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2 Born in Brooksville, Florida

3 Taught to read at age 3

4 Given a plow at age 6 for birthday

5 4 H Garden Award at 7

6 Punt, Pass & Kick Award at 8

7 Grand Prize for Art, age 9

8 1st Mascot Selected to Lead Varsity Bulldogs Team at age 9

9 Selected to skip 2 grades at 10

10 Boy Scout Award for Bravery at 11

11 Little League MVP Award at 12

12 Car wreck at 13 – 4 hour eye operation

13 Defensive Back on Jr. High Football Team at 14

14 Point Guard on Varsity Basketball Team at 15

15 National Honor Society at 15

16 Sports Editor at 16

17 Student Government & 5 Sport Letterman

18 First Person of Color on High School Tennis Team

19 Graduated with Honors in the top 5% in the Nation
Accepted to Harvard, Howard, Hampton, Morehouse, Albany State, FAMU, UF

20 Scholarship Offers in Football & Tennis

21 Higher Education

22 Becomes a Member of Kappa Alpha Psi

23 Continuing Higher Education

24 First Person of Color on WWJB Radio

25 First Person of Color Elected to a County-Wide Election

26 Named World’s First Acroneticist in 1998 for inventing Acronetics

27 Creates Largest Hospitality Tent in Polo History and Host of Sunday At Polo

28 2008 Inc. Magazine “Inc. 5000 Honoree”

29 2009-2010 Covered Tim Tebow for the BleacherReport

30 2011 Published The 7 Layers of Tim Tebow

31 First Person to record a 100 mile solo walk from Beverly Hills to Ojai, CA

32 2013 Authors 10th Book

33 Launches ageFINE & Miss Fine Fitness Finefit Campaign for Self-Esteem

34 2014 Editor-in-Chief POP PEOPLE

35 Founder, President & Chief Strategist at the Fine Fitness Foundation
Peace & Health

36 Personal Passion Peace & Health
Ronnie C. Wright is the first President of the Fine Fitness Foundation. Ronnie’s story is truly the all-American story — represented by values from a small-town, a strong middle-class family dedicated to education and service, especially military service and a faith in God, family and country.


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