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Region H Collegiate Meeting SWE Annual Conference Houston, TX November, 8 th 2012.

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1 Region H Collegiate Meeting SWE Annual Conference Houston, TX November, 8 th 2012

2 Agenda Introductions and Roll Call Region Collegiate Team & Goals Section Reports / Section Maintenance Bylaws & e-Postcards Section Awards Region Blogs Senate Motions Impacting Collegiates Society / Region Involvement Program Development Grants Collegiate Leadership Coaching Committee 2012 Region Conference Bid Information

3 Collegiate Leadership Introductions Region H Governor: Jennifer Morikawa, Detroit Section Lieutenant Governor: Dayna Johnson, Chicago Section Region Collegiate Representatives (RCRs): Elizabeth Buchanan & Alicia Walby, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Michigan Tech Region Collegiate Communications Editor (RCCE): Erin Syverson, Minnesota Region Collegiate Senator (RCS): Rachel Seidner, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign RCMC & Alternative Region Collegiate Senator: Alina Alam, University of Michigan Collegiate Leadership Team Lead (CLC):Heather Weist Region H/SWE Leaders Collegiate Section Counselors/Faculty Advisors

4 Roll Call H050Bradley University H051Detroit Mercy, University of H052Evansville, University of H053Kettering University - A Section H054Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of H055Illinois at Chicago, University of H056Illinois Institute of Technology H057Iowa, University of H058Iowa State University H059Lawrence Technological University H060Marquette University H061Michigan-Ann Arbor, University of H062Michigan at Dearborn, University of H063Michigan State University H064Michigan Tech University H065Milwaukee School of Engineering H066Minnesota, University of H067North Dakota, University of H068North Dakota State University H069Northwestern University H070Notre Dame du Lac, University of H071Oakland University H072Purdue University, West Lafayette H073Purdue University, Calumet H074Purdue University, Indianapolis H075 H076Southern Illinois University - Carbondale H077Trine University H078Wayne State University H079Western Michigan University H080Wisconsin-Madison, University of H081Wisconsin-Milwaukee, University of H082Wisconsin-Platteville, University of H083Valparaiso University H084St. Cloud State University H085Northern Illinois University H086Indiana Purdue University, Fort Wayne H087Minnesota State University, Mankato H088South Dakota State University H089Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology H090Lake Superior State University H091St. Thomas, University of H092Indiana Institute of Technology H093Grand Valley State University H095Kettering University - B Section H096Wisconsin, Stout, University of H099 Minnesota-Duluth, University of

5 Background-Promote Position Members of RCT: Lieutenant Governor, RCR, RCCE, RCS, CLCC, SWEFL, RCMC, and Conference Planning Chairs Mission Statement/Motto Enriching the collegiate experience within the region Enhancing connections between collegiate sections Ensuring consistency and success across the region

6 Collegiate Team Goals Maintain a cohesive team between the RCR’s, RCCE, RCS, and SWEFL Provide sections with information using multiple forms of media and communication Work to establish RCMC position Maintain the leadership pipeline and recruit for FY14 RCR, RCCE, and RCS

7 RCR Goals 100% Section representation at region conference 75% of sections apply for either region or individual awards 75% of sections attend the annual conference No dropped sections 100% contact information with all sections & CIGs. Reach out to sections that are stuggling and find at least one contact Create an example PDG so more sections will utilize this means of financial support to host events/outreach Have 100% reports turned in on or before the deadline

8 RCCE Goals Maintain region blog At least 4 posts per month Ensure all information is complete and updated Governor Update, RCR Update, Section Updates, Monthly Hot Topics, Region Calendar with Section Input Work with Region H Collegiate Sections to complete blog posts 100% Bylaws 100% EIN Information Increase region knowledge and interest in RCCE position

9 Section Reports Template emailed by RCR—NEW FORMAT THIS YEAR! Opportunity to communicate your section’s issues, concerns, successes, and best practices to SWE leadership Due to your RCR on the following dates September 17 th, 2012 February 1 st, 2013 May 3 rd, 2013

10 Section Maintenance Annual Report  Due June 30 to HQ Financial Report  Due June 30 to HQ Collegiate EZ Form (Less than $10,000/yr) Collegiate Long Form (>$10,000/yr) Only the Section President & Treasurer on file with HQ can submit these forms! To get access send an e-mail to Sections missing annual report and/or financial report from last year will be emailed in the next week

11 Section Maintenance - SWE Membership To remain in good standing, each SWE section must have at least 10 paid members Things to keep in mind: Sections receive a 20% rebate for each paid member Regions get 1 RCR per 20 sections**

12 Section Maintenance: Less than 10 H051 Detroit Mercy H071 Oakland University H073 Purdue Calumet H087 Minnesota Mankato H090 Lake Superior State H092 Indiana Tech H096 Wisconsin Stout

13 Collegiate Section Bylaws Section bylaws must be up to date, in alignment with the Society’s bylaws. Sections still needing work on their bylaws: Northwestern SIU SD State Contact Dayna Johnson at

14 Three Membership Options Standard Collegiate membership $20/year Joint Membership AISES, NSBE, SHPE C2C Membership One time $50 fee Covers entire collegiate career & 1 st year as a professional SWE member Great deal if you will be in school for at least 2 more years

15 Membership Benefits Eligibility for SWE Scholarships Access to the online SWE Career Center Access to the SWE Membership Database FREE Professional development Webinars Discounted Conference Registration Discounted Kaplan courses 20% off FE & PE $50 off GRE, GMAT, LSAT prep classes FREE SWE Magazine subscription

16 SWE Counselor Each collegiate section is required to have a SWE counselor. The counselor is elected by the college section each year. The counselor shall be considered a non voting member of the collegiate section. The counselor is a member of your local professional section or a region MAL. Update HQ if your SWE Counselor Changes A professional member who oversees collegiate section needs and issues.

17 Section Maintenance - Counselors Sections missing SWE counselors Any sections that do not know who there counselor is or don’t have one, see us after the meeting or email us H051 University of Detroit Mercy H052 University of Evansville H057 University of Iowa H073 Purdue University Calumet H074 Purdue University Indianapolis H077 Trine State University H088 South Dakota State H092 Indiana Tech H093 Grand Valley State

18 Faculty Advisor A professor or staff member that provides the connection between the school and the section. Not required, but recommended by SWE. The advisor is chosen by the SWE section. Does not have to be a member of SWE. Oversees the section and ensures that all school rules and obligations are being followed.

19 IRS e-Postcard (form 990-N) New IRS e-Postcard (form 990-N) requirement Introduced in 2008 to help IRS keep track of small non-profits All sections must file by November 2010 unless covered by another IRS filing (unlikely) Starting in 2011 the e-postcard must be filed annually just like section annual and financial reports If a section doesn’t file an e-postcard it can lose its non-profit status and be fined by the IRS

20 E-Postcard and EIN Section presidents and/or faculty advisors received emails from Region H RCRs about how to file the E-Postcard (or apply for an EIN number if needed) Please send us ( a copy of the confirmation email you received after submitting the form See us after this presentation or email us if you have questions

21 Section Maintenance: E-Postcards Sections Missing E-Postcards: H051 University of Detroit Mercy H060 Marquette University H071 Oakland University H074 Purdue University Indianapolis H075 South Dakota School of Mines and Technology H076 Southern Illinois University H088 South Dakota State University H089 Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology H092 Indiana Tech H095 Kettering B H099 Minnesota Duluth

22 Awards Outstanding Collegiate Section (OCS) Every section should apply for this! Outstanding Counselor/Faculty Advisor Collegiate Member Awards Nominate someone! Section Awards Many of these have $$$ prizes!

23 Collegiate Awards Overview Individual - Email submissions to Outstanding Freshmen / Sophomore Member (Deadline March 31 st ) Outstanding Junior / Senior Member (Deadline March 31 st ) Outstanding Graduate Member (Deadline March 31 st ) Outstanding Counselor (Deadline March 31 st ) Outstanding Faculty Advisor (Deadline March 31 st ) Competitions Outstanding Collegiate Section (Deadline May 31 st ) Poster Competition (Deadline May 31 st ) Individual Graduate and Undergraduate Categories Boeing Team Tech (Deadline January 15 th ) SME Bowl (at Annual conference 1 team per Region) More details -> Awards and Competitions -> Collegiate Region SWE Region Programming Excellence Award (Deadline May 15 th )

24 Collegiate Awards Overview Section Awards Newsletter Award (Deadline July 1 st ) Website Award (Deadline July 1 st ) Collegiate Section Transition Award (Deadline July 1st) Membership Retention Program Award (Deadline July 1 st ) Membership Recruitment Program Award (Deadline July 1 st ) The Boeing Company Multicultural Award (Deadline July 1 st ) Outreach Event/Series Award (Deadline July 1 st ) Girl Scouts Award (Deadline July 1 st ) Connecting Educators to Engineers Award (Deadline July 1 st ) Corning Incentive Grant (Deadline July 1 st )

25 Collegiate Scholarships Questions go to: Website to view them: Info and deadlines available in December Separate categories of funding: Graduate Incoming Freshman Undergraduate – Freshman/Sophomore Undergraduate – Junior/Senior Range from $1,000 to $10,000 Another way for members to benefit from a SWE membership!

26 Region Blogs

27 Senate Update Mega Issue Committee Developed 5 vivid descriptions for SWE to be used in strategic planning. Vivid Descriptions describe SWE’s vision in 5 statements or less Focused on following themes – Personal Relationships, Support System, Networking – STEM, Outreach, Growing Profession – Leadership – Diversity and Inclusion – Image of the Engineering Profession Subteam established to participate with the Board of Directors and Strategic Planning Committee on rewrite of Strategic Plan by FY14. MI 116 subteam working on short term recommendations from FY12 on “How can can SWE inspire companies to provide creative opportunities for engineers who want to contribute in their industry and attend to family needs?”

28 Senate Update Senate communications Establishing a structured and streamlined process to ensure senate communications are effectively communicated to the regions and the sections. Preparing a standard format for communication of motions to the Senators with background on motions, who created the motion, and why is the motion important Special project fund proposal Board of Directors can request funds from special projects reserve for specific projects that the general operative fund can’t support (i.e. special trainings, additional program, etc) Subcommittee formed to evaluate It is Senate’s duty to evaluate request and provide recommendation Identified template for information needed Started work on matrix for evaluation

29 Bylaws & Motions Bylaws Amendments S1301: Roberts Rules of Order S1302: Date for determining representation S1303: Alternate Senator S1304: Petition Candidates S1305: Collegiate Director Election S1306: Nominating Committee Chair Senate Motions S1307: Employer Sponsored Dues

30 S1301: Roberts Rules of Order Background SWE Uses Robert’s Rules of Order for its guidelines in Parliamentary Procedure on the Society, Region, & Section level Includes details such as how to run a meeting, call a vote, make motions, etc. The 11 th edition of Robert’s Rules was released in September 2011. SWE had been using the 10 th edition and wants to move the new version.

31 S1302: Date for Determining Representation Background At present two different dates are generally used to determine representation on region councils, December 31 for collegiate representatives and March 31 for professional section and MAL representatives. Setting a common date for determining both collegiate and professional representation alleviates confusion, and one report can be issued in January with the representation counts for the following year

32 S1303: Alternate Senator Background When the senate was created several years ago, the COR (Council of Representatives) at the time was unsure of how things would work out, and were uncomfortable being without alternates. The COR was a 300+ voting member body and had alternates due to the fact that it was hard to fill the role and guarantee enough people would be in the room to constitute quorum. Since the senate has been operating for the past 4 years, they have found that there isn’t a great need for alternates after all, and since alternates aren’t mandatory, some confusion has surrounded what their role should be. Task Force conducted surveys, focus groups and several report outs to the senate. Their conclusions and recommendations led to this motion.

33 S1305: Collegiate Director Election Background In the past the Collegiate Director was not a voting member of the Board of Directors (guest), thus it was an appointed position nominated by the president and approved by the BOD. The collegiate senators and Nominating Committee want to align the election of the Collegiate Director with that of the rest of the BOD, involving the Nominating Committee in the candidate vetting & evaluation process and allowing collegiate section presidents to vote on the slate, appointing the role. There will be no petition process for this role like there is the other BOD roles.

34 S1305- Collegiate Director Election UPDATE Upon further discussion with the Nominating Committee Chair, we believe there will be a recommendation to postpone. Debate will still be allowed. Nominating Committee is in agreement that now that 2 Task Forces have this in their scope it would be better to wait on the Task Force recommendations before making a change.

35 Region Involvement Get involved in your region collegiate team! Run for RCR/RCCE/RCS! Join a committee! If interested, go to Communities SWE Main -> News-> Call for National Committee Chairs and Members Learn more about opportunities Fill out an application The chairs of the committees you are interested in will contact you shortly.

36 RCR/RCCE Elections Schedule Call for Applicants: Monday, Dec 19 Applications Due: Sunday, Feb 5 Candidates Presented: Monday, Mar 5 Voting Begins: Monday, Mar 5 Voting Ends: Thursday, Mar 29 Winners Announced: Monday, Apr 2

37 RCR Role Vital collegiate voice within the Region and to Region leaders in SWE. Serves on Region Council as the voting collegiate member for the region. Serves on the Region Collegiate Team working to make sure collegiate and section interest and concerns are discussed among the region leadership and plans are made to improve the region collegiate experience. Prepares the Collegiate Report to the Governor 3 times a year after collecting Collegiate Section Reports. Leads the Collegiate sections of the Region meetings at the Annual and Regional Conferences. Works with other RCRs and RCCEs on yearly goals to improve the collegiate experience in SWE. Attends Collegiate Leadership Forum (CLF) in the summer to receive Leadership and SWE Training.

38 Serves as the RCR Alternate Maintains the Region Collegiate Blog, by working with the Region Webmaster, Region Governor, RCR and Collegiate Sections. Writes and Posts Monthly Hot Topics on the Blog - Topics could include Membership, Fundraising, Rewarding Members, Program Ideas, etc. Works with Collegiate Sections to get 2 postings/articles a year from each section. Serves on the Region Collegiate Team Prepares Report to the Governor 3 times a year updating the Governor on the blog, region collegiate team and other happenings. Works with other RCRs and RCCEs on yearly goals to improve the collegiate experience in SWE. Attends Collegiate Leadership Forum (CLF) in the summer to receive Leadership and SWE Training. Attends Annual & Regional Conferences RCCE Role

39 RCS Role The Senator is a vital collegiate voice within the Region and to Society leaders in SWE. Serves as the collegiate voice for the region on the Society Senate. They help set the direction for the society working with 2 Professional Senators from the 10 Regions, 2 International Senators, and 2 Special Directors. They approve changes to the Society bylaws, public policy position statements, and also work to resolve Mega Issues Attends 2 face-to-face Senate meetings at Annual Conference and in the Spring, as well as monthly conference calls. Works with RCR & RCCE to keep collegiate sections informed of Society SWE news Trains with the other Senators

40 Committees Audit Awards & Recognition Bylaws Collegiate Interest Collegiate Leadership Coaching Collegiate Leadership Coaching Finance Government Relations & Public Policy Government Relations & Public Policy Leadership Coaching Membership Multi-cultural Nominating Outreach Procedures Professional Development Program Development Grants Program Development Grants Scholarship Strategic Planning

41 SWEFLs A SWEFL is a freshman or sophomore who shows outstanding potential for future leadership in SWE and is invited to take part in the Collegiate Leadership Forum (CLF) held annually in the summer. SWEFLs are nominated by other collegiate or professional SWE leaders. Nomination process occurs April 1 – May 1 Expect email from CLF Chair around this time Section Presidents, Faculty Advisors, Counselors, Region Officers This year’s SWEFL: Shelby Spierer

42 Program Development Grants: Outreach Funding Available through generous funding from: ExxonMobil Foundation The Ford Motor Company Foundation Available to support activities of: Professional Sections Collegiate Sections Members At Large National Committee pilot projects Learn more at the Click on “Engineers”, then select “Get Funding” Need additional information? E-mail Wendy Cocke (, PDG Chair

43 Program Development Grants: Outreach Funding New K-12 Outreach Program Short Form Proposals must meet all of the following requirements to use the short form: Project funding requested is less that $1,000 Total number of students is less than 100 Cost per student is less than $10 for consumables, food and take home goodies Duration of the event is less that 8 hours Funding is requested for female students only Submit application via Adobe here: hm4Zv*bdjMQ

44 Collegiate Leadership Coaching Committee

45 Region H Coaches Molly Johnson: Team Leader (Minneapolis, MN) Jenna Walsh (Dubuque, IA) Sarah Ashton-Szabo (Warsaw, IN) Kaitlyn Bunker (Houghton, MI) Rachel Kiser (Milwaukee, WI) Rossana Latham (Warsaw, IN) Heather Wiest (West Lafayette, IN)

46 FY12 Module List Active Listening Building Membership Building Teams Conflict Resolution Dealing with Leadership Burnout Effective Personal Communications Event Planning and Advertising Fund Development

47 FY12 Module List Hit the Ground Running Leadership Managing Effective Meetings Strategic and Tactical Planning SWE Officer Training Women in Engineering You’re in SWE, Now What?

48 Coaching Sessions Coaching sessions can be: Formal, with a visit to your section Informal, communicating through phone/web Informal, answering any questions A coach has been assigned to your section, and will be in contact if they aren’t already

49 Region H Conference 2014 Bid Information For interested collegiate sections

50 2014 Region H Conference Initial Bid Requirements 1.Proposed date 2.Proposed hotel plan {# of available rooms} 3.Proposed event logistics {conference room capacities} 4.Letter of support from Dean of College of Engineering 5.Letter of support from local professional section 6.Letter of support from SWE advisor 7.Opportunities for professional and collegiate interaction 8.List of session topics (including SWE required sessions) 9.Proposed conference budget 10.Show committed funds for at least 25% of the budget 11.Minimum registration fees: $65/student, $190/professional double occupancy, and $290/professional single occupancy $90/professional day-only rate (no hotel)

51 2014 Region H Conference Bid Timeline 11/1/2012 Schools interested in bidding indicate so in an email to Lt Governor. 12/1/2012Bid packages due to Lt Governor 12/10/2012 Lt Governor will provide bid feedback including ability to continue bid 1/15/2013 One page PR summary is due to Lt. Governor for distribution to region 2/9/2013 5 minute bid presentation at FY13 Conference

52 Region H Conference Fundraising Overage Policy The intent of hosting the conference is not to be a section fund raising event. In the event of a fundraising overage, the excess shall be split in the following proportions: 50% to host collegiate section* 10% to University College of Engineering Dean’s office 40% to Region H * Up to 1/5 (10% of overage) of this amount may be gifted to the local supporting professional section at the discretion of the host collegiate section

53 Questions ????? Any questions about the presentation? Or feel free to meet with us afterwards (or schedule a meeting for later during the conference)

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