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2 What we do  We host recreational events to raise money for organizations like feed my starving children, FFKA (food for kids of America) and Feed America.  We also organize the shipments and do the paperwork that goes along with getting the food to the poor and hungry. In the U.S and foreign regions all over the world. Our staff is made up of mostly people that are more well off and retirees. Who dedicate themselves without pay to get the money flowing into the organizations that depend on our donations to keep feeding the poor and hungry. We feed thousands of hungry children every day.

3 Our events  We host annual Picnics, 10k Runs, Golf tournaments, and BBQs.

4 Situation  Our current office space in located in Minneapolis Minnesota. We have a floor of the Foshay sky scraper rented out for our office workers that organize all of our charities. It is very small and is far away from our main shipping port in Savannah GA.  1.Workers have to pay for parking.  2.Traffic is bad.  3.The building is old and needs much up keep on our two floors.  4.Sometimes elevators are under construction(workers have to take stairs to 20th floor)

5 Actions  We need to move our headquarters into Georgia because our donations are being wasted by paying for shipping to the port in Savannah. We could be using that money to help even more starving people.  1.We could rent a smaller office space or building downtown as well as an old home with many rooms.  2.We could go on a commercial island where more people that are wealthy would more likely be and donate and attend our recreational events like golf that we could now do year round.(The warm weather)  3.We could also have our office in the industrial park uptown Savannah where we would be more in sync with our shipping.

6 Recommendation  The best location for our relocation would be 345 Stephen Street that is now open for rent and has a small warehouse attached that would benefit with our close collaboration with Feed My Starving Children. We would hire new staff.  The paid in full donation would be a down payment of $10,000 and monthly payments of $3,000 for 5 years.  Or you could just provide us with the final amount of $180,000  If we do not move to a new office space many volunteers will eventually quit and many starving women children and men will die because we gave up on them.

7 Thank you  Thank you for your consideration. Your donations will save thousands of starving people around the world.  We will be more organized and have more work space so the food gets to the people right on time saving potential lives.  Overall the decision to provide our organization with your donation will save the lives of the innocent.


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