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G ROUP M EMBERS Afzaal Haider Muhammad Hassib Gul Mubashir Ahmed Umar Asghar.

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3 G ROUP M EMBERS Afzaal Haider Muhammad Hassib Gul Mubashir Ahmed Umar Asghar

4 P RESENTATION L AYOUT Company Introduction (mission and Vision) Organizational Structure Human Resource Management Human Resource Functions Recommendation Conclusion

5 I NTRODUCTION Pakistan Telecom Mobile Limited (PTML) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation Limited (PTCL) that started its operations in January 2001 under the brand name “Ufone”. As a result of PTCL’s privatization 26% of company shares along Ufone became part of the Emirates Telecommunication Corporation Group (Etisalat) in 2006.

6 Ufone has network coverage in 10,000 locations and present across all major highways of Pakistan. Ufone currently caters for International Roaming to more than 288 live operators in more than 160 countries. Ufone also offers Pakistan’s largest GPRS & blackberry Roaming coverage available with more than 200 Live Operators across 122 countries. I NTRODUCTION cont…

7 It is currently owned by “Etisalat” with the customer base of more than 20.5 million subscribers which is tripled from last fiscal year Total current investment of over $350 Million, including a recent contract of $161 Million for expansion & capacity building Currently, with a market share of over 24%.

8 More recently, Ufone has become a focused and intensive leader in VAS, constantly introducing innovative services, which have been the first of their kind in the Pakistani cellular industry. As the world of telecommunications advances, Ufone promises its customers to stay ahead, developing and evolving, to go beyond their expectations, because at Ufone, it’s all about U. I NTRODUCTION cont…

9 M ISSION S TATEMENT “ To be the best cellular option available for U”

10 V ision S tatement “To be the quality cellular service provider of choice, using sound business practices while enhancing the quality of life of the community and providing a strong return for our stakeholder”

11 U fone O bjectives To be Affordable Best Coverage throughout Pakistan Advanced & innovative service Best employment option for peoples

12 O rganizational S tructure Geographical division: North Central South

13 D epartmental D ivision Marketing Department Finance Department Human Resource Department Customer Care Department Information System Department Engineering Department Quality Assurance Information Technology

14 O rganizational S tructure con… Board Of Directors CEO Project Director Marketing & Sales Finance Information System Customer Care Engineering Quality Assurance Information technology HR & Admin

15 O rganizational S tructure Analysis Hybrid Organizational Structure. Formal Control on every one. Decentralization. Chain of Command.

16 Human Resource Management Human capital act as nerves system of the organization. “ Their people are their greatest asset ” with special Reference to human resource management (HRM) our main focus was remained on how the human capital at ufone is being: Recruited. Selected. Utilized. Compensated. Evaluated & Trained to achieve company goals.

17 H uman R esource M anagement con.. Staff of Ufone consists of world class Professionals Collaborative and mutually supportive work environment Team of professionals for Expertise & Collaboration Performance Management and Reward System Clearly defined Recruitment & Selection Policy They Believe to Train & Develop employees Compensation & Benefit plan is developed to ensures employees motivation. HRM

18 HR I nternal D epartmental D ivision HR Department Training & Development Outsource Operation HR Operations

19 H uman C apital at U fone 1700 permanent employees as well as more than 2500 contractual employees working nationwide Ufone Complies with equal employment opportunity organization. Almost 70% of its employees are male and 30% are female. Predefined job description Annual and Six month Performance Apraisals Average age of Ufone employee is 32 years Average Salary is 15000 HRIS

20 Functions of hrm

21 H uman Resource F unction Primary Functions: Staffing : –Job analysis –Human resource planning –Recruitment & selection Training and Development –Organization development –Career development –Performance Appraisals Compensation management –Monetary Benefits –Non monetary Benefits Safety & Health

22 H uman R esource F unction con.. Secondary functions: Interaction of Human Resource Research & Development in HR

23 Implementation of HR HR department at ufone is very much involved in Analyzing, managing, evaluating and improving performance of employees keep complete check on human capital to get the things done


25 Job Analysis : Job analysis is systematic exploration of activities within a job. It is a technical procedure used to define the duties, responsibilities, and accountabilities of job. Experts do Job Analysis after acquiring information from candidates through interviews through form At ufone pay packages, compensations, job descriptions, job specifications, job evaluation are made on the bases of Job Analysis

26 J ob A nalysis at u fone Following steps are taken: Obtain Documentary information such as procedure manuals and written instruction. Ask about more general aspect such as the job purposes, main activities. Ask the jobholders about the job. Observe the job holders to see what they actually do.(vidual techniques)

27 I nformation C ollected in Job A nalysis Work activities Worker-oriented activities Machines, tools, equipment, and work aids used Job-related tangibles and intangibles Work performance Job content Personal requirements for the job

28 W hy U fone c onducts J. A : the right person for the right job at the right time Reduced Chances of Wrong Hiring Knowing Who Does What Major duties or activities required Conditions under which the job is performed

29 J ob A nalysis P rocedure : –Direct Observations –Interviews –Questioners

30 Job S pecification All the prerequisites of job are defined: Qualification required for a job Skill required for a job Experience required for a job

31 J ob D escription Human Resource Division analyzes each job and it’s required out comes. Job analysis is done by analyzing the past experience and emerging trends. Ufone holds documents about terms, duties responsibilities about each job

32 H uman R esource P lanning Actual Need Analysis Supply Inside Candidates Supply Outside Candidates At ufone Supply inside is Prefer and Position Replacement Charts are Maintained to find out right person on right job

33 N eed A nalysis At ufone human resource need is analyzed on the bases of following points: How type of person we need? How much organization can spend on that particular person for particular job? What type of job knowledge and skills needed for particular position? What kind of methods will be used for performing job analysis for particular position? What level of employee we needed (corporate, business or functional)?

34 S upply I nside C andidates Sources of Supply inside candidates : Promotion Rehiring Job posting Succession planning

35 S upply O utside C andidates Referral hiring Internet Advertisements HRIMS Employments Agencies Out sourcing (Dencom) College Recruitment Head Hunters (for top level management)

36 R ecruitment & S election Qualified professionals from outside have been hired Many benefits are provided but Employee Retention is quite low due to heavy Burdon of their job Low Flexibility In Performance That’s why ufone HR department is continually engage in recruitment & slection Procedure

37 R ecruitmen t At Ufone Generating Recruitment Pool: –Internal Recruitment –External Recruitment Direct applicants Referrals Advertisements (ever media, Interflow) Private Employment Agencies Out sourcing (DENCOM, lower management) Electronic Recruitment

38 S cheduling I nterview First interview Second interview Third Interview

39 RECRUITMENT AT UFONE Recruitment is done in Ufone include both: Internal Recruitment External Recruitment

40 In the case of internal recruitment people from within the organization are promoted to fill the vacant vacancy. The HR department and the relevant department in which the vacancy exists, analyze whether there an employee within the organization exists, who most appropriately meets the requirements of the particular vacancy INTERNAL RECRUITMENT

41 –Promotion –Job posting for any vacant position –Rehiring

42 RECRUITMENT AT UFONE EXTERNAL RECRUITMENT Employment agencies Referrals Advertising via Internet (careers @ Ufone) Direct Applicants Outsourcing Inventory management system


44 SELECTION Ufone take into consideration the following factors during selection process: Education Experience (related to work) Performance in the previous work Domain knowledge Abilities

45 SELECTION PROCESS 1.Screening aplications 2.Employment Test 3.Employment Interview 4.Job Offer 5.Medical Test 6.Reference checks


47 ORIENTATION OF EMPLOYEE: At Ufone orientation plan covers the following points: Visits to different departments of the company Company’s Policies, Rules and Regulations

48 TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT TRAINING METHODS Two types of trainings are conducted at Ufone: On-the-job Training » Coaching and understudy Off-the-job Training

49 PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL Appraisal Method: “Management by Objective (MBO)” Ufone philosophy Impact is no longer about counting heads; it’s about making each “Head” count

50 PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL FEEDBACK “360-Degree” feedback is conducted. It not only contains opinion from the immediate supervisor and subordinates but also from customers and manufactures.


52 STRATEGIC PAY PLANS Direct financial payments Salaries Incentives Commissions Bonuses Rewards

53 STRATEGIC PAY PLANS In-Direct payments Medical allowances/ hospitalization Conveyance allowances Vacations Education allowances Pension Plans

54 BENEFITS AND SERVICES EMPLOYEES MOTIVATION Employees are motivated at Ufone by conducting events such as Annual employee day Birthday celebration

55 BENEFITS AND SERVICES Flexible Benefits Program Cafeteria Gym TV lounge Sports club Exertion trip

56 BENEFITS AND SERVICES Retirement Benefits Age of 55 – 60 years Provident fund Gratuity


58 RECOMMENDATIONS Decentralization Enterprise resource planning (ERP) Job rotation Manage employees turnover Improve pay structure Overtime compensation



61 Now its all about you… if you have any questions … say it all……

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