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RMPS H Buddhism General Introduction

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1 RMPS H Buddhism General Introduction
Human Condition The Goals The Means

2 The Human Condition What does it mean to be human ?
What is the human condition ?

3 The Goals What are the goals during life ?
What is the final aim of existence ?

4 The Means How are the goals achieved ?
What practices help to achieve the goals ?

5 The Human Condition With your neighbour – discuss the following
What do you think it means to be human ? What do you think is meant by the human condition ?

6 The Human Condition We are born We live We die
We are aware of all of this : Leads to questioning and an attempt to answer questions like : What is life for ? What is the purpose of life ? Why is there suffering ? Does life continue beyond death ? Ultimately all humans find a way to live with the view of their own mortality Jot down your thoughts on the above and then discuss

7 The Goals What is the purpose of life ? What is life for? Look again at how you answered these questions. What do you think your goals in life are ? Make a list and then discuss

8 The Means Having decided what is important , can you think of particular things you can do to achieve any or all of your goals ? Make a’ To do ‘ list for at least one of your goals . You can do it for as many as you like . Be prepared to discuss this

9 Buddhism In this section of the course you are going to find out how Buddhism views the human condition . You are going to examine what it considers the goals of humans to be , both in the world and beyond the world and what the means to these goals are .

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