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Integrated Management Solutions for Network Access Control and IPAM RT Com USA 10 Millpond Dr., Unit #2 Lafayette, NJ 07848 USA Phone: 973-862-4210 Fax:

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1 Integrated Management Solutions for Network Access Control and IPAM RT Com USA 10 Millpond Dr., Unit #2 Lafayette, NJ 07848 USA Phone: 973-862-4210 Fax: 973-741-2116

2 Solution Overview_1 Start with 100% performance 0 % network impact Integrated Management Solutions for Network Access Control and Authorization All-in-one solution that reduces your initial investment cost by offering a multi-functional solution with streamlined installation minimizes the IT managers workload. Automating routine workloads of manual IP address administration using a light-weight, versatile and powerful SmartIP 2000 will drastically enhance your efficiency. Based on configured policies, SmartIP 2000 can prevent unexpected network downtime caused by IP conflicts and potential attacks from outsiders that have gained connectivity to a switch device or through a WiFi access point (in bridge mode).

3 SmartIP 2000 is the network access control solution that prevents access from unauthorized devices automatically and protects mission-critical devices from IP conflicts. Solution Overview_2

4 Benefits Everything is contained in a single appliance. Setup is easy with Built-in configuration, Anytime, anywhere, any network system SmartIP 2000 automated security control system helps organizations improve security while saving money. Ensures that unauthorized users and devices are not on your network. SmartIP 2000 lets you eliminate manual labor associated with opening or closing network ports for guest access. SmartIP 2000 allows guests and contractors to work efficiently while they are on your premises.

5 Pre Admission Real-time IP/MAC authentication Authenticates network access trials in real-time. Unauthorized user control Blocks unauthorized IP/MAC users completely in real-time. Blocks unauthorized user by ID/Password (Active Directory, LDAP, Database, CSV) Pre-authentication Provides the method of authentication, policies and registration of users prior to the actual access. Access from the outside can be allowed and controlled prior to the actual access, which frees administrators from dedicated administrative routines without causing network problems. Policy Group Management Management of blocking policies and time limits by each group. Temporary Access Time Control Limit access time according to the users permission level. Features- Agentless NAC (1)

6 Features- Agentless NAC (2) Post Admission Manual IP/MAC blocking According to the managerial purposes, manually blocks IP/MAC. Authentication of expired users MAC addresses that are off-lined for more than specified time period are to be checked for re-authentication. Expired IP address management Collects IP resources that are not used for a certain period.

7 Features- IP Address Management (1) DHCP IP Management Dual monitoring range control Static IP monitoring range Protection of static IP addresses assigned to servers and network devices. Authorized DHCP pool for registered IP/MAC in the authorized DHCP pool will be allocated for permanent network access. DHCP IP Reservation Allocates reserved IP addresses to specific MAC addresses configured while applying lease terms. Static IP access control in DHCP pool Automatic detection and blocking of DHCP clients using static IP address within an IP address range of DHCP pool. MAC Filtering Controlling IP allocation of unauthorized MAC addresses. Detection of unknown DHCP server Detects unknown DHCP server in the network which causes IP duplication problems in DHCP IP environment.

8 Features- IP Address Management (2) Static IP Management Real-time IP/MAC resource management IP/MAC-based user-defined field management. NIC vendor management. IP/MAC access history management. Real-time IP Conflict notification and blocking. Host name control Registers hosts NetBIOS name and blocks anyone from attempting to change defined name. Real-time event alarming Sends event log to manager by e-mail or log server(Syslog server, SNMP Trap server). Out of ranged IP address management Detects and blocks the out of ranged IP addresses.

9 Features- IP Address Management (3) IP Conflicts Management Protection from IP conflicts Prevents IP duplication between network devices. Protects network devices from unexpected IP conflicts. Prevents changing IP address Blocks anyone from attempting to change defined IP address without permission.

10 Advantages of the Solution-Strengths (1) IP Address Management Easy implement The extra devices are not required. The PC-based agent program is not required. Network upgrade(802.1x) is not required. Easy control of user interface. Supports 802. 1q to manage multi-VLAN environment. Layer 2 Access Control solution Controls devices regardless of operating system. Agentless control solution. Low Cost All-in-one solution with one appliance. Agentless NAC + DHCP server + Advanced DHCP server. Provision of advanced DHCP servers features Embedded DHCP function. Controls entire IP devices regardless of IP management environment. Real-time management Real-time IP/MAC inventory status. Real-time alarming events. Real-time blocking and authentication. Real-time IP conflict monitoring.

11 Advantages of the Solution-Strengths (2) Protection from IP conflicts Centralized Control Management Company-wide integrated security policy management through centralized management for IP/MAC/user authorization. Maximizes the efficiency of administrators with the ability to check real-time policy status and users through a centralized management console. Realization of an Automatic System through an IP-Based Network Simplifying resource management through the automatic management of IP/MAC/NetBIOS Names. Removal of Risks through Strengthened Network Security Protects networks by blocking the access of unauthorized IP and MAC addresses. Blocks access of excessive broadcast traffic. Manages user history based on IP/MAC group policies. Protects network integrity by detecting unauthorized DHCP servers.

12 Advantages of the Solution-Strengths (1) Secured Network with SmartIP Various Authorization Policies to Granting Access to Visitorsand Existing Users (ViaScope SmartIP 2000 Only) User authorization through Microsoft Active Directory. Authorization through ID/Password, set by administrators. Guest authorization mode for external users. Protecting Major Devices from IP Conflict Protection polices for major devices against IP conflict with prohibition of IP change. Organic Network Management through Extension Module by Class Managing Network extensions through extension modules and administrator authority by class. Convenient Policy Configuration by the Introduction of a Web Based

13 Basic Network Configuration

14 Extended Network Configuration

15 CPUPentium4 2GHz or higher OS Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP, Windows 2003 server, Windows Vista, Windows 7 RAM512MB NIC10/100/1000 Ethernet Resolution1024X768 True color or higher Web Browser Explore 7.0 or higher, Google Chrome, FireFox (Recommended) CPUIntel Core2Duo 2.8GHz OSWindows Embedded MemoryDDR3 3GB HDD500GB Interface Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps 4Port. Console 1Port(RJ-45). Size(mm)438(W) * 292.1(D) * 44(H)mm Weight5.2Kg Operating Environment Temperature : 5-40C' Humidity : 20%-90% Input Voltage AC 100V~240V 50~60Hz Power200W Trunk ProtocolIEEE 802.1q Support Capacity Up to 1000 active IP addresses (Distributable :up to 5000 active IP addresses) DHCP ServerYes DBMSDb2 v9.7 Etc Reset Button, LCD, LED, Dual USB 2.0 19"1U Rack Mount Chassis CPURMAI AU 1550 MIPS Core (333MHz) OSLinux Memory2Mbyte NOR Flash, 1GBbyte NAND Flash HDD- Interface Ethernet 10/100 Mbps (RJ-45) 1Port. RS-232 Console 1Port. Size(mm)200(W) * 196(D) * 44(H)mm Weight1.3Kg Operating Environment Temperature : 0-40C' Humidity : 0%-90%RH Input Voltage AC 100V~240V 50~60Hz Power6VA Trunk ProtocolIEEE 802.1q Support CapacityUp to 500 active IP addresses DHCP ServerYes DBMS- Etc - Web Console requirement SmartIP 2000(Stand-alone) Smart Probe 100(Distributable) * The above H/W Specifications are subject to change without notice. Specification


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