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HUMAN RESOURCE MANGEMENT PROCESS Presentation Hina Baseerat Attia Ishaq Amber Bashir Sobia Yasmeen Qurat ul Ain Ashraf Members Presenting:

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3 Hina Baseerat Attia Ishaq Amber Bashir Sobia Yasmeen Qurat ul Ain Ashraf Members Presenting:

4 Introduction to HRM

5 Importance of “Human Resource Management” Staff is the most important resource of an organization. Human resource is the key ingredient to success. “Human resource” creates organizational accomplishments and innovations.

6 Mobilink GSM in context with HRM

7 Mobilink GSM company originated in 1994 provides the best cellular services within Pakistan. Well defined and structured department and various policies Employees are satisfied with the HR department of Mobilink GSM Company. In context of HRM

8 MISSION STATEMENT “To be the unmatchable mobile system of communications in Pakistan this provides the best value to its customers, employees, business partners and shareholders.”

9 Vision Statement “To be the leading telecommunication services provider in Pakistan by offering innovative communication solutions of our customers while exceeding shareholder value and employee expectations”

10 Hierarchy Structure of Employees: Total Employees 4500

11 Hierarchy Structure of HRM: Total HRM 47

12 Practices of a HRM System RecruitmentRecruitment Training/DevelopmentTraining/Development Compensation & Benefits Benefits PerformanceManagementPerformanceManagement Human Resource Human ResourcePlanning Planning OrientationOrientationSelectionSelection CareerDevelopmentCareerDevelopment HRM

13 Planning Human Resource Planning

14 Planning Procedures Of Mobilink GSM "Our people are our greatest asset” Focus on People Development and for that we ensure: World class Professionals Right systems are in place Collaborative and mutually supportive work environment Build a team of professionals Performance Management and reward systems We aim at making Mobilink a great place to work

15 Recruitment

16 Recruitment Policies of Mobilink GSM Source : Current Mobilink Employees Internal and external Advertisements Data Bank Employment Agencies and consultants

17 Mobilink GSM Guidelines External Recruitment: No candidate under age of eighteen can apply for the job Candidates can’t apply for the job if their blood relations work in PMCL-Mobilink. Heads are responsible for hiring procedures Human resources jointly with the department heads decide the salary range Minimum qualification must be a bachelor degree. Candidate are required to successfully complete any job related selection test given to them.

18 Mobilink GSM Guidelines (continued) Internal Recruitment: Internal candidates has to be a confirm employees of Mobilink of who have completed a one year of service in their existing designation. Selected candidates are required to join the new job/position after getting clearance from supervisor and will be on probation for a period of three months.

19 Selection

20 Selection Criteria of Mobilink GSM Information is provided about qualifications and job description Pre-Employment forms Conducts the interviews Divisional/Department Head and HRM department must agree before the final selection

21 Selection Criteria of Mobilink GSM (continued) Following information's are required by Mobilink from the applicant: Mobilink signs a contract of 1 year with Non-Payment employees 3 month long probationary period. HRM department delivers the Employment Letters to the selected employee Candidates rejected or kept on file are sent regret letters.

22 Selection Criteria of Mobilink GSM (continued) Appointment Letters: Mobilink’s appointment letters for successful candidates spells out the terms and conditions of the employment and benefits applicable to the position. At the time of confirmation the concerned department is send the feedback for confirmation.

23 O rientation O rientation

24 Orientation of new employees in Mobilink GSM Objective is to inform all new employees with the basic structure and rules of Mobilink. Human resource Department is responsible for orientation. Orientation CD regarding PMCL, Organizational charts. With the first week of the employment employee go through Department orientation.

25 Orientation of new employees in Mobilink GSM (continued) Within 30 days of employment all new employees attend a formal orientation program which includes 1.Nature of business 2.History-philosophy and structure of company 3.Structure chain command within the company 4.Company benefit plans 5.Layout and facilities offered by the company.

26 Training

27 Why Training and Developmental Program? To improve three types of skills 1)Technical skills 2)Interpersonal skills 3)Problem solving skills

28 Training In Upgrade the capabilities and efficiency Greater opportunity to grow and succeed Strengthen management and professional teams Trained employees technically and periodically Upgrades capabilities of employees Provide employees a variety of Job skills, Technical, Clerical and Supervisory and Managerial courses.

29 Training and Development in Mobilink GSM The human resource department conducts a meeting Focus on the individual discipline and performance Then on the basis of their performance they give them advance jobs. They fill every position vacancy with the best qualified person obtained. They prefer their own employees

30 Employees Performance Management

31 Types of P erformance A ppraisal Informal Performance Appraisal: “ The process of continually feeding back to subordinates information regarding their work performance” Formal Performance Appraisal: “ A formalized appraisal process for rating work performance, identifying deserving raises or promotions, and identifying those in need of further training”.

32 GraphicRatingScale WrittenEssays CriticalIncidents 360 Degree Feedback MultipersonComparisons BARSBehavioralAnchored Rating Scales Performance Appraisal Methods

33 Performance Management in Mobilink GSM (continued) Performance appraisal is done on an annual basis 360 degree evaluation is conducted The immediate supervisor prepares an annual report Increments are also given Promotions is given on good performance Bonuses are given


35 Provident fund Gratuity fund Education growth of employees Incentives Medical facilities Benefits & Compensations in Mobilink GSM

36 Career Development

37 Career Development In Mobilink GSM Mobilink GSM supports the development of its employee’s skills and abilities with an aim to achieve their potential.

38 Procedures for Career Development In Mobilink GSM All vacancies for Positions of grade level “Assistant Manager” and above are announced internally or displayed on notice board. One year experience of work in Mobilink company Selected person ensure to meet all requirements and will join the new job after getting clearance from department head for probation period.

39 Procedures for Career Development In Mobilink GSM (continued) Submission of application to HR department Candidates are evaluated and assessed through test. Performance appraisal System provides basis for decisions regarding confirmation, promotion and annual increment of Mobilink. Results of performance appraisal is increments, salary adjustments and promotions showing the last three years inclination of company after obtaining approval from the president

40 Conclusion  Importance of HRM  HRM process  Recruitment  Selection  Training  Performance appraisal method  Career development

41 Pakistan Mobile Communications Limited Hamza Amjad Associate Staffing and Compensation Human Resources +92-51-2818165-70 +92-51-2818140 +92-301-8510505 Basement, 1-B, IBC-2 F-8 Markaz Islamabad-Pakistan M F T



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