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Freedom M.S. Data Delve Session II October 6, 2010.

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1 Freedom M.S. Data Delve Session II October 6, 2010

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3 Agenda Opening The Diagnosis Check-up 6 week Check-up overview of Benchmarks (7 Steps to Teaching & Learning) Work-period The prescription Protocol for analyzing formative data Closing-Next steps Exit Ticket -Turning in Data notebook

4 4 1. Diagnose the needs of student and create appropriate Classroom Profile Summary. Power Standards Multiple Intelligences Formative Assessment Strategies Instructional Strategies 2. Create and maintain classroom profiles to record data identifying the standards, formative assessment date(s), summative assessment date(s), and student information reflecting performance on standards. 3. Plan engaging lessons: Three-part lesson (Opening, work period, and closing) Essential question(s) Engaging instructional activities based upon the identified power standards and depth of knowledge 4. Teach the standards using standards-based instruction and ensure the identified instructional activities at the appropriate DOK level. 5. Utilize formative assessment strategies to daily determine if standards taught were mastered and update the classroom profile daily. 6. Re-teach, provide additional support, and document RtI for students who have not mastered the standard(s). 7. Administer a summative assessment to validate that students have mastered the students and update the classroom profile record. Go to step 2 and/or step 3 and follow the process until all power standards have been taught and mastered by all students.

5 5 Fish Bowl Activity Review of Documents

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9 9 G.I Joe (A real American Hero) Mrs. Re Form

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13 13 Place Mr. Jones document he created for data delve here 11 6 12 Mrs. Re FormMATH 70%80%

14 14 How did my class perform

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17 17 No, I taught sq. roots but I did not teach estimation Sq off, Looking for Pythagorus, and artifacts in portfolio The class avg on the 2 assignments were both below 70 Flexible groups, centers M8N1 g simplify add multiply subtract divide expressions containing sq roots

18 18 G.I Joe (A real American Hero) Mrs. Re Form

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22 Next Steps Complete Formative Assessment review sheet Looking ahead how will this protocol for analyzing benchmark data affect future lesson planning

23 23 Data Notebooks Collect 21

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