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By Zoe N Sugg Hired Guns. Sketch for a tutorial series:

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1 By Zoe N Sugg Hired Guns

2 Sketch for a tutorial series:





7 Character Designs:

8 Eddie.The ever-bubbly mad scientist of the Hired Guns crew, this chick wields her shotgun and her beakers with spirit and style..Ed enjoys the adrenaline rush that accompanies the lifestyle of a zombie slayer. In the unlikely event that no zombies are around, she's content to simply blow stuff up.

9 Gary.Eddie's close friend and most successful science project, Gary was narrowly saved from the jaws of undeath when Ed severed his head and pumped him full of her special chemical blend, preserving his sanity..If not for his tank, Gary would be just another brain-eater, but luckily he's on the side of the survivors... for now.

10 Kitty.xXSniperKittyXx (“Kitty” for short) can't remember her name from before the apocalypse, but she sure as heck remembers her gamer tag and her skills on the controller..Her knowledge from video games has carried over into the Merc business, giving Hired Guns lots of shiny new weapons and one of the last internet connections in the state.

11 Madame Marie Macabre.Marie made her pre-apocalypse living as a fortune-teller, but now that there's no Ethics Committee looking over her shoulder she's free to conduct other experiments..Marie is especially gifted at necromancy.

12 Robert.An intelligent zombie, Robert was resurrected by Marie and works alongside her to restore the human race through a daring combination of magics..He's been known to harbor ulterior motives, however...






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