Devices92nd Digital Communications92nd Wireless Communications92nd Optical Communications92nd Thesis and final examination242nd Total 120 Second Year Syllabus

8  Submit a pre-enrollment application form to the Italian Embassy or Consulate specifying UNIVERSITY, ADVANCED DEGREE (Università di Parma - Laurea Magistrale in Communication Engineering).  Pre-enrollment can be submitted from April onwards.  The deadline for submission is fixed by the Italian Embassy or Consulate in each Country. How to Apply (non-EU)

9  The following documents must be submitted:  First-level Degree certificate  List of module/course examinations comprising the degree  Syllabus or programme of each module/course  Passport  Two passport photos Pre-Enrollment

10  All documents submitted must be original, and, where necessary, must be supplied with an Italian translation.  The translation of official documents must be certified by the Italian Embassy or Consulate or by a Court or Official (the syllabus or programme of each module or course may be submitted in English).  The Embassy or Consulate must issue a Dichiarazione di Valore (DV). Pre-Enrollment (con’t)

11  This is a declaration of the value in the home Country of an overseas degree certificate; specifying course type and duration etc., it is issued for the purposes of possible recognition of the qualification in Italy solely by an Italian Embassy or Consulate overseas. Dichiarazione di Valore

12  The Embassy or Consulate forwards applications for assessment by the Faculty Admission Panel at the University of Parma. For successful applications, a letter of acceptance is sent to the Italian Embassy or Consulate in the applicant’s home Country, which then issues a visa for study purposes. Assesment of Application

13  On arrival in Italy, students must register at the Student Registry Office of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Parma, and must apply for a residence permit at an authorized Italian postal office within 8 days. Accepted Student

14 First Time Procedure for Foreign Student 2. Residence Permit (Permesso di Soggiorno) ≥ 3 months 1. Lodging (Alloggio) 3. Fiscal Code (Codice Fiscale) ≥ 1 month 4. Registration (Iscrizioni) Require: -certificate of residence (contract) -certificate of acceptance -financial support -insurance -fiscal code Require: - passport - visa Require: -residence permit -fiscal code The residence permit application is proceeded at the Post Office (not less than 8 days upon arrival in Italy). Fiscal code is proceeded at the Agenzia dell’Entrate.

15 In Practices... In the case Official Certificate of Acceptance could not be obtained before applying the residence permit, apply the residence permit without the certificate of acceptance (Use temporary the Arrival letter from the Contact Professor). After obtaining the receipt go to the Student Secretary to complete the registration. Ask the certificate of acceptance of the University from the admission office (Segretarie Studenti) which later must be presented at the appointment date in the Immigration Office (Questura) See for the new procedures for applying the residence permit.

16 Research Group Communications Engineering


18  The first research theme regards the study and the modelling of optical fiber devices, mainly the so called photonic crystal fibers, and optical amplifiers for telecommunication and industrial applications.  The second research topic is focused on antennas for RF applications, in particular the design and measurement of antennas for radio-frequencies and microwaves applications, mainly for industrial ones. Powerful CAD tools, either commercial or developed within the Information Engineering Department, are available. Recently, integration issues between wireless and fiber systems have been considered, using radio-over fiber technology, aimed to the transmission optimisation of radio frequency modulated optical signals. GAEM- Research Topics


20 Laser Scribing  Thin films solar cells  CdTe  CIGS  Mono- multilayer materials for the packaging industry  Aluminum foil  PP-Al-PP, etc…  Dentistry  Hard tissues – teeth  Soft tissues

21  Photonic crystal fibers  Label free detection  Fiber bragg gratings DNA Biosensors Fiber s urface PNA probe Target DNAMismatched DNA Single Nucleotide Polymorphism

22  Stefano Selleri, Associate Professor  Annamaria Cucinotta, Assistant Professor  Federica Poli, post-doc  Michele Sozzi, post-doc  Enrico Coscelli, PhD student  Alessandro Candiani, PhD student  Masruri Masruri, PhD Student  Carlo Molardi, PhD Student GAEM - People

23 S ignal P rocessing for A dvanced DI gital C ommunications Lab

24 SPADiC LAB - Research Topics  adaptive and graph-based iterative detection/decoding and estimation for channels with unknown parameters  satellite communications (in collaboration with European Space Agency)  electronic processing for high-speed optical communication systems  multiple-antenna transmission systems and space-time code  design of spectrally- and energy-efficient systems based on information theory analysis

25  Giulio Colavolpe, Associate Professor  Tommaso Foggi, CNIT Researcher  Amina Piemontese, post-doc  Nicolò Mazzali, PhD student  Andrea Modenini, PhD student  Alessandro Ugolini, PhD student SPADiC LAB - People

26 Wireless Ad hoc Sensor Network Laboratory

27 WASNLab - Research Topics  Ad-hoc wireless networks with peer-to-peer communications  Sensor networks (Zigbee and IEEE 802.15.4, RFID, distributed detection, multi-hop, mobile target detection)  Wired networks using spanning tree protocol (STP)-based networks  Cognitive networks (cognitive CDMA networks, polarization detection/decoding, forward-backward)  Performance analysis of digital communication systems  Coding theory (low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes, Turbo Codes)  Video signal processing (low-complexity detection of neonatal seizure)

28  Prof. Gianluigi Ferrari, Coordinator  Prof. Riccardo Raheli  Marco Martalò, Post Docs  Simone Cirani, Post Docs  Marco Picone, Post Docs  Giovanni Spigoni, PhD Student  Matteo Giuberti, PhD Student  Stefani Monica, PhD Student  Pietro Gonizzi, PhD Student  Guy Kouamou Ntonfo, Research Collaborators WASNLab - People

29 Optical Communications OptikLab

30 OptikLab - Research Topics  Coherent Optical Communications  Ultrafast Optical Mesh Networks  Centralized Optical Networks  Wavelength Routing Optical Networks  Fiber Nonlinearities  Doped Fiber Amplifiers  RAMAN Amplifiers  Polarization Mode Dispersion  Modulation Formats  Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers

31 EDFA amplified transmission over up to 500km of straight-line dispersion-managed fiber of WDM signals with 10Gb/s OOK-NRZ modulation

32  Polarizon project: “Nonlinear cross-polarization interactions in photonic devices and systems”, supported by the Programma Nazionale di Ricerca Scientifica di Rilevante Interesse Nazionale PRIN2008, funded by Italian Ministry (MIUR)  Objective: realize a lossless polarization attractor devise based on the Kerr effect  References: M. Barozzi, A. Vannucci, and D. Sperti, in Proc. Fotonica 2012 (ISBN 9788887237146), A6.4, (2012). M. Barozzi, A. Vannucci, and D. Sperti,J. Europ. Opt. Rap. Public. 12042 Vol 7 (2012) M. Barozzi, A. Vannucci, in Proc LAOP 2012, LM3C.4 (2012) Nonlinear optics and optical communications

33 SOP input, 50 seed, 1 MHz, 3 symb SOP output

34  Alberto Bononi, Associate Professor  Paolo Serena, Assistant Professor  Armando Vanucci, Assistant Professor  Matteo Barozzi, PhD Student  Nicola Rossi, PhD Student OptikLab - People

35 For online information: For academic advice on CE, contact: Chairman of the CE Programme Committee: Prof. Giorgio Picchi e-mail: Phone: +39 0521 905762 For administrative queries on admissions and recruitment on CE, contact: Davide Aimi Student Registry office (Segreteria Studenti), Faculty of Engineering e-mail:, Phone: +39 0521 905112 – 905022 Contact

36 Possible Financial Support

37 Italian Institute of Culture (IIC) As a result of the formation of bilateral and multilateral agreements between the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and various other countries Opportunita/BorseStudio_stranieri.htm?LANG=EN

38 Important dates  Application published by end of April  Application Deadline by beginning of June

39 Requirements  Age limit (Applicant’s age should not exceed 35 years, with some exceptions);  Required documentation - Application form - Two reference letters - Academic diplomas and transcripts - Applicant’s CV

40 How to Apply  All applicants must fill out the on-line application form. The form must be saved and sent on line before the deadline indicated Required documentation  Applicants for enrolment in University courses held entirely in English, will have to demonstrate at least A2 level certification of competence in Italian, or equivalent.

41 IIC Scholarship  Scholarship recipients are selected by the Italian mission in the applicant’s country of residence through an “ad hoc” committee or jointly with the local authorities (local ministry of foreign affairs, local ministry of education, and Director of IIC)  The Italian Government awards and pays the grant through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Directorate General for Country Promotion (DGSP), Office VII, Rome.  The scholarship will be awarded for one academic year with the duration of three, six or nine month duration, start from January 1st onward, and duration cannot exceed 31 December.  The Scholarship holder may apply for renewal for the continuation or completion of a multi-year course of study (Corsi di Laurea, Specializzazioni, Dottorati di Ricerca).


43 ER-GO Er.Go is the Regional Authority for the Right to Higher Education in Emilia Romagna

44 ER-GO  Offers services to students and new graduates of the universities in Emilia Romagna, foreign students and new graduates on international mobility and research programmes.  Covers the university education in Bologna, Ferrara, Modena and Reggio Emilia and Parma  Offers economic support for certain students chosen through the application procedure for scholarships, accommodation services, international mobility, accompaniment for disabled students, career advice and catering services.

45 Accommodation services  Er.Go offers lodgings in 6 residential facilities in Parma.  Lodging is reserved for students who are resident distant from the university of Parma. The lodging are assigned to students on waiting list on the graduation list which is ranked based on consideration merit and economic requirements.

46 Requirements  Registered at the University of Parma  Merit requirement: Students have to complete a minimum number of credits. It’s defined for each year. The requirement for the students of the first year is 0 credit, but by the end of the year, ER-GO requires 30 credits to confirm the scholarship.  Economic Requirement: The accumulatif family income not exceed 28.000 € annually. Students should produce a certificate of income of all members of family that are living together in the same house, translated in italian by italian diplomatic authority. A certificate of family lodging containing the status of the house (owner/rental) and the measurement.

47 Deadlines  Deadlines for lodging: At the beginning of August (around 8 of August).  Deadline for Scholarship: At the end of September (around 26 September) Further information:

48 Required Documents  The same documentation is produced for both scholarship and lodging

49 How to apply  Application should be made only through Internet:  The student have to attach all documents referring to economic conditions, translated in italian by italian diplomatic authority. For futher information:

50 Terima Kasih Grazie Mille Thank You

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