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KATE SHOESMITH. 02.11.11 HE in FE: KATE SHOESMITH An awarding perspective.

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2 02.11.11 HE in FE: KATE SHOESMITH An awarding perspective


4 A CHANGING LANDSCAPE ‘… the mismatch between skills in demand and skills offered by young people is growing. This can be seen, for example, in the high and sometimes increasing unemployment rates of university graduates.’ ILO (2011), Global Employment Trends 2011: The challenge of a jobs recovery. P.52

5 TUITION FEES APPRENTICESHIPS – increased focus on ‘higher level apprenticeships’ LABOUR MARKET CHANGES: - 100% increase in those with ‘higher level skills’ between 2007 & 2017 - School leaver programmes, eg Proctor & Gamble, KPMG, etc June 2011 - HE White Paper 300,000 expected to be unsuccessful in HE applications in 2011 16.6% increase in apprenticeship starts in last year £425m public funding supports HE learners in FE EXTERNAL DEVELOPMENTS

6 A CLOSER LOOK AT THE HE WHITE PAPER Proposed legislative process: May 2012: HE Bill expected 2013: Royal Assent granted 2013/14: Earliest any non- teaching bodies could seek degree awarding powers ‘WE WILL... FACILITATE EXTERNALLY- ASSESSED DEGREES BY TRUSTED AWARDING BODIES’ HE White Paper, 28 June 2011 Key themes in HE White Paper: Improve information available to prospective students Improve industry-HE collaborations Increase competition – encourage more providers into HE market

7 3 PROFESSIONAL RECOGNITION AWARDS Under review INTERNAL CONSIDERATIONS 1 RECENT FOCUS ON QCF L2 & 3 – Need to refocus on ‘seamless’ progression 2 CITY & GUILDS HERITAGE Imperial College / Art School Master Craftsman Work to date: Qualification data analysis Extensive stakeholder testing Building towards a partnership model between providers and City & Guilds

8 BUILDING A NEW HIGHER LEVEL FRAMEWORK LevelTypical qualification Typical credit value City & Guilds offer / potential offerCity & Guilds Professional Recognition 8PhD-FCGI (Fellow) 7Masters Degree-City & Guilds Master Professional ILM Strategic Leadership Member of City & Guilds Institute (MCGI) 6Bachelor Degree360City & Guilds Graduate ProfessionalGraduate (GCGI) Associate (ACGI) 5Foundation Degree240 City & Guilds Higher Level Diploma Professional Apprenticeship Affiliate (AffCGI) 4Cert in Higher Ed (CertHE) HNC 120 City & Guilds Higher Level Cert Higher Apprenticeship Licentiate (LCGI)

9 PROGRESSION STRATEGY NowShort termLong term Redevelop Professional Recog Awards (LCGI, etc) Focus on Higher Level Apprenticeship offer Explore (vocational) degree option Develop 2010 / 11 Launch Jan 2012 Develop 2011 / 12 Launch Sept 2012 Decision by Dec 2011 In order to develop the right progression ladder for City & Guilds learners

10 Thank you Any questions? Kate Shoesmith Head of Policy & Corporate Affairs

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