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Library associations collections and the UNISA Archives Unisa Archives Annette le Roux 16 November 2010.

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1 Library associations collections and the UNISA Archives Unisa Archives Annette le Roux 16 November 2010

2 Contents Background –Unisa Library –Unisa Archives –Archival collections Library associations Challenges in archival work

3 Background

4 Unisa Library 1946accessioned first library book 20092 millionth book accessioned 2010± 2,5 million items

5 Highgrove Florilegium

6 Unisa Library

7 Unisa Archives & Special Collections

8 Established in the early 1970s Collection building mainly through donations Currently 4 qualified archivists Unique and rare materials (±4 000 linear meters) Manuscripts, photographs, posters, sound & video cassettes - archives Finding aids/ inventories - archives Special books – OASIS catalogue

9 Special Book Collections 12 Collections, ±52 000 items old, rare, unique, out-of-print, expensive Collections include: JL van Schaik Africana (ASC) Wagener Africana (WAGE) Special Book Collection (S) WA Joubert Old Legal Sources (OLD) Van Schaik Publishers (JSC)

10 Archival Collections Main Archival groups: Unisa Archives (Vista & TSA) Manuscripts Collection Hesse Collection of German Africana Documentation Centre for African Studies Library Associations South African Museums Association United Party Junod Allan Boesak Kenneth Birch

11 Library Associations

12 The beginning

13 Transition

14 New beginning

15 Library Associations & associated organisations Accessions in the Unisa Archives

16 Library Associations & associated organisations SALA – South African Library Association, 1930 – 1979 SAILIS – South African Institute for Librarianship and Information Science, 1980 - 1998 LIASA – Library Association of South Africa, 1998 - present ULIS/ Translis/ LISDESA (Unification of Library & Information Stakeholders/ Library & Information Services in Developing South Africa) LIWO - Library & Information Workers Organisation,1990-1998 ALASA – African Library Association of South Africa, 1996 BLASA - Bantu Library Association CBLASA - Central Bantu Library Association of South Africa Cape Library Association (later Library League) SA Indian Library Association

17 Library Associations & associated organisations NELS - Non-European Library Service, 1930-1980 SCECSAL – Standing Conference of Eastern, Central and Southern African Library Associations, 2002; 2006 CHELSA - Committee for Higher Education Librarians of South Africa IGBIS - Interest Group for Bibliographic Standards - 2003 to 2008 SLIS – Special Libraries & Information Services Group, 1947-2000 OSALL – Organisation of South African Law Libraries Branches – Northern Transvaal / Gauteng North NLAB (NBAR) – National Library Advisory Board, 1968-1985

18 SALA & SAILIS Contents of accessions agendas, minutes official correspondence of the Board and committees annual reports other reports study material & exampapers newsletters, journal photographs and conference papers

19 Non-European Library Services in South Africa 1930's Carnegie Corporation of New York (CCNY) donated money to start the Carnegie Non-European Libraries Collection: - Official minute books, annual reports and correspondence are available - material to support research, eg commissions of inquiries - library associations for various “Non-European” groups: some material

20 Challenges in archival work

21 Photographs with no description

22 Challenges in archival work Photographs with no description

23 Environmental challenges Temperature Humidity Fire Water Light Pest infestations Measuring climate

24 Challenges … Water/ damp / humidity / dust/ mould

25 Challenges …. human factor

26 Challenges …. human factor War Greed Neglect

27 What can you do? Describe & date photographs Do not use rubber bands and paperclips Dust prevention Organise papers - dates Donate

28 Archives represent the memories of groups, peoples or organisations At the end of the day, if it is worth keeping, it is in the ARCHIVES

29 Annette le Roux 012 429 2560 Thank you Questions?

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