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Using Analytics to Create and Deliver High Added-Value Services By Hypersoft Information Systems.

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1 Using Analytics to Create and Deliver High Added-Value Services By Hypersoft Information Systems

2 What Hypersoft Does For HP? Hypersoft Currently Delivers Intricate and Auditable Service Metrics Based Upon the Detailed Service Definitions Commanded by SLA Savvy Clients. – ST Microelectronics, Carrefour, Others… Delivering Accurate Transaction Based Metrics Detailing: – Delivery Times by Service Level Including the Actual Backend Transaction Data – Availability Metrics Based Upon Custom Service Definitions (Frontend) – “Intelligent” Alerting – Accurate Service Volumes – All Relevant User Activity Details Across Multiple Platforms and Services – Microsoft, Lotus, Linux… – Messaging Service: Exchange, Notes, Zimbra… – Real-Time and Collaboration Services: OCS/Lync, SharePoint, Sametime, Quickplace… – Active Directory, Archiving, Web Service, SAP, Mobile, Perimeter… – With Integrated Cross Platform/Service Transparency (i.e. Message Delivery Time Including Transport through the Perimeter, AD Replication Status including Delivery Time for Replication Mails, Calendar Entry Details Including Lync Usage, Network Inclusive Metrics, OWA…)

3 What Hypersoft Does For HP Report Samples?

4 What Hypersoft Can Do For HP? Legal Investigations –Who accessed sensitive information and could have disclosed it? –Who sent this communication initially, where and when did it go thereafter? –Who has been communicating with our competitors? –How do I predict scenarios with legal impact before they actually occur? ID Key Opinion Leaders, Communities and Success Milestones - Who are the opinion leaders by topic on our company’s internal “Facebook” site? - How is the marketing plan we implemented for product X translating to traffic?... - Who are the most active/least active contributors by site and function? - What communities exist by site?... Technology Transformation –Did moving from Platform X to Platform Y accomplish its business purpose? »Did we reduce travel costs as much as we intended? »Are my customer support people more responsive to our customers?… »Did Federating with company X help Z?... Time Study - Workplace Productivity Analysis –Should my Senior Salespeople have so many virtual meetings with our top 10 customers? –Should this Project Manager have so many Cell Phone Minutes and so little time using other communication methods?... –Who are my top 50 users of each communication technology overall/by unit/by job function...

5 What Hypersoft Can Do For HP Report Samples Workplace Productivity Reports

6 What Hypersoft Can Do For HP Report Samples Workplace Productivity Reports: Meeting Volume

7 What Hypersoft Can Do For HP Report Samples Technology Transformation Reports

8 HP-Hypersoft Roadmap Why Its Important –This business is subject to enormous cost pressure as it is increasingly viewed as a commodity vs. a strategic asset. –Cloud-based managed services offerings put further pressure on profit margins for HP as all major competitors (Microsoft, Google, SAP, IBM…) have their own full software stack, leaving HP with significant overhead expenditures which these competitors do not face. –The enterprise IT space has and is continuing to trend toward the effective elimination of corporate IT departments all together (i.e. such a large company as BP has a meager 200 people in their entire IT division). –Selling in to IT departments even at the CIO level will place continual pressure to lower costs and therefore profit margins, as IT will remain under growing pressure to cut costs. The Portfolio of HP Business Services Consists Primarily of Operating Infrastructure and Enterprise Level Applications. Stay away from “old style” (BI) analytics based on numbers, tables, and OLAP cubes as these are common in the market place today Focus on Measuring Critical Processes, Transactions, Organizational Change and Transformation HP Upper Level Management Desires Higher Margins, How Can This be Accomplished? Cut Costs??? Create New Innovative Services which Businesses are Willing to Pay Higher Margins For Hypersoft’s Suggestion Embed Unique Analytic Offerings Into the HP Portfolio

9 Organizational Intelligence: What Is It?. Noun 1.The capability to comprehend and conclude knowledge relevant to the business purpose of an organization, in order to improve its effectiveness in a group, team, or community 2.The capacity to sense, make sense, and act in flexible, creative, adaptive ways to problem-solve between people and technical artifacts within and beyond complex enterprises Also sometimes referred to as OI Related Topics Knowledge Management (KM), organizational learning (OL), organizational competencies (OCs), Behavioral Analytics Not to be confused with Business Intelligence (BI)

10 Organizational Intelligence: Why Is It Unique?.

11 Organizational Intelligence: How It Works. OI Source Data E-mailLyncAD SharePoint Telephony CRM ERP KM Intranet Internet ECM Text XML Databases

12 Organizational Intelligence: How It Works.

13 Organizational Intelligence: Project Audit Use Case. Every Enterprise has Teams of Personnel Constantly Working on Critical Projects Some are successfully completed, some are delayed, others fail. Why? Problem Space How do we know which employees are actually working on those projects? How do we know we have the right talent mix actually engaged in the right areas? How do we know which projects are definitely not on track? How can we better align project resources moving forward? How can we make the right changes to projects in progress to improve our likelihood of success? - Collect the right data from the systems used to complete the project: AD, E-mail, Lync, SP… -- - Analyze this integrated information and assess the closeness, betweeness… of the project community, ID Key Opinion Leaders, SME’s, Project Leaders and Map to the functional project requirements - Enable the Enterprise to get answers to the right questions *Why are only 5 people working on the project when 20 are assigned? *Why aren’t the assigned Project Leaders communicating? *Do we have a reasonable level of activity from each functional element of the project? Is success possible? -Know every project that can not possibly be on target. - Over time know the minimum communication- collaboration pattern attribute required for success by project type. **Encourage behaviors based upon those success attributes that make logical sense. -Understand Success Outliers and Aberrations -Uncover and leverage otherwise unknown talents of team members across multiple projects of relevance -Shut down projects that can not succeed -Reallocate knowledge holders Hypersoft ApproachValue Proposition

14 Organizational Intelligence: Project Audit Use Case. Actual Community 1Actual Community 2

15 Organizational Intelligence: Business Process Use Case. Communication Pattern Analysis Between Customer Support and Clientele ROLE DUPLICATION? This part of the team has no internal communication?

16 . Organizational Intelligence: Business Process Use Case © Hypersoft Information Systems, 2007 Communication Pattern Analysis Post Transformation Program SPOC Second level support now works as a team Departments are now working as planned

17 Questions.

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