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Even more Interactive Activities Silver Level – Optional.

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1 Even more Interactive Activities Silver Level – Optional

2 Contents SCORMs Wikis Lessons External Packages

3 SCORMs Xerte (interactive content) Birchfield Games You can also buy subject specific SCORM packages

4 Xerte Xerte Online Toolkit is a free Open Source tool developed by the Information Services team at the University of Nottingham which enables staff with limited technical skills to create interactive learning content. You can access the Xerte toolkit at

5 Xerte It can be used: To create online lessons To support distance learning It has a range of accessibility benefits (colour and font change, text to speech) built into it.

6 Xerte Click the link below for an example of a Xerte resource

7 Create new project Give the project a name

8 The project will appear in the workspace list. Click edit

9 Insert text and interactive activities

10 Xerte Page Types Text Pages: Title Page Bullets Orientation (paragraphs are separated by the preset headings of Goals, Target Audience, Pre-requisites, and How to use.) Plain Text Summary (Paragraphs are separated by preset headings of Summary and Next Steps)

11 Xerte Page Types Interactive Pages: Stimulating question Multiple Choice Question Hotspot Image (explanatory text when click on certain spots on an image) Annotated Diagram Timeline / Matching Pairs Gap Fill Drag and Drop Labelling

12 Xerte Page Types Media: Graphics and Sound Drawing Video Audio Slideshow Image Viewer Gap Fill Drag and Drop Labelling

13 Birchfield Games A fun way to reinforce learning Available for 19 curriculum subjects Each VLE Games Pack is preloaded with hundreds of editable questions 12 interactive games to choose from Upload to Moodle as a SCORM package

14 Select VLE Games Manager from your ‘Start’ page and login

15 Select a question set

16 Select the questions you would like in your quiz

17 Choose game Add the questions to the set

18 Click on VLE export to embed into Moodle


20 The game files will be saved in your work area and are now ready to upload as a SCORM package onto Moodle

21 To upload to Moodle select SCORM package activity

22 Give the SCORM package a name, description and upload the zipped file


24 You may already have some VLE content in your department which can be uploaded to Moodle!

25 Wikis The Wiki activity enables participants to add and edit a collection of web pages. A wiki can be collaborative, with everyone being able to edit it, or individual, where everyone has their own Wikis have many uses, such as: For group notes or study guides For students to collaboratively author an online book As a personal journal for examination notes or revision (using an individual wiki)

26 Economics Wiki

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