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CITIES OF THE WORLD Brisbane Grant 9F. Brief History of Brisbane Brisbane was originally home to Aboriginal clans. Then in May 1770 Captain James Cook.

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1 CITIES OF THE WORLD Brisbane Grant 9F

2 Brief History of Brisbane Brisbane was originally home to Aboriginal clans. Then in May 1770 Captain James Cook sailed past Moreton Bay. Captain Matthew Flinders anchored inside Cape Moreton in 1799. In 1823 Lieutenant John Oxley, Surveyor-General of New South Wales named the Brisbane river. In 1824, the Moreton Bay penal settlement was established on the coast at Redcliffe. Three months later they moved to a new site on the Brisbane River with a reliable water supple. In 1828, convicts started to build the first stone buildings like the Colonial Stores Building, and a Windmill. In 1842, Brisbane began as three separate settlements--North Brisbane, Kangaroo Point and South Brisbane. In 1859, another settlement began. This was named Queensland in honour of Queen Victoria. Brisbane became the capital. After World War I, Brisbane became the largest local authority in Australia. Unemployment and poverty came about in the early thirties. Landmark buildings like the City Hall and the Masonic Temple were built in 1930 just as the Great Depression took hold and construction of the Story Bridge was the city's biggest Great Depression-time project. World War II saw General Douglas MacArthur directing the Pacific campaign. Thousands of United States servicemen were stationed in Brisbane, dramatically raising the population. This lead to the ‘Battle of Brisbane’ series of street fights on 26 and 27 November 1942. In the 1950's, migrants and refugees added greatly to the population. Migrants from all over Europe quickly became important to the cultural, academic and business life of Brisbane. In May 1957, Australia's first drive-in shopping centre was opened at Chermside. In the 1950’s, Brisbane business thrived. In 1967, the city saw an important cultural progression, when Australian Aborigines achieved the same democratic rights as all other Australians. In 1974, Brisbane was hit by Cyclone Wanda, causing floods which swept through Brisbane. Fourteen people lost their lives and 14,000 houses were flooded. The 1982 Commonwealth Games were hosted by Brisbane, bringing new sports and cultural facilities. The World Expo in 1988 also brought in more cultures and helped shape Brisbane’s identity. In 1985, the South Bank Parklands were opened as well as the Queensland Performing Arts Complex.

3 Statistics BrisbaneMelbourne Populationabout 1,090,000 (est.)about 4 million (est.) Population densityabout 810 people/km 2 (est.)around 1,430 people/km 2 (est.) Size1326.2 km 2 37.6 km 2 Geographic coordinates27° 30' South, 153° 1' East37° 49' South, 144° 58' East Altitudeabout 15 metresabout 10 metres Country GDP (official exchange rate)$1.236 trillion (est.) Country GNP842.4 billion (2009) Country GDP per capita$41,000 (est.) Languages spokenMostly English, then Mandarin, Vietnamese and Cantonese Mostly English, then Mandarin LandmarksFort Lytton, Story Bridge, Brisbane City Hall, King George Square, Anzac Square, Newstead House, Treasury Building, The, Tower Mill, Gateway Bridge, Queensland Performing Arts Complex (QPAC), St John’s Anglican Cathedral, Sky needle, University of Queensland, Parliament House, The Gabba, Suncorp Stadium, Mt Coot-tha, Kangaroo Point Cliffs, Glass House Mountains, Noosa National Park Flinders Street station, Federation square, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Rialto Towers, Eureka Tower, Crown Casino Tower, Melbourne Museum, Royal Exhibition building, Old Treasury building, State Library, Arts Centre Spire, MCG, Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne Exhibition centre, Etihad Stadium, Aboriginal Heritage Walk, Yarra River, Phillip Island, Great Ocean Road

4 Brisbane

5 Melbourne new-styles/

6 Brisbane-Melbourne Comparison Brisbane or Melbourne? They are both in Australia, so they are similar, but they both have their good and bad points. If you start with population, then Brisbane’s total population and population density are lower than Melbourne so Brisbane is a lot less crowded. Brisbane also has much less pollution due to less industrial activity. Houses are cheaper in Brisbane as well as most other things available to buy. Melbourne’s households and apartment units are more expensive so the cost of living is higher. Melbourne is known for its shopping centres, changeable weather, culturally diverse cafes, the casinos and for its night life in the city. Melbourne also has a mix of modern and Victorian architecture. Melbourne has great shopping centres, business, sporting stadiums, sporting complexes and many art galleries. Melbourne is also more culturally diverse, having many different festivals all year round and a higher percentage people born overseas. Brisbane is known for their beaches, theme parks, being more relaxed and more laid back than Melbourne. Brisbane is much cleaner than Melbourne which has things like graffiti. Brisbane is good for personal well-being, standard of living, safety, environment and social conditions. Brisbane is also known for its beautiful landscapes. They both have a large range of fascinating natural and man-made landmarks to visit. Brisbane’s climate is hotter than Melbourne’s changing climate, Brisbane has humid summers and warm, dry winters, whereas Melbourne mostly has hot summers and cool winters. Brisbane suffers from occasional natural disasters like major floods and cyclones while Melbourne has droughts and bushfires. I would like to live in Melbourne because Melbourne is more popular, the business is better, the sun sets later, the city is livelier, the weather is cooler and there is less risk of major natural disasters. Brisbane seems more of a holiday destination so I’d like to live in Melbourne.


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