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Powerpoint by Kristin A. Kiely, PhD. The typical stereotype: “Tweed jacket with leather patches at elbows; horn-rimmed glasses; all in all a detached,

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1 Powerpoint by Kristin A. Kiely, PhD


3 The typical stereotype: “Tweed jacket with leather patches at elbows; horn-rimmed glasses; all in all a detached, rather fuzzy, graying at-the-temples figure seated in a book-lined office enjoying Darwin’s Origin of Species for light reading.”

4  We come in all shapes, sizes, religions, and types.  The professor you “know” in class may be quite different in other situations.

5 Doctor of Philosophy Spanish – Contemporary Peninsular Literature Literature during/after Franco’s Dictatorship Minor in Literary Theory, specifically Lacanian Psychoanalysis Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida, 2008 Master of Arts Spanish – Sociolinguistics Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 2003 Bachelor of Arts Majors in Psychology and Spanish Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 2001

6  Alpha Delta Pi Sorority  Member of the Following Honor Societies:  Kappa Delta Pi Education Honor Society  Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honor Society  Psi Chi Psychology Honor Society  Phi Gamma Mu Social Sciences Honor Society  Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society  Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society

7 Modern Language Association American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese Southern Conference of Language Teachers American Association of University Professors Member of local chapter Board, 2008-present Philological Association of the Carolinas Member of the Board, 2009-present South Carolina Modern Language Review Editor, 2012-present

8 All Professors are absent minded. Example: One of the world's greatest scientists was also recognized as the original absent- minded professor. One day, on board a train, he was unable to find his ticket. The conductor said, "Take it easy. You'll find it."When the conductor returned, the professor still couldn't find the ticket. The conductor, recognizing the famous scientist, said, "I'm sure you bought a ticket. Forget about it.""You're very kind," the professor said, "but I must find it, otherwise I won't know where to get off." source:

9  Any of us can forget something or misplace something, but the rate is no higher with professors than you.  However, I do have about 20 students per class, I cannot remember every single thing that everyone asks of me.  Write it down!

10 Professors are only interested in teaching and especially research.

11  Our interests are actually more varied than that.  We really care about our students and want you to come to our office hours for help when you need it.

12 Spanish Comics Spanish Graphic Novels Spanish Literature During the Civil War Spanish Literature During Franco’s Dictatorship Spanish Literature After Franco’s Dictatorship

13 We all have a great many interests outside of our academic life. For example among FMU Professors you will find those who love: Acting in plays Such music as country, rock, hard rock, classical, jazz, etc. Rock climbing and exploring caves Fishing, camping, hiking, bicycling, etc. Almost all types of sports Physical fitness A wide variety of movies, television shows fiction, etc. Etc.

14  Don Quijote de la Mancha  Map of Bones  The Hunger Games  Battle Royale  Pergamino: la Bylina del hijo del Cazador de libros  Sacré Bleu  Anything Lincoln and Child

15 Alternative/Punk Green Day Chemical Romance Classical Mozart Dvořak Ralph Vaughan Williams Folk Rock Mumford and Sons Fun. Latino Julieta Venegas Diego Torres Carlos Vives

16  Army of Darkness  El laberinto del fauno  Goonies  The Princess Bride  The Ring  Cube  The Descent

17 My two cats are my furry children! Seti, on the left, is 6, and is very sensitive and can be a bit of a a-hole. ;) Isis is 11 and is mellow and a sweetheart. Both are attention-sluts as a former roommate called them! Seti “helping” me grade Isis “helping” me make the bed

18 Professors are rich.

19  A few make very high salaries, but the majority would make far more money in other professions; some could even increase their salaries by leaving the college and teaching in the public schools.

20 Professors are political and religious liberals.

21  Professors are found over the whole range of political life from conservative to liberal.  Professors will be found in a wide variety of religious groups.  Among our faculty you will find Southern Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, Jewish, Catholics, Lutherans, etc.

22 Professors don’t care if you pass or fail.

23  We do care about your success, but the burden to succeed is on you. You make the A or the F; we don’t “give” it to you.  In other words, you earn the grade that you get in this course; it is not a gift that I bestow upon you.  I will help you to do well, but you have to do your part by studying and practicing.

24 Professors don’t like for students to come see them outside of class.

25  Most professors do enjoy just visiting with you.  Come see us if:  It is during office hours.  The office door is open. (Or knock, but if we don’t answer, don’t be upset. We do have lots of other obligations!)  Of course, we like to have some time to ourselves and we have meetings, labs, etc. to attend  You work out a time to meet with us before or after class, during a club, society, meeting, etc.


27 Professors all vary about class attendance. The best strategy is to always attend class no matter what the professor’s attendance policy. For a language course, attendance is essential as a language requires communication.

28 We all expect you attend examinations and turn in papers on time. We tend to disbelieve most excuses, since we have heard so many. If you miss an exam, then you might get a make-up exam, but the make-up exam will usually be harder than the original.

29 We expect you to have read assigned texts, articles, chapters, etc. before class.

30 We expect you to ask reasonable questions.

31 We expect you to question us when you do not understand what we are discussing. If you don’t ask us about something, that doesn’t mean it won’t be on the exam.

32  We expect you will not show any “high school” behavior in our classes.  Arriving late for class  Social chatter  Passing notes  Getting up and leaving class (except in the case of emergency)  Use of cell phone for any purpose.

33 (This doesn’t ensure a passing grade, but any one in a good mood tends to be “kind and gentle”).

34 Attending class (on time!)

35 Reading and completing assigned work before class

36 Having the paper, notebooks, pens, etc. you need in class.

37 Addressing your professor as “Dr.” or “Professor” unless they tell you otherwise.

38 Knowing the name and number of each course and the name of the professor, the meeting times and places.

39 Not complaining about wanting a higher grade, unless you can show that we made a mistake in our grading, summary of points, etc.

40 Remembering a professor has moods, just like you.

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