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Giles Batchelor Network Development & Services Manager Bring Your Own Device.

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1 Giles Batchelor Network Development & Services Manager Bring Your Own Device

2 Overview Current Situation –Wi-Fi –Access –Management –Security Future Challenges –Printing –Document Access –Security

3 Current Situation “We have the basics, and they are well used.”

4 Wi-Fi Moulton Campus comprises 4 sites, approx. 100 buildings 2 Wireless Infrastructures –Extricom, 50 AP’s, one site (2009) –Aerohive, 105 AP’s three Sites (2011,2012)

5 Holcot - ExtricomMain Site - Aerohive Pitsford - AerohiveManagement Centre - Aerohive

6 Wi-Fi is both internal and external

7 StudentAccess SSID across all 4 sites WPA2/PSK Security Filtered Internet Access to publicly published resources –Moodle –Video streaming server –Mahara Access to Shibboleth resources –GoogleApps, Journals, etc.

8 BYOD in the classroom … or not Horticulture – Plant Identification Sport – Video Analysis Construction – Portfolio Building Animal Welfare – Behavioural Study

9 MC_Residence SSID specifically in residential blocks and communal areas WPA2/PSK Security Filtered Internet (more relaxed) Support for Xbox, PS3, Steam, Lovefilm, Netflix, etc.

10 MC_Guest Guest access wireless (Aerohive areas) WPA2/PSK Security & Captive Portal authentication Filtered Internet only

11 Guest access can bring many challenges Clients of our sports facilities have both successfully used guest Wi-Fi access to live stream their events on the internet. Radio controlled car club championships Regional power lifting events

12 Management

13 Security Client Isolation UTM Firewall –Application Management –Anti-Virus –Anti-Malware –Bandwidth Management –Traffic Prioritisation

14 Future Challenges “The Learners want more, and we want to deliver more.”

15 Printing Challenge – To enable printing from as many devices as possible Solution – Print management software Allows –Web based job submission –iOS device printing

16 Document Access Challenge – Allow students access to their home folder and specialist software Solutions –Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) publishing –Web based document storage

17 Security Challenge – Enhance security, and ability to track un wanted behaviour Solutions –PPSK authentication Residence network –RADIUS authentication StudentAccess network

18 Any Questions?

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