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The Balanced Programme Review of Modules G and H.

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1 The Balanced Programme Review of Modules G and H

2 “Balanced” – what does that mean?? The Balanced Programme is the programme we offer young people. They experience a wide variety of activities, events and experiences through participating in Scouting. Think of it like a balanced diet – a little bit of everything!

3 Programme Zones - a quick and easy guide

4 BUT... how can all this be delivered? Use a variety of Methods to keep it fresh and interesting –Games –Visits –Outdoor Activities –Discussion –Networking Activities –Residential Experiences –Technology

5 To balance or not to balance... How can you check? Fill in a Balanced Programme Checker Make sure that all Zones are covered during the year/term Ensure a variety of Methods are used to deliver the activities Remember it is a bit like having a balanced diet – a little of everything

6 Now for the creative bit... Think of past activities which everyone enjoyed, Hold a forum with your Section to come up with ideas, Look out-with Scouting for important dates to tailor programme to include Fit ideas into available meetings Adjust activities to fit to time available Use Balanced Programme Checker to make sure different zones are visited and a variety of Methods are used.

7 BUT.. where can you get your ideas from? Section Forums Programmes On Line Calendar dates Local events National events

8 Awards and Badges Module J

9 Membership and Moving-On Awards Membership Badge - presented when you have taken your promise and become a Member of The Scout Association Moving-On Award - presented when you successfully move from one Section to the next.

10 Participation Awards (known as Joining in Badges in younger Sections) Shows how many years you have been in Scouting (6 – 18 year age range)

11 Activity Badges/Staged Activity Badges Requirements listed on Scoutbase and in the Section Programmes resource Six Staged Activity badges Activity plus badges for Scouts and Explorers Beavers 12xCubs 33xScouts 69xExplorer 28xStaged 6x

12 Partnership Awards all Sections Three Awards Joint activities between two or more Sections or an appropriate external organisation

13 Challenges Beaver, Cub & Scout More of a “challenge” than activity badges Requires more effort and more diverse skills than a single activity badge Easy to achieve from a well balanced programme Beavers 6x Cubs 7xScouts 9x

14 Award Schemes Explorer & Network Chief Scout’s –Bronze (Beavers) –Silver (Cubs) –Gold (Scouts) –Platinum Award (Explorer Scouts) linked to Bronze D of E Award –Diamond Award linked to Silver D of E Award –Queen Scout’s Award linked to Gold D of E

15 More info – where can you go? All the information you have seen in this presentation is available in more detail from… All the Section resources Your Explorer Scout Leader (Young Leaders) The Leaders of the Section you are working with It is really important that you are comfortable with the content of the Section you are working with.

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