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Metacognition & Higher Order Thinking Skills

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1 Metacognition & Higher Order Thinking Skills
Bloom’s Taxonomy Metacognition & Higher Order Thinking Skills

2 What is Bloom’s Taxonomy?
Creating Higher Order Thinking Evaluating Analyzing Applying Understanding Remembering

3 How does Bloom’s Taxonomy Impact me?
Memorization does not equal learning. You can memorize something without understanding. Thinking is done in both words & pictures There are 3 main types of intelligence & thinking: Analytical Creative These can blend…. Practical

4 Metacognition You can improve your thinking skills by understanding the processes involved in thinking. Metacognition = thinking about thinking.

5 Higher Order Thinking No memorization
We must do something with the facts we discover This is where Bloom’s Taxonomy comes in….

6 Bloom’s Taxonomy in Action
Let’s use The Kite Runner…. Creating: How would you re-write this story in a children’s version? Evaluating: What are the pros & cons of Amir winning the kite-fighting tournament? Analyzing: How does Amir fulfill the hero archetype? Applying: What questions would you ask Amir about that fateful day in the winter of 1975? Understanding: How would you summarize the story? Remembering: Who are the main characters?

7 So…now what? 1.) Come to class prepared in the Remembering & Understanding levels = this is expected of you. 2.) Function in the Applying & Analyzing levels in your notes, class and small group discussions without being reminded 3.) Perform writing & projects at the Evaluating and Creating levels.


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