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By: Carolina Murillo Tyreke Brathwaite Betty Fermin Nga Ting Tsoi Yang Yang Jin Le Millions.

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1 By: Carolina Murillo Tyreke Brathwaite Betty Fermin Nga Ting Tsoi Yang Yang Jin Le Millions

2 HISTORY & ORIGIN Mille-Feuille is a specific type of French dessert which is also referred to as Napolitain It's a derivative of the term “Napolitain” which refers to the Italian region of Naples, where elaborate layered desserts were customary It does not, refer to the Emperor Napoleon I, as is often presumed.

3 LE MILLIONS  Traditionally, a Mille-Feuille is made up of three layers of puff pastry, alternating with two layers of pastry cream, but sometimes whipped cream, chocolate or jam are substituted.  The top is glazed with icing or fondant in alternating white (icing) and brown (chocolate) stripes, and combed or covered in powdered sugar

4  Le Millions derives from the original name Mille-Feuille meaning a cake of a thousand sheets. The countless thin crispy sheets are stacked on top of each other like stacks of cash.  The idea of money drives our brand and its name because it signifies luxury. Americans love luxury and love money. However, in our campaign it is a luxurious and high quality product that every American can afford.  The new brand name allows us to keep a historical/traditional value while making it easy for our customers to pronounce, remember, and recognize. BEHIND THE BRAND NAME: $$ LE MILLIONS $$

5 Three L’s of Le Millions The advertising/marketing strategy is to concentrate on three key elements that bond our product and campaign together:  LOVE  LUXURY  LOCATION (Anywhere/Anytime) ++

6 “A taste of luxury in every bite, Anywhere, Anytime.” “ A luxury every American can Enjoy”

7 Reasons for Success in U.S  Affordable  Desirable  Individually Sized/Packaged  Accessible (Web Orders)  Huge Market A survey of some 1,500 U.S. consumers did not find a single person who regularly skipped dessert. That kind of appetite is driving a $23 billion domestic industry of bakeries, chocolatiers, ice cream makers and countless other small businesses.

8 U.S. GEOGRAPHICAL LAUNCH Our US Launch plan is to concentrate on 5 big cities first and then expand 1.New York-New York City 2.California-San Francisco/ Los Angeles 3.Chicago-Illinois 4.Florida-Orlando/Miami 5.Texas-Dallas/Austin Estimated Population: 135,000,000

9 SALES BY YEAR FORECAST First year increases 10% Second year 15% Third year 13% Forth year 13% Five year 14%

10 SUCCESS BASED ON SALES Based on the rough budget of annual sales and the estimated increase of annual sales from year 1 to year 5, our net income is positive which refers to a promising outlook for the success of our product. In the operating process, we try to maximize profits and minimize the variable costs  GOAL Achieve brand awareness though print ( newspaper/magazine) as well as through online advertising



13 MEDIA  TV Commercial Run in our launch cities  Web Personal Website  Social Media Facebook Twitter Tumblr Instagram Print Ads Magazine Newspaper Flyers





18 WEB  Our product can be ordered online via our website where we offer a variety of services. You can order, choose which flavor pastry and where you would like it delivered.  The online site connects all our social media sites so customers can write reviews and share them throughout the web  When customers subscribe to our list serve, every time they invite a friend to try our pastry through one of our social media sites they receive a coupon on their next purchase.

19 Le Millions Home/About Us/Contact Us Welcome to our website! A taste of luxury with every bite anywhere, anytime Order Here Delivery Our Raving Reviews!

20 COMMERCIAL  The concept is that people fall in love with big cities for it’s inspiration, it’s luxuries, and it’s attractions. Similarly, everyone in America will fall in love with Le Millions for its fluffy layers, creamy filling, and affordable price. It’s the pastry of America and available for everyone to enjoy.  The second is simply just about the pure and sweet happiness in every single bite of Le Millions.



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