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By Matti Simula 2.12.2010 Course: New Trends in HR Lecturer: Terry George When managers misunderstand HR.

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1 By Matti Simula Course: New Trends in HR Lecturer: Terry George When managers misunderstand HR

2 Contents Basic info about writer Main question The role of HR HRM & HRD HRM HRD Misunderstanding Strategic alignment Conclusion Resources

3 Basic info about writer Dan Bobinsky Training specialist, best-selling author, and an accomplished keynote speaker Has been training managers and leaders in the Fortune 500 as well as smaller companies for more than 20 years. Certified behavioral analyst as well as a certified workplace values analyst Master’s Degree in Human Resource Training and Development + completing Ph.D. in Organizational Learning and Leadership

4 Main question Why do so many companies drop the ball when it comes to making the most of their human resource department ?

5 Misunderstanding HR's strategic capability → Either people don't know, or they don't want to know A lot of accusements towards HR HR is not a strategic player No business acumen “The main focus of HR management is maintaining an organization, not developing it”

6 The role of HR Before: Personnel Department Manage the paperwork around hiring and paying people Nowadays: HR Department Plays a major role in staffing, training and helping to manage people so that people and the organization are performing at maximum capability in a highly fulfilling manner


8 HRM Human Resource Management Personnel Department functions Role: maintaining an organization variety of activities : decide what staffing needs company has recruite and train the best employees deal with performance issues manage company's approach to employee benefits and compensation,employee records and personnel policies

9 HRD Human resource development Role: developing an organization focuses on ‘nurturing’ employee’s skills does not only focus on development of skills but also focuses on the personal development of employees concerned with identifying strengths and weaknesses among different employees ->devising training means that aim at making those skills complement the other.

10 Misunderstanding We blame HRM professionals for not doing HRD's job responsibilities people are not aware of HRM-HRD differences. -> managers categorize all HR responsibilities as belonging to the HRM side of the equation To be successful company has to overcome these misunderstandings - at the heart of all workplace and management issues are the people (HRD) and all workplace activities are tied to the bottom line. ->Strategic alignment

11 Strategic alignment - HRD is an integral part of the big picture Examples: 1. A company with vision -Part of HR’s responsibilities includes coordinating individual and organizational goals to achieve that vision - Leadership teams should charge and empower HR to do this - if not, they are shortchanging themselves & the profitability of the company 2. Recruiting - HR should be involved in hiring the right people - Methodical approach

12 Strategic alignment 3. Involving in analyzing company's problems Training Not always the solution,but important

13 Conclusion Misunderstanding HR is common and that's why people in HR should step up to their capabilities. → management needs to recognize and take advantage of what HR can do for them.

14 Resources Human Resource Management. Civil Service Branch hrm-and-hrd/

15 Questions


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