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World Wise Quiz Fieldwork Round 2012 Supported by the Field Studies Council.

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1 World Wise Quiz Fieldwork Round 2012 Supported by the Field Studies Council

2 Instructions There are 10 multiple choice questions all somehow connected to fieldwork. Answer each question in turn – consulting with other members of the team. The questions generally get harder as you move through the quiz. GOOD LUCK!

3 Question 1 Q: What is the habitat or environment that these students are studying? a. Coastal sand dunes c. A small woodlandd. A saltmasrh b. A sand dunea. A heather moorland

4 Question 2 Q: What is the purpose of this item of equipment and how does it work? a. Measures air moisture - estimate wetness / humidity through blades c. Estimates wind direction – operator turns machine to face wind d. Estimates amount of light – operator points it towards the sky b. Measures wind speed – the blades spin round to measure speed

5 Question 3 Q: Which of the following terms best links these three locations that could be chosen as fieldwork sites? a. Coastal c. Resortd. Upland b. Tourism 0m 20m

6 Question 4 Q: This equipment is commonly used for fieldwork whilst working in a river. What are the plastic oranges used for? a. They are used to measure the speed of the river – they work as floats c. They help establish stream surface gradient by rolling along the river’s surface d. They are used to work out the density of the water b. They measure the discharge of the river – how much water is flowing

7 Question 5 Q This is a line along which the diversity of different species have been measured in this sand dune ecosystem. Lines along which surveys, such as this, are called what? a. Sampling pathways d. Transects b. Linear survey points c. Negative, moderately strongc. Systematic

8 Question 6 Q: Some geography students are asked to define what the term ‘sampling’ means. Which of their answers is the clearest and most accurate do you think? a. Collecting all the data of something or some people within a population c. Surveying using a transect to collect the data that you want to answer a questionnaire b. An accepted shortcut to collecting a smaller amount of data that is most representative of an area or group d. A single survey design that always involves a systematic technique to collect relevant quantitative data

9 Question 7 Q: How is this smartphone being used to assist in fieldwork? a. Using the in-built GPS to give and accurate 6-figure OS grid reference c. Using the phone to work out the vertical height drop between sites d. Using the movement detector in the phone to obtain a bearing / direction b. Using the built in light-sensor to measure and record sunlight

10 Question 8 Q: Which are the correct names (including spelling!) for the three types of graph 1-3 a. (1) Chloropleth, (2) kite diagram, (3) desire line map c. (1) Kite graph, (2) chloropleth, (3) flow line map d. (1) Isoline graph, (2) choropleth, (3) desire line map b. (1) Kite graph, (2) choropleth, (3) flow line map 1 2 3

11 Question 9 Q: A geography student is mapping local tourist information services in her home area. The symbol for a tourist information office is shown in the grid square, what is its 6 figure grid reference? a. 021750 c. 028757d. 029753 b. 028755 0203 76 75 1km i

12 Question 10 Q: As part of research enquiry you have been asked to investigate noise levels (‘acoustic footprint’) from a local airport. What type of mapping skill is being used here to represent the data? a. Isoline map c. Contour mapd. Isobar map b. Isotherm map Typical airport acoustic footprint. Source NASA 60dB = Nuisance 80dB = Aircraft

13 Question no.Answer 1a 2b 3b 4a 5d 6b 7a 8b 9c 10a

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