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HELPAGE BHARAT A dual motive organisation CODE -HB.01.RGT.DUTFor membership detail.

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1 HELPAGE BHARAT A dual motive organisation CODE -HB.01.RGT.DUTFor membership detail

2 ANY AMENDMENT CAN BE MADE O RECOMMANDATION OF CORE COMMITTEE. IT IS DUTY OF CORE COMMITTEE TO INFORM, THROUGH APPROPIRATE MENS, TO ALL MEMBER OF THIS GROUP. APPROPIRATE MEANS- SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES LIKE facebook, email provided by member,call on number provided by member. No one is responsible if mode of networking provided by member is wrong. It is duty of member to keep herself/himself update.


4 CLOSED GROUP MEMBER A person living in lucknow, on approval of director or president or any or all of the member of core committee, is entitled to get benefit of closed group member. Closed group member can be of two types- ACTIVE- A person has keen interest in group activities, events and functions. Keen interest can be shown through participating in group activities, through active donation(but not only donation), or through leading any or all of the group activities. If any of the member leading the group activities, or organising any event or program in name of HELPAGE BHARAT, s/he is entitled to one of the highest post of group except director of group.

5 Passive member- 1. any person who wants to be member of group but show disapproval in participating any of the group activities. 2. Any person from active group, organises group activities but deny to give donation. or any person from active group, participate in group events rarely. 3. If member of core committee wants to rank him/her under this categories, show as to check his/her tallent.

6 EXTENDED GROUP MEMBER The person who lives outside lucknow, and not in direct contact of director and president, is entitled to get benefit of extended group membership area. This group only include active member.  Who shall lead this area? a.The person who is capable of organising group events, controlling at least 15 member and complete knowledge of law for functioning of this group.

7 RIGHTS OF LEADER OF THIS GROUP To use name of HELPAGE BHARAT in any or all of public events. To collect donation from member s/he is leading. To distribute forms in name of HELPAGE BHARAT. Core committee member must be informed of such activities, otherwise all the activities done by leader of this group is nul and void.

8 DUTIES OF LEADER OF THIS GROUP To inform about all the member s/he is leading, and inform about donation to core committee through email. To give the donation, if asked for, to core committee. To perform authorised act only. Core committee member is not responsible for any unauthorised activities of leader of this group. Member must be aware of cheater. It is duty of member to conform about events, their donation and any other activities organised in name of HELPAGE BHARAT with member of core committee. For any query, please mail us at

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