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PHILOSOPHY OF THE LM - I NATURE AND OBJECTIVES OF THE LITERATURE MINISTRY Presented by: Howard F. Faigao, Director Publishing Ministries Department General.

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1 PHILOSOPHY OF THE LM - I NATURE AND OBJECTIVES OF THE LITERATURE MINISTRY Presented by: Howard F. Faigao, Director Publishing Ministries Department General Conference of SDA

2 OBJECTIVES AND EXPECTED RESULTS The LE student will understand in the fullest sense the NATURE and SACREDNESS of the Literature Ministry and thus be fully convinced, convicted and committed to stay in this work. The LE student will understand the real objective of the Literature Ministry and thus be able to conduct this work in harmony with the counsel of the Spirit of Prophecy. The LE student will understand the qualifications required for a dedicated and consecrated Literature Evangelist and thus be able to develop himself towards this ideal and live a real Christian life as a worker of the Church.

3 PHILOSOPHY OF THE LITERATURE MINISTRY Nature of the Literature Ministry Objectives of the Literature Ministry The Qualified Literature Evangelist

4 NATURE OF THE LM “The canvassing work, properly conducted, is a missionary work of the highest order, and it is as good and successful method as can be employed for placing before the people the important truths of this time” (CM p. 6). 1 - A WORK SECOND TO NONE

5 1 – A WORK SECOND TO NONE Kind of Service rendered to God by the LEs is based on:  Self-sacrifice  Self-denial Number of People Reached: If an LE visits 10 homes a day with an average of 5 persons in every home, he can reach:  50 persons a day  1,000 persons a month  12,000 person a year REASONS

6 1 – A WORK SECOND TO NONE SOP COUNSEL Ordained by God - “God has ordained the canvassing work as a means of presenting before the people the light contained in our books...” (CM p. 6). A Most Important Work - “If there is one work more important than another, it is that of getting our publications before the public, thus leading them to search the Scriptures” (CM p. 7).

7 2 – very best education “The very best education young men can obtain is by entering the canvassing field and working from house to house. In this work they will find opportunity to speak the words of life” (CM p. 32).

8 2 – very best education In this work “Christ is the Great Teacher and the Source of all true wisdom.” My ministry of pointing sinners to Christ and opening the way for them to salvation is a work of offering to humanity an education for eternity. LM Provides Education for Eternity

9 2 – very best education It Provides Varied Experiences Sources of a person’s total know-how:  Classroom instruction  Traveling  Reading  Meeting and talking with people The LMS Training provides the LEs professional training. The LE travels everyday locally and sometimes abroad. The LE has an access to all the books they sell.. A faithful working LE meets approximately 10-12 thousand people a year.

10 2 – very best education Mrs. White said that if one goes out into the field and work, “combining the work of selling books with personal labor for the people, their talents will increase by exercise, and they will learn many practical lessons which they could not possibly learn in school. The education obtained on this practical way may properly be termed higher education” (Testimonies, vol. 6, pp. 330-331).

11 3 – EQUAL TO THE GOSPEL MINISTRY “Canvassers must go out into various parts of the country. The importance of this work is fully equal to that of the ministry. The living preacher and the silent messenger are both required for the accomplishment of the great work before us” (RH, April, 1880; CM p.8).

12 “The intelligent, God-fearing, truth-loving canvasser should be respected; for he occupies a position equal to that of the gospel minister” (CM p. 44). Intelligent - Well trained and professionalized LE God-fearing - Dedicated, consecrated, deeply spiritual and faithful Truth-loving - Love for God’s Word. Diligent Bible student and zealous in sharing the Gospel. POSITION EQUAL TO GOSPEL MINISTER 3 – EQUAL TO THE GOSPEL MINISTRY

13 HAVE SAME HEAVENLY APPROVAL “The ministerial evangelist who engages in the canvassing work is performing a service fully as important as that of preaching the Gospel before a congregation Sabbath after Sabbath. God looks upon the faithful evangelistic canvasser with as much approval as he looks upon any faithful minister” (CM p. 45). Mrs. White continued:  Both workers (minister and LE) have light  Both are to shine in their respective spheres of influence. 3 – EQUAL TO THE GOSPEL MINISTRY

14 4 – a sacred work CARE IN SELECTING LE’S “The canvassing work should be considered as sacred, and those who have unclean hands and defiled hearts should not be encouraged to enter upon it” (CM p. 29). WHY??? - Because “The angels of God cannot accompany the unconsecrated to the homes of the people; therefore all those who are not consecrated, whose thoughts are corrupt, who will leave the taint of their imperfections upon everything they touch, should refrain from handling the truth of God” (RH, May 20; 1890 (CM p. 29).

15 4 – a sacred work CARE IN SELECTING LE’S “The canvassing work is more important than many have regarded it, and as much care and wisdom must be used in selecting the workers as in selecting men for the ministry” (CM p. 26). In choosing, consider the following qualities:  Genuine Christian (see CM p. 48)  Those who have clean hands and pure thoughts  Possess the best talent and ability, who will do the work understanding, wisdom, and diligence  Feel the burden of service  Men of good reputation, tact, vision, and ability  Humble and teachable (see CM p.48)

16 5 – UNDER DIVINE DIRECTION LED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT Under the control of the Holy Spirit: “The canvassing work should never languish. The agencies set in operation to do this work need always to be under the control of the Holy Spirit of God” (Letter 82, 1899). Holy Spirit Provides Power: Without the Spirit and power of God, our labor to present the truth will be in vain (see Testimony, vol. 5, p. 158).

17 5 – UNDER DIVINE DIRECTION LED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT Holy Spirit Transforms Life: “When the Spirit of God takes possessions of the heart, it transforms the life” (DA p. 173). The Holy Spirit transforms the LE’s life fitted for the Master’s use. When God’s Spirit takes possession of his heart we see the results.  Sinful thoughts are put away  Evil deeds are denounced  The countenance reflects the light of heaven  Love, humility and peace takes the place of anger, envy and strife

18 5 – UNDER DIVINE DIRECTION ACCOMPANIED BY ANGELS It was shown to Ellen G. White that “... the publishing work was arranged and established under the special supervision of God” (PM, p. 53). From the editor’s desk until the time the literature reaches the hands of the people, the angels are in-charge.

19 5 – UNDER DIVINE DIRECTION ACCOMPANIED BY ANGELS A.Articles at the editor’s office “... angels of God...[supervise] the articles that were being published...” (PM, p. 60). B.Manuscript at the printing room “The angels of God have supervision of the work. If the eyes of those who run the machinery could be opened, they would discern the heavenly guardianship” (PM, p. 60).

20 5 – UNDER DIVINE DIRECTION ACCOMPANIED BY ANGELS C.The literature at the LE’s hands “In working for perishing souls you (LE) have the companionship of angels” (CM p. 110). Ellen G. White says that LEs dedicated in doing the work of Christ will be accompanied and instructed by the holy angels, who will go before them to the homes of the people, preparing the way for them. They come to soften the hearts of the people (see CM, pp. 111, 112).

21 5 – UNDER DIVINE DIRECTION ACCOMPANIED BY ANGELS D. The literature at the customer’s bookshelves “The same ministry of angels attends the books that contain the truth as attends the work of the minister” (Testimonies, vol. 6, p. 316).

22 5 – UNDER DIVINE DIRECTION GOD PROVIDES HELP “Our heavenly Father has a thousand ways to provide for us of which we know nothing” (The Ministry of Healing, p. 481). Take the word of Christ as your assurance Talk about success. Never allow yourself to talk in a hopeless, discouraging way. Talk and act as if your faith is invincible. Build up your faith and courage upon His promises “Lo, I am with you always” ( Matthew 28:20).

23 5 – UNDER DIVINE DIRECTION GOD PROVIDES HELP “To everyone who offers himself to the Lord for service, withholding nothing, is given power for the attainment of measureless results” (Testimonies, vol. 7 p. 30; CM p. 109).

24 NATURE of the lm 1.A Work Second to None 2.Very Best Education 3.Equal in Importance to the Gospel Ministry 4.A Sacred Work 5.Under Divine Direction (SUMMARY)


26 GENERAL OBJECTIVE OF THE LM ULITMATE OBJECTIVE The ultimate objective of the literature ministry as with any other branches of God’s work is the... saving of souls for God’s kingdom.

27 SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES OF THE LM OBJECTIVE - 1 To Make the “Truth” Clear and Plain “Our publications have a most sacred work to do in making clear, simple, and plain the spiritual basis of our faith” (CM p. 1).

28 SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES OF THE lM OBJECTIVE – 2 To Prepare a People to Meet God “The publications sent forth from our printing houses are to prepare a people to meet God” (CM p. 3).

29 SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES OF THE lM OBJECTIVE – 3 To Lighten the Whole World with truth “The World is to receive the light of truth through an evangelizing ministry of the word in our books and periodicals” (CM p. 5).

30 SPECIFC OBJECTIVES OF THE lM OBJECTIVE – 4 To Call Men’s Attention to the Truth “The great object of our publications is to exalt God, to call men’s attention to the living truth of His Word” (CM p. 2).

31 LE MISSIONARY GOALS LE MISSIONARY ACTIVITIES Suggested Minimum ActivitiesMonthly Goal Distribution of Free Tracts40 Voice of Prophecy Enrollment10 Inviting Interest to Church 4 Prayers for Customers in their Homes40 Bible Studies20 Baptisms through LE Contacts 1- 4 souls/year

32 OBJECTIVES OF THE LM Ultimate – Saving Souls Specific Objectives  To Make the Truth Clear and Plain  To Prepare a People to Meet God  To Light the Whole World with Truth  To Call Men’s Attention to the Truth SUMMARY


34 WHOLLY SURRENDERED TO GOD It is very essential that a literature evangelist finds his security and assurance in God. To be successful in his work he needs a full surrender of his life to God and to the Literature Ministry. Mrs. White said, “Those who engage in the canvassing work should first give themselves wholly and unreservedly to God.” (Manuscript 26, 1901 (CM p. 47). FIRST REQUIREMENT

35 WHOLLY SURRENDERED TO GOD The Spirit of Prophecy states that in choosing men and women for His service, learning, eloquence or worldly wealth are not important. God only asks: Do they walk in such humility that I can teach them my way? Can I put my words into their lips Will they represent me? HUMBLE AND TEACHABLE HUMBLE AND TEACHABLE

36 WHOLLY SURRENDERED TO GOD “The reason why many have failed in the canvassing work is that they are not genuine Christian; they did not know the Spirit of conversion” (CM p. 48). DAILY CONVERTED DAILY CONVERTED

37 WHOLLY SURRENDERED TO GOD The Literature Evangelist loses his own self-respect if he practices deception or utter falsehood in the conduct of his work. He may not be conscious, but … God sees him and is acquainted with every transaction. Holy angels are weighing his motives and listening to his words. His rewards will be according to his works. God despises their course, and His blessing will not be upon them. The precious truth must be a part of our character (see Colporteur Ministry, p. 51). ABSOLUTE HONESTY; PURITY OF LIFE ABSOLUTE HONESTY; PURITY OF LIFE

38 WHOLLY SURRENDERED TO GOD The Faithful LE will profit from: Feeling his dependence upon God every moment. Having no complaint cherished in his heart or uttered by his lips. Giving glory to God for any success attained CONSTANTLY DEPENDENT UPON GOD

39 FULLY PREPARED He who fails to prepare prepares to fail. “... [The literature evangelist] should make thorough preparation, but should not be content with a set form of words; he should give the Lord a chance to work with his efforts and impress his mind” (CM p. 55). PREPARE TO SUCCEED PREPARE TO SUCCEED

40 FULLY PREPARED Knowledge of God’s Word The minds of all LEs should be stored with knowledge of the truths of God’s word, that they may be prepared, at any moment when required to present the truth. Knowledge of the Book You Sell Each LE should thoroughly acquaint himself with the books he is handling and be able to readily call attention to the important chapters. He should master its contents. KNOWLEDGE FOR SUCCESS

41 FULLY PREPARED The LE should seek continuous improvement in the total aspect of his work. “The follower of Jesus should be constantly improving in manners, in habits, in spirit, in labor. This is done by keeping the eye, not on outward, superficial attainments, but on Jesus” (CM 59). CONSTANTLY IMPROVING CONSTANTLY IMPROVING

42 EXEMPLARY CHARACTER The canvassing work is God’s means of reaching many that would not otherwise be impressed with the truth. Therefore, it is necessary that the LE should have a corresponding dignity of deportment. The literature evangelist does not need faultless clothes. He needs the following Christian virtues:  Honesty and integrity of character which is reflected in the countenance.  Kindness and gentleness that leave their impression upon the face.  A heart that practices no deception and do not exhibit proud manner. HONESTY AND INTEGRITY HONESTY AND INTEGRITY

43 EXEMPLARY CHARACTER “Canvassers need self-culture and polished manners, not the affected and artificial manners of the world, but the agreeable manners that are the natural result of kindness of heart and a desire to copy the example of Christ” (CM p. 64). The LE should cultivate the habit of industry and discretion. He should conduct his work seeking to honor God. CHASTE, MEEK & TEMPERATE

44 EXEMPLARY CHARACTER The Spirit of Prophecy mentions relevant statements regarding these: Untidiness in dress brings reproach against the truth we profess to believe. The truth is magnified by the impression of neatness in dress. The whole manner and appearance must be of a nature that will win respect. PLEASING IN DRESS & MANNERS

45 Pleasing in voice & speech “Of all the gifts that God bestowed upon men, none is more precious than the gift of speech. If sanctified by the Holy Spirit, it is a power for good” (CM p. 70). GOD’S GIFT

46 Pleasing in voice & speech Let the mind be filled with pure, holy thoughts, and let the words be well chosen. The Lord bids us, “Let your speech be always with grace” “that it may minister grace unto the hearers” (CM p. 73). Remember that kind words are as dew and gentle showers to the soul. WORDS WELL CHOSEN

47 Pleasing in voice & speech The Prophet said: The Savior’s voice was as music to the ears of His eager listeners. Jesus spoke slowly and impressively. LIKE THE SAVIOR’S VOICE

48 DILIGENT IN SERVICE Important Thoughts from Mrs. E. G. White (CM p. 76) Success depends not so much on talent as on energy and willingness. The commonest tasks, wrought with loving faithfulness, are beautiful in God’s sight. The following enables us to render acceptable service to God:  Performance of daily duties (daily work)  Contented spirit  Sincere interest in the welfare of others. DEDICATED MINISTRY

49 prayerful “We should pray as earnestly for the descent of the Holy Spirit as the disciples prayed on the Day of Pentecost. If they needed it at that time, we need it more today” (CM p. 104). PRAY FOR DEEPER EXPERIENCE PRAY FOR DEEPER EXPERIENCE

50 prayerful “Humble, fervent prayer would do more on behalf of the circulation of our books than all the expensive embellishments in the world” (CM p. 80). PRAY HUMBLY AND FERVENTLY

51 prayerful “Satan well knows that all whom he can lead to neglect prayer and the searching of the Scriptures, will be overcome by his attacks. Therefore he invents every possible device to engross the mind” (GC p. 519). PRAYER & BIBLE STUDY PRAYER & BIBLE STUDY

52 prayerful Literature Evangelists who devote sometime everyday to meditation and prayer and to the study of the Scripture will have constant connection with heaven. He will have a saving and transforming influence among others. CONCLUSION

53 THE QUALIFIED LITERATURE EVANGELIST Wholly Surrendered to God Fully Prepared Exemplary in Habit, Deportment and Dress Pleasing in Voice and Speech Diligent in Service Prayerful


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