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The times they are a changing – again! Pam Parkes Director – Workforce and Community Relations.

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1 The times they are a changing – again! Pam Parkes Director – Workforce and Community Relations

2 Leading change “Life is not what it’s supposed to be, it’s what it is. The way you cope with it is what makes the difference.” (Virginia Satir) The challenge of change Developing resilience Resilience skills can be learnt and developed

3 Council changes New chief executive Bernard Wetherall House One Oracle London Living Wage

4 HR service: Your views Termly SLA surveys – average score 85% Annual quality survey: -97% found HR Consultancy to be good or excellent -100% found HR advice on complex casework to be good or excellent (85% excellent) -90% found HR administration and payroll to be good or excellent -Following transfer of payroll, 23% felt service improved; 46% that it stayed the same and 30% that it declined

5 Your views (positive) “We really appreciate the expertise and the professionalism of the HR team” “Confidence in the advice received, and security of knowing this complies with legal requirements” “Having a named contact that I can call for support and advice when needed”

6 Your views (areas for improvement) “CRB service is still too slow, although list 99 checks are very speedy” “Contracts need to arrive within one month of request and be accurate. Payroll Accumulated Salary Report needs to be accurate” “The only minor thing I would suggest is to update the website so that it is easier to find things and use”

7 2012-13: what did we do? Teacher standards, and new teacher appraisal and capability policies Ongoing development of schools HR policies Transfer of payroll input to Liberata Roll out of CHRIS self service completed New transactional handbook E- OH referral Schools meal service Children’s Centres reorganisation Academisation Disclosure service

8 2012-13 – a few statistics 1266 contracts of employment in 2012, 623 new contracts for September 2012 416 adverts for schools 35 disciplinaries 13 capabilities 47 sickness cases 7 employee complaints 17 reorganisations (including 6 academy transfers) We have won all our employment tribunal claims in schools and in the Council

9 2013-14 – what next? Support with changes to safeguarding arrangements Support schools with HR implications of new Ofsted framework Support schools with changes to pay and conditions document Support schools with TUPE transfer to academy status, and continue to support schools that have become academies Feasibility of moving to e Disclosures Provision of consultancy training

10 2013-14 legal changes Change to length of time before a claim for unfair dismissal can be made (6 April 2012) Redundancy consultation periods decreased from 6 April 2013 Third-party harassment provisions March 2013 Fees for tribunal claims introduced Summer 2013 Flexible working for all employees 2014 School leaving age is raised to 17 2013

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