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Chapters 1 and 2 Review 1. What do we learn about Hassan’s personality? 2. How would you describe Amir’s relationship with his Father based on Ch.2? 3.

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1 Chapters 1 and 2 Review 1. What do we learn about Hassan’s personality? 2. How would you describe Amir’s relationship with his Father based on Ch.2? 3. What ethnicity is Hassan and what ethnicity is Amir? How does this affect the plot and the character interactions? 4. What is significant about Amir’s first word and Hassan’s first word? How could those first words lay the foundation for the event in the winter of 1975?

2 Chapter 3 Quickwrite: What quality do you think your parents wish you had more of? How do you think it makes them feel that you do not have this quality? Why do you think they feel this way? Is there anything you could do to display that quality more? If not, why not? If so, why don’t you do it? (5-7 sentences)

3 Discussion Items: With a partner, discuss the following topics. Write down at least 3 sentences of summary per discussion topic. Amir’s longing for connection to his parents Hassan’s loyalty to Amir Outside influences on Hassan and Amir’s relationship Choose one topic that stands out to you the most. Pick 3 quotes that are related to the topic to discuss. Be prepared to share your answers with the class.

4 Chapter 4 Review With a partner, discuss the following:
How does Ali become a part of Baba’s family? Why doesn’t Baba consider Ali a friend or Amir consider Hassan a friend? What does this reveal about their culture? How do you think this affects Amir? What does the pomegranate tree symbolize? How do you know? (Hint: Quotes!) Describe Hassan’s favorite story. Why do you think it is his favorite? How was Amir’s story both successful and a failure? Why is he upset that Hassan gave him a critique? How might this influence Amir’s internal conflict?

5 Chapters 5 & 6 Who are Assef, Wali, and Kamal? (Answer on your character chart) 1. Find a quote that shows Assef’s hatred. Explain who his hatred is directed towards and why. 2. Look at page 42. What can you infer “Agha” means? 3.Hassan makes a risky move in chapter 5. Why does he do this? What does this action reveal about his character? 4 . What does Hassan receive for his birthday? What does this reveal about Baba’s character? How does Amir react to this gift? 5. Describe a kite battle. Who are kite runners and what is their purpose in a kite tournament? 6. What does Amir resolve to do in order to please Baba? Do you think it will work? Why or why not? 7. Why does Amir feel sad for Hassan at the end of chapter 6? How does Hassan reassure him?

6 Group Roles In addition to the following roles, each group member MUST contribute to the overall discussion of the novel. Reader (1-2 people) The Reader(s) will read the story out loud as the rest of the group follows along. Discussion Leader (1 person) The Discussion Leader will pause at appropriate times to pose questions, discuss, and analyze important aspects of the story (use the discussion guide for help) Scribe (2 people) The Scribe (s) will take detailed notes during the group’s discussion. In addition, they will find at least 4 quotations that properly illuminate the themes developed in the chapter.

7 With your group… As you read Chapter 7, discuss the following:
Loyalty (think of Amir and Hassan) Amir’s emotional roller coaster The role of racism/hatred (Hazara/Pashtun) Amir and Hassan’s perceptions of their friendship (How do the differing perceptions influence the charters’ actions?) The manipulation of power Sacrifice (“Nothing was free in this world”) Silence The symbolism of the blue kite

8 Chapter 7 written response
The events of chapter 7 change Amir’s life forever. As we see in chapter 1, Amir is still haunted by the decision he made when he was 12. Although while reading chapter 7 it is easy to become frustrated or even angry with Amir, is there a possibility that the situation was not entirely his fault? * In a well-written, 2-chunk paragraph, make an argument supporting that someone else, besides Amir or Assef, is to blame for the events in chapter 7. Even if you believe that Amir is mostly to blame, push yourself to see another character’s role in the rape of Hassan. You must find at least two quotes to support your claims. For each quote you include, you must provide an analysis of that quote, explaining how that quote supports your assertion.

9 Sociopaths… Each individual person must read and annotate his or her own article. As a group, discuss the article and answer the following: 1. What is a sociopath? 2. Why are sociopaths especially dangerous people? 3. What is the author’s provable claim? 4. Summarize the article with 5 bulletpoints

10 Chapter 8 Activity With a partner, pick the five most important things that happened in chapter 8. Rank the five in order of importance, 1 being the most important. For each number, write 2-4 sentences explaining why you ranked that event the way you did.

11 Chapter 9 Activity Get into groups of 4. Each person in your group must choose to embody a character from chapter 9 (Ali, Hassan, Amir, or Baba). You will write a letter to the other characters explaining what motivated your actions in chapter 9, how you felt when the other characters in your chapter acted the way they did, and what you think your plans will be in the following chapters. Each letter must be at least ¾ of an 8”x11” lined paper. Be as specific as possible when describing your character’s motivations, emotions, interactions, and future actions.

12 Characters in Ch.’s 10-13 Soraya: Amir’s wife, General Taheri and Jamalia’s daughter; ran away with a boyfriend when she was 18, not a virgin bride, infertile General Taheri: Soryaya’s father, Jamalia’s husband; waiting for Afghanistan to gain power, lives on welfare, protective of Soraya, doesn’t approve of Soraya’s profession (teaching) Jamalia: Soraya’s mother, General Taheri’s wife; hypochondriac, adores Amir because he married Soraya despite her past; beautiful singer, but is not allowed to sing in public Sharif: Jamalia’s brother, Soraya’s uncle, works for INS- Afghan cases

13 More Characters… Sanuabaur: Hassan’s mother, returns after many years of abandonment, becomes close to Sohrab Faranza: Hassan’s wife; adores Hassan, gives birth to a stillborn baby girl Soharb: Hassan and Faranza’s son, named after the Persian story; close with Hassan, deadly with a slingshot, learned how to read and write from Hassan

14 Chapters 14-16 With a partner, answer the following questions in your comp books: 1. Describe the last time Amir saw Rahim Khan. 2. Describe how Rahim Khan’s physical appearance has changed since the last time Amir saw him. 3. Describe how Afghanistan has changed since Amir left. How has the Taliban made a significant change? 4. Why did Rahim Khan search for Hassan? 5. What happened to Ali? 6. How did Hassan learn to read and write? 7. How does Hassan react when he hears of Baba’s death? 8. Why doesn’t Hassan live in Baba’s house? 9. What happened to Hassan’s daughter? 10. Who comes from Hassan’s past? 11. Who is Sohrab? What is he like?

15 Chapters 17-19 With a partner, review the events in chapters Create a timeline of the most important events, with a focus on Amir’s emotions. On the top portion of the line, write at least 5 moments that happened in the story. On the bottom portion of the line, write down Amir’s emotional response to that moment. You must include at least 3 quotations for support. In addition, you must include a short (3-5 sentence) paragraph explaining why you chose the events/emotions on your timeline.

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