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The Girl Effect: Digital Ignition. Digital Ignition: Long-Range View We are here.

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1 The Girl Effect: Digital Ignition

2 Digital Ignition: Long-Range View We are here

3 The Platforms: Facebook, Twitter,  Each platform serves a different purpose, yet is integrated with the others  Next focus is converting interest/support into action

4 Digital is Working With Minimal Effort Oprah 12/1 Girl Effect video airing response :  Facebook:  Averaged 3,000 new fans per week until Oprah  Grew by 25,000 first week of December  Oprah posting drew 763 ‘likes’ and 94 comments (3x average)  Global Giving:  First four days: 453 donations totaling $21,586 [more than 10% of the lifetime donations to the Girl Effect Fund]  5% conversion rate from (2x Global Giving average)  Twitter:  Increase in followers and retweets   Spiked by more than five times daily rate (to 23,349 views) on December 2nd  More than 19,000 hits on December 1st and more than 13,000 on December 3rd  Still experiencing above-average traffic

5 Digital Ignition Allows Us To:  Inspire and enable action among Grassroots Girl Champions  Reflect that action back to the movement – showing Grassroots Girl Champions that they are part of something ‘bigger’  Elevate action to Girl Champion leaders (Ngozi Okonjo- Iweala, Helene Gayle, Peter and Jennifer Buffett, etc.), world leaders and policy makers Grassroots Girl Champs Want to do More

6 Facebook:  The Weekly Fix: Build the base through short nuggets of information; inspire action and reflect movement to everyone Twitter:  The Buzz: Create a ‘buzz’ for the girl effect; drive traffic to Facebook and  The Deeper Dive: Educate, convert traffic to action, and reflect activity Platform Roles

7 The Weekly Fix Role  Build and strengthen relationships through ongoing dialogue  Engage Grassroots Girl Champions by providing specific actions  Amplify actions – Who’s doing what?  Inform and educate through real-time stories, news, etc. Strategies  Weekly status updates, postings and dialogue  Online toolkit  Specific actionable items

8 Fans:  Established approx. 25,000 fans from May 2008- August 2009  Fan base grew at roughly 1200 people/month  No stimulating action Where FACEBOOK was

9 Fans:  Fan base growing steadily:  12,000 new fans in October  10,000 new fans in November  25,000 new fans in December (12/8) Stimulating Activity (starting 9/30):  1 story; 1 news clip per week  Averaging Per story: 320 ‘likes’ and 40 comments Per link: 342 ‘likes’ and 43 comments Where FACEBOOK is

10 Fans:  Grow fan base to 1 million+  Inspire fans to act and share stories, comments, etc. Interaction from Girl Effect:  Ongoing status updates, postings, and dialogue  Tailor next actions to ‘fan’ needs  Amplify actions to everyone Site structure:  Redesign tabs  Add banner(s) driving to action page  Add actions and toolkit Where FACEBOOK is going

11 What you can do The Call To Action:  The more people know, the faster change will come  Call to Action:  Join/invite  View video  Make your mark  Keeping score and driving to a goal

12 Ignition Toolkit Downloadable Kit:  Content in PDF format with quick links to sections  Instructions on what and how to spread the word

13 The Buzz Role  Build relationships through conversation  Continue to build Grassroots Girl Champion base  Drive non-fans to the Girl Effect Facebook page  Provide real-time updates of girl effect activity, news, etc. Strategies  Consistently tweet 2-3 times per week  Link tweets to Facebook stories/postings/actions  Invite conversations and retweeting  Reach out to fans by monitoring and participating in conversation  Offer insights on the girl effect

14 Where Twitter is:  2-3 tweets a week (est. 10/8)  Increased “follower” base by 50%  Followers in every continent except Antarctica Where Twitter was:  Started by Grassroots Girl Champion (Keely)  Two tweets in four months Where Twitter is going:  2-3 tweets a week  Grow follower base  Drive traffic to Facebook and  Inspire ‘retweets’  Transition page to  Redesign Twitter page The Buzz

15 The Deeper Dive Role  Serve as central story-telling platform for timeless girl effect info  Educate visitors; provide ‘deeper dive’  Reflect support Strategies  Keep current with updated Your Move, videos, etc.  Convert traffic to action (give, share, join, etc.)  Provide real-time dynamic content through Facebook/Twitter feeds

16 WAS:  Informative but interface not intuitive Where GIRLEFFECT.ORG was and is IS:  More direct (Give, Donate)  Highlights action

17 Where GIRLEFFECT.ORG is going Addition to footer  Real-time content feed from Twitter and Facebook posts* *W+K researching options Expand LEARN page  Link to page with Girls Count reports and  Expand to include GE 1.5 video and PDFs (YOUR MOVE, Fact Sheet)

18 ELEVATING ACTIVITY TO LEADERS How? Talking points  Proven growth of Girl Effect support with minimum encouragement:  85,000 fans on Facebook and counting  Fan base growing by currently growing at more than 30%  Girl Effect Grassroots Champions want to do more:  Demand-driven Toolkit  A 12 year-old wants to do a fundraiser; a high school group started a club but needs collateral; a CEO is doing a presentation to his team and needs a PowerPoint Fuel for a greater ask  Girl Effect’s digital growth is representative of larger demand

19 FEB 2010 BRAINSTORMING  Facebook:  Drive larger actions/link to developing world Gs for good: Girls in NF-funded programs in the developing world design their own Gs and upload to Facebook, where girls in the developed world can purchase for download – to put on tees, to put on poster, etc. The revenues go to the program. Toolkit marketplace: Developing world girls order physical toolkits (tee-shirts, posters, etc) via Facebook, and developed world girls make and send them out. G Street: Encourage fans to paper a street in Gs, take a picture, and upload it to Facebook. Google Earth shows the G streets worldwide.  Twitter:  Promote retweeting and conversation Tap into the social network moguls – Ashton, Demi, Oprah, Steve Nash, etc. All have Twitter communities that can be mobilized; all are supportive of the Girl Effect and are willing to help in easy ways.   Plan TBD by GE 2.0

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