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Groton – Dunstable SpedPAC Annual Presentation GDRSD School Committee Meeting June 16, 2010.

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1 Groton – Dunstable SpedPAC Annual Presentation GDRSD School Committee Meeting June 16, 2010

2 June 2010GDRSD SpedPAC Annual Presentation2 Groton Dunstable SpedPAC Officers, 2009/10  Nancy Bugbee, President  Maryanne Squeglia, Vice President & Treasurer  Cyndy Premru, Secretary  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  2010-2011 OFFICERS  Sarah Campbell, President  Nancy Bugbee, V. President  Maryanne Squeglia, Treasurer  Cyndy Premru, Secretary

3 June 2010GDRSD SpedPAC Annual Presentation3 Groton Dunstable SpedPAC (Special Education Parent Advisory Council)  Provide information and emotional support  Encourage atmosphere of open communication and mutual respect  Work with Senior Administration for planning and development of SPED initiatives  Stay current on public policy issues that affect education in Massachusetts

4 June 2010GDRSD SpedPAC Annual Presentation4 Outreach Programs  Parent Resource Center  Website –  Lecture Series  Parent Roundtables  Yahoo! Discussion Group – gdspedpac1

5 June 2010GDRSD SpedPAC Annual Presentation5 Outreach Programs  Education Resource Library  Parent Liaisons  Informational Brochure & Fact Sheet  School/District Newsletters & Websites  Back-to-School Open Houses

6 June 2010GDRSD SpedPAC Annual Presentation6 Accomplishments For This Year Lecture Series  Increased # of lectures offered  Offered wider variety of topics  Worked collaboratively with school personnel to offer staff/parent oriented lectures  Larger and more diverse audience

7 June 2010GDRSD SpedPAC Annual Presentation7 Accomplishments For This Year Superintendent Search  Representation on Search Committee  Recognition by Federation of Children with Special Needs

8 June 2010GDRSD SpedPAC Annual Presentation8 Accomplishments For This Year Regional PAC Initiative  Hosted Multi-PAC Basic Rights Workshop  Organized Multi-PAC Networking Evening to Discuss New DESE Guidelines for PACs (Westford, Acton-Boxboro, Tyngsboro, Littleton, Maynard, Nashoba District, Berlin- Boylson, Devens/Parker, North Middlesex, Natick, Danvers, Lunenburg)  Mentoring Neighboring Community PACs

9 June 2010GDRSD SpedPAC Annual Presentation9 Accomplishments For This Year Fundraising Initiative  Created Fundraising Policy  Grotonfest 2009 Booth – Fresh Cut French Fries (Multi-Pac Networking Dinner, Supplement Lecture Series)

10 June 2010GDRSD SpedPAC Annual Presentation10 Accomplishments For This Year Facilitated Parent/School Partnership  Annual Evening Roundtable with Dr. Genovese, Cam Huston and Kim Cochrane  Parent Roundtables  New Teacher Workshop  Meeting with Central Office Administrators

11 June 2010GDRSD SpedPAC Annual Presentation11 Looking Forward...  Establish Relationship with Incoming Superintendent  Review and Implement New PAC Guidelines  Website Re-Design  Re-Establish Newsletter  Parent Survey  Raise Disability Awareness  Establish Lending Library @ PRC  Expand Education Resource Libraries  Continue Fundraising  Appointment of School Committee Liaison

12 June 2010GDRSD SpedPAC Annual Presentation12 Special Thanks To: The Groton Commissioners of Trust Funds GDRSD Principals & Directors Dr. Genovese, Cam Huston & Kim Cochrane School Committee Members

13 June 2010GDRSD SpedPAC Annual Presentation13 Special Recognition: Dr. Alan Genovese “ I have to say that, at present, our PAC has a strong, collaborative, respectful relationship with District Administration as well as with teachers, parents, the community-at-large and the School Committee…. I truly believe that having this kind of relationship is directly related to what a PAC can accomplish in their respective district and how effective they can be. And, when you have that, it’s amazing what PACs and educational staff/administration can work together to accomplish and subsequently, what can be done and carried out for children – all learners – in the classroom because that is where the ultimate focus should be… on the students….” Nancy Bugbee, President – Groton-Dunstable SpedPAC – Spring, 2010 Quote granted permission for use by Ms. Amanda Green, MassPAC Coordinator/Information Specialist for The Federation for Children with Special Needs at the March, 2010 conference of the Massachusetts Association of Administrators of Special Education in Marlborough, MA

14 June 2010GDRSD SpedPAC Annual Presentation14

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