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Latino Americans and The Silent Killer (Hypertension) By Crystal H. Cao.

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1 Latino Americans and The Silent Killer (Hypertension) By Crystal H. Cao

2 What Is High Blood Pressure or Hypertension? Systolic pressure (top number) 140 & higher Diastolic pressure (lower number) 90 & higher Untreated high blood pressure can lead to: Stroke Heart attack Heart failure Kidney failure High blood pressure usually has no symptoms that is why it is called the silent killer

3 Latino Americans and Hypertension The two conditions that affect Hispanics most are: Diabetes Hypertension Hispanic children are more likely to have hypertension than any other ethnic group in the U.S. (Sorof, 2004)

4 Treatment Cant be cured, but can be controlled Using medications prescribed by a healthcare provider Taking medications properly Controlling risk factors

5 Control Your Risk Factors Lose weight if youre overweight Get regular physical activity Avoid excessive alcohol Stop smoking Manage your stress Decrease your sodium (salt) intake Eat for heart health

6 Quit Smoking Some aids to help you quit smoking Patch Gum Inhalers (nasal and oral) Oral medication Get support from friends and family The CDC has a helpful website (

7 Becoming More Active At home: push the baby in a stroller, get the whole family involved, walk the dog, clean the house, wash the car, mow the lawn with a push mower At work: get off bus/subway one stop early, replace a coffee break with a brisk 10-minute walk, join the office softball team At play: walk, skate, jog, cycle, fitness classes, golf, ski, canoe, row, kayak, take a nature walk The CDC Website (

8 Make Healthy Food Choices Eat fruits Eat vegetables Limit or avoid: Frozen or canned foods (these are usually high in sodium) Salted or preserved meats Salted snack foods

9 Making Healthy Food choices A heart healthy diet doesnt mean you have to give up great food or your culture The National Heart, Lung and Blood Instutes website ( DASH diet Heart healthy recipes Modified recipes for many favorite Latin dishes developed by Latinos

10 Get Your Family and Friends Involved You are more likely to stick with the new changes in your life if you have the support of your loved ones They will also benefit from the changes

11 References The American Heart Association. (2005). Retrieved on November 17, 2005 from Sorof, J.M., Lai, D., Turner, J., Poffenbarger, T., Portman, R.J. (2004). Overweight, ethnicity, and the prevalence of hypertension in school- aged children. Pediatrics, 113, 475-82. Retrieved on November 17, 2005, from

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