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CATER2YOU. Mission statement  To provide a luxury and worry free meal at a low cost to customers in the Dallas/Ft Worth Area at social events, weddings,

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2 Mission statement  To provide a luxury and worry free meal at a low cost to customers in the Dallas/Ft Worth Area at social events, weddings, or company functions.

3 Potential customers  Target Market –Middle class families living in the Dallas area looking to throw a party from anywhere to a 6 year olds birthday to a wedding reception.  Other markets –Business owners –Corporate headquarters –College campuses- organizations, Greek life

4 Demographics  Dallas Demographics –Population: 1.2 million –Median income for a household: $40,147 –Median age: 31 –Over 10,000 corporate headquarters

5 Potential Customers  What gets them to use our company –Word of mouth –Local advertisement –Teaming up with event planners who can recommend our company –Company website  CRM Strategies –We will provide outstanding service in which all of our employees will have extensive training –Amazing food and quality –We cater to everything they want and make everything hassle free for them –Send them a thank you letter with a 5% discount

6 Marketing Objectives & Strategies  To break even in the first year we are open  Hire quality staff members and train them so they will be qualified to wait on the people and cater to there every need.  Have the best food and most variety at a more cost efficient price than any of the other catering companies in the DFW area  Have the best equipment that can accommodate parties of any size so we do not have to turn down any business.

7 Marketing Objectives & Strategies  Increase our profit margin by 5% over the next 3 years  Give coupons for discounted services for and customer who refers a friend or a fellow business to us.  Get our company name out there by putting advertisements in local food and beverage magazines, using billboards, internet, and sponsoring local sporting events and teams.  Stop in local businesses and neighborhoods and tell them about the services we are offering and drop of a menu and contact number.

8 Marketing Objectives & Strategies  Get a second catering crew after being open for 5 years  Get our name out there by referrals, and advertisements.  Have a well known business where companies and families that have used us refer us to their friends and suggest to let us do their next party or event.  Host more luxury events where we will make a bigger profit then just holding the average event and making average money.

9 Environmental Analysis  Due to the low economy we plan on appealing to people looking for an affordable yet high quality experience. Our company will work with consumers to provide the best experience for their budget. We are taking each of the micro and macro environments into consideration to find a way of business that will work in our favor.  Both consumers and businesses are looking for ways to save and reduce costs. However, both are willing to spend more money for special occasions. We want to be the catering company chosen for these special occasions that will still save consumers and businesses money in the end..

10 Micro Environment  Employees – Employees must be at least 18 and have their TABC and food handlers’ license. – We will have 3 Full time Chefs – We will have an event staff of 25 people but our staff will always depend on the event.  Customers – Our customers will consist mainly of:  Middle Class Families  Local Businesses  Local Schools and Colleges – We want to attract consumers who are hosting large groups in or near Dallas, TX

11 Micro Environment  competitors – We based our competitors off of local  Jim Lee Events Catering & The Star light Room in Dallas, TX  Remarkable Affairs Catering in Dallas, TX  3 Doors Down and Across Town Catering in Richardson, TX – We each have our own unique specialty that attracts consumers. – When it comes down to it will be competing against all catering companies to get consumers to our company.

12 Micro Environment  Suppliers – Our supplier will be Ben E. Keith because their name and role in the distribution industry is superior. – All foods are USDA choice and meet all other food certifications. – Ben E. Keith also has a beverage distributing branch for clients requesting alcohol. – For any other beverage request that Ben E. Keith does not satisfy we will work with local liquor suppliers.

13 Macro Environment  Technological Forces – We will use a computerized system to manage inventories and manage payroll  Portable event computer will be brought on site. – We will keep an up-to-date website that will give consumers an idea of what we have to offer, our menus, and our rates.  Natural Forces – Texas weather is unpredictable so we will be ready for unexpected changes – Unexpected forecasts for outdoor events planned. – Inclement weather may affect our supplier’s abilities to deliver our supplies.

14 Macro Environment  Political/Legal Forces – All servers will be 18 and have required certifications or licenses. – Our company will be familiar and compliant with all laws associated with conducting our business. – Our kitchen will maintain an “A”, being compliant to all sanitation codes – We will have legal counsel with will advise us in every area of our business.  Social Culture – Families, businesses, and colleges are willing to host social gatherings.

15 Macro Environment  Economic growth – Economy is not the idea economy for a new business. – We will rely on event that will always need catering  Wedding  Receptions  Company outings  Proms  Family reunions – In the hospitality industry food and beverages account for more than 50% of the sales.  Demographic Forces – In Dallas there are approximately 1.2 Million people.

16 Macro Environment  Consumer trends&retail trends – Consumers will always organize social gatherings that will need to be catered – Providing consumers a service that creates an unforgettable experience and delicious food will ultimately bring us to a level above our competition

17 Image Analysis  Our company will provide both utilitarian and hedonic attributes  We will satisfy utilitarian needs by providing food, drink, and wait staff services  We will always have enough food to satisfy large crowds and ensure that we will not run short of supplies  We will provide great taste, selections, and offer services to be customizable  Our services will be quick but efficient, with a fast set up and clean up.

18 Image Analysis  We will satisfy hedonic needs through providing southern comfort food.  Our food and services give customers a nostalgic feel.  Customers will not have to worry about anything during their actual event, all they have to do prior is pick out the food they want and the rest will be taken care of.  We provide carefree and simple, quality food.  Our employees are friendly, respectful, professional, and experienced but do not distract from the event  Although the food may be “simple” it still looks, smells, and tastes expensive and of high quality.

19 Retail Strategies  Lifestyle retailing – Our services can be customized to meet the needs of our customers – We can provide a means of self-expression through southern style food – Since our customers choose us, we cater to them as much as we can to satisfy their wants and needs – Different types of groups will have different needs – We cater to people who like their casual lifestyle but enjoy nice things – We position ourselves with services that are associated with the lifestyles of our customers – We market ourselves through advertisements and promotions that would catch the attention of the customers we would best cater to.

20 Retail Strategies  Entertainment retailing – Entertainment will be provided through the food we serve. – People enjoy food as a means of entertainment – Good food and services allow customers to have the overall best experience – Since our customers will not have to worry about the food and services, they are able to relax and enjoy their time – Mass customization allows for customers not to feel overwhelmed in their selections – Our employees are professional but fun and friendly to add, not distract from any event

21 Retail Strategies  Sensory consumption – The overall presentation of our services looks professional and is appealing to all the senses – The food and drinks look, smell, and taste authentic and of high quality. – The southern style food provides a comfort level where the customers know they will enjoy what they order or pick out. – Nostalgia plays a part into eating southern style food. – Our services Creates an emotional reaction by satisfying all their senses.

22 Retail Strategies  Consumer efficiency retailing – When a customer is selecting what service they would like, we provide a detailed list of services, amenities, and packages we offer. – We also have detailed descriptions of the food and beverage choices so the customer knows exactly what they are getting. – We provide taste tests and a basic run through of how the food will be and presented on the day of their event. – We arrange special deals with local churches, schools, organizations, party planners, and venues so the customer feels like they are getting the best deals. – We will keep track of customer profiles so we can keep on file what each customer’s preferences are for when they come back. – We will also keep track of annual events that take place so we can contact the coordinator ahead of time to ensure we can cater their event again.

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