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See Hear Aberdeen Implementation Group Graham Findlay.

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2 See Hear Aberdeen Implementation Group Graham Findlay

3 NESS background Formerly Grampian Society for the Blind, providing a wide range of Statutory and non Statutory services for people who are Blind or PS For over 5 years now been providing joint sensory services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people as well, firstly in Moray and latterly in Aberdeen

4 NESS and See Hear Strategy Invited by the Director of Social Care and Wellbeing to be Aberdeen City Councils’ representative on the implementation group

5 First Steps Invite key people who can take forward parts of the strategy, including: (i)Health, (Head of Audiology and an other from Ophthalmology), (ii)Head of Sensory Support for Education, (iii)Other Vol Orgs, including Deaf Blind Scotland, National Deaf Children’s Assoc, (iv) Service User Representative, (v) Grampian Optometry Rep, (vi) A rep from the City Council, (vii) Others to be invited for specific items

6 Starting Point First meeting of group only last week! Background from Angela Bonomy, Looked at the local position in relation to each of the recommendations (Scoping), Commitment from each group member gained.

7 Longer Term What are the local priorities? How to use the small amount of funding appropriately?

8 Initial Priorities Identified Training, training, training!, Recommendation 2, 3, Pathways to services, Recommendation 1, 4, (referral routes, registration, ECLO, Audiology referral, electronic referrals, etc), Scoping exercise on current service provision, and existing pathways

9 Next Steps Seek to get someone from the Health and Social Care Integration process to join, seen as crucial and current, Invite Health Point representative to attend, seek to scope and develop pathways, Health Prevention Team to update on their role,

10 Next Steps Continued: Be mindful of other work going on, e.g. (VINCYP & GIRFEC, Scottish Vision Strategy), See what can be done from existing resources before using the Implementation Fund, Try and get a Grampian Wide Group to avoid duplication.

11 Questions?

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