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Human Ecology Design Fundamentals & Portfolio. Caylee Webber.

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1 Human Ecology Design Fundamentals & Portfolio. Caylee Webber

2 Fundamentals.

3 Human Ecology is the interdisciplinary study of the relationship between Humans and their natural, social and created environments. Design is a created environment; we as humans interact with design around us. Promoting Sustainability. Human Ecological Design

4 The two programs I primarily used to further my design skills were Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Illustrator is a vector graphics editor and Photoshop edits all types of graphics. These programs work to create illustrations, graphics and alter photos and existing images. Computer Assisted Design.

5 Photoshop Image Illustrator Image

6 Colours & Images Pantone is the primary printing colours used in design. RGB (Red, Green, Blue) and CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) colour models are used in colour printing and computer images. bitmap file image format used to store digital images. Vector images uses geometrical primitives based on mathematical equations to represent images.

7 My Design Portfolio.

8 About me. BSc in Human Ecology majoring in Textiles and Clothing with a minor in Merchandising. World traveller heavily influenced by Middle Eastern and Asian Art and Design. Always thought I was going to be an Ice-Cream man when I grew up.

9 Arranging type. Type design. Modifying type glyphs.

10 My patterns created using Illustrator. Different entry points were used. Sketches necessary to follow through with pattern. Pattern can be rotated to produce different looks.



13 Help to establish...hue, value, intensity, monochromatic scheme, complementary colours, analogous colours, simultaneous contrast, triadic colour equations, cool/ warm colour combinations, spatial cues, colour discord and emotional colour schemes.

14 The accordion book utilized my observational and analytical design skills.

15 Blurred Background RetouchingSharpening

16 Figure Ground Similarity Closure The 5 Gestalt Principals are... Continuance Proximity

17 Tracing is a very valuable technique used in photoshop that allows you to cut, highlight, create paths on the image.

18 Inspirations.


20 Thank you.

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