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Photo: Anders Busse Nielsen. Public-private co-management zones in ’Sletten’ unlocking residents’ creativity and commitment in urban woodland management.

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1 Photo: Anders Busse Nielsen

2 Public-private co-management zones in ’Sletten’ unlocking residents’ creativity and commitment in urban woodland management Anders Busse Nielsen, Associate Professor, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Alnarp. Photo: Carl Aage Sørensen

3 Photo: Hanna Fors

4 Photo: Anders Busse Nielsen

5 Photo: Hanna Fors

6 Photo: Anders Busse Nielsen






12 Photo: Carl Aage Sørensen



15 Co-management zone: Guidelines from the municipality: ~ 5 m wide strip ~ 30 % trees should be kept ~ 40 % trees kan be replaced with other species ~ 30 % trees can be replaced by herbs. The municipality provides inspiration for different species belonging to - Forest flora - Ground covering herbs/shrubs - Vegetables - Perennials - summer flowers - ornamental trees and shrubs

16 Photo: Carl Aage Sørensen

17 Focus of our study 1.Mapping of garden and co-management zone characters 2.Focus groups to reveal residents perception and use of the woodland with a focus on the co-management zone 3.Identify communication platforms and information that meet the preferences of the different resident groups

18 Garden and Co-m. zone clusters 1)Plant richness/cultivation joy dominate the garden and there is engagement in co-m. zone 2)Play kits dominate the garden and/or co-m. zone 3)Other gardens with engagement in co-m. zone 4)Plant richness/cultivation joy dominate the garden but limited engagement in c-m. zone 5)Minimalistic gardens with no engagement in co-m zone 6)Other gardens with no engagement in co-m. zone 7)Remaining gardens and co-m. zones n = 19 n = 12 n = 50 n = 22 n = 29 n = 33 n = 35 SUM = 200 n = 74 n = 91 E D C B A Focus groups

19 Perception of the forest Perception of the co-m. zone and engagement in it Preferences for communication platform between residents and the municipality concerning the co-m. zone

20 Perception of the forest today? Man: ”The woodland has increased in value for us. Before we were more oriented toward the playground and the common area between the houses. Now we turn the other way. Because of the small sticks that were here when we moved in, we planted a hedge around the rear of the gaden. Firstly it was reduced in height, and now it will probably be removed completely. We will open up towards the wood now that is has grown up. That’s for sure. Man: ”One thing is certainly worth to notice. It’s actually only 3 families that have moved during the 10 years. There are only 3 houses in our village that have been sold. It is exceptionellay when you think of the housing boom and everything there has been, actually. So it obviously shows that people are very happy to live here.” Woman: ”Yes, and when there is a house for sale, then it say ”pling”, and it’s sold” The forest in 2002

21 How do you use the co-management zone? Man: ”There are several places where the trees have been choked in weeds”. Man: ”I’m using the grass when i mowe, to put around the trees Man: ”Well” Man: ”Not the first year when there was red clover. But next year I began to put the cut grass around the trees. Suddenly it was like, so it just went. And it’s oaks, they’re up for more than 3, even up to 4 meters. Woman: We’ve made a little path out through the trees and a small glade where we we have put a bench, where we can rest with a cop of coffee. When it is to hot in the garden, it’s shade there. It’s nice, I think, it is such a bit cave-like” Woman: I love going down there and just go. I do not know what I’m doing, but i really like to go down there, and then I go up again”


23 Perception of the co-management zone? Man: ” I think most places are fine, and I enjoy that there is a transition from well kept garden to the wild, that it is not a bombastic” Woman: ”That’s what is the spot over the ’i’ out here, I actually think” Woman: ”I’ve got a little more relaxed. I think I’ve had it so that I was almost to perfectionistic and just flowers, it should be so nice. But it is as if it’s about to change now, I think, because I think; we reside on Sletten. We live on Sletten, let’s see what happens, so I have it now”


25 Perception of the co-management zone? Man:”I think it’s extremely good that the municipality has set this going, and now to create a framework for what can happen in those areas. Because otherwise I see for me that the gardens will grow bigger and bigger, and what is it called, the wood smaller and smaller. And everythig is really neat and well kept, and so we will destroy it completly, how to say, the idea of a living in a woodland. So I think it’s great that they are now keeping track of it.” Woman: ”I feel, okay, the path I am allowed to walk on, but I do not go into the co-m. zone. You simply do not do so. Woman: ”You can not be sure if it is private property. Man: ”Yes, agree. And it is a petty. Therefore, it could be a really good idea, I think, to make some footpaths close to the co-m. zone and into the woods again, so you get this interaction. I think it is necessary that the municipality do something, for this to succeed.”

26 Arial Photo, spring 2001 1 ha

27 Arial Photo, spring 2001 1 ha Conclusions The well defined villages is the main reason for why people moved to Sletten Inpatient – why wait for the forest to grow old before it becomes enjoyable? The young forest stimulates engagement and creativity The Co-management zone has generated changes in the residential environment and in the recidents perception of it - ”my forest” Wish for a clear framework – Guard the forest feeling Co-management zone tap into their engagement in a flexible way …………… The municipality have given loose of control – ”it’s Sletten, let’s se what happens” Initiatives jumping between residents, municipality, university

28 Thanks… Carl AageMartin Stefan HannaRoland Björn

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