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Department of Education Policy 311 Acceptable Use of School Computers.

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1 Department of Education Policy 311 Acceptable Use of School Computers

2 Policy 311 It applies to everyone in the school system 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

3 Policy 311 Do not store or install large files for personal use. This includes music, games, and photos.

4 Policy 311 Do not use the computer equipment for advertising or propaganda.

5 Policy 311 You must respect other individuals and their personal privacy. Do not communicate personal information about another person.

6 Policy 311 You are only able to access your own files and those you have permission to open by the teacher. No hacking.

7 Policy 311 You must respect the privacy of access codes and passwords. Avoid learning or using another person’s password.

8 Policy 311 You must not spread computer viruses intentionally or send bulk emails containing jokes, chain letters, or spam.

9 Policy 311 Do not download or publish offensive, defamatory, discriminatory, hateful, violent, indecent or racist words or images.

10 Policy 311 Do not divulge personal information to unknown sources on the internet without parental permission.

11 Policy 311 Respect copyright and avoid plagiarism and pirating activities, such as the illegal reproduction of music, games, software and files.

12 Policy 311 While at school, avoid excessive or unnecessary personal use of computer resources; this includes: listening to internet radio, watching online tv shows, or playing games unrelated to learning.

13 Policy 311 You must have signed permission to release information and/or images of anyone, teachers or students.

14 What is Copyright? It is the right to copy text, pictures, music, plays, performances. Copyright exists the minute a person creates something. It does not need to be registered.

15 What are you able to copy? Works in the Public Domain (works older than 50 years) Ideas, Facts, News Works registered under Creative Commons Licensing (CC) Fair Deal (Small parts) Copyright free pictures (Site the source) Purchased music (not from peer-to-peer sharing) Audience must be primarily teachers and students

16 What about music and pictures? You must get the permission of the musician/photographer in order to use music or pictures in a project.

17 What about email? Who owns those? The person who wrote the email owns the copyright to it.

18 Policy 311 If you do not comply with the policy, disciplinary action will be taken.

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