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T HE S CHOOL W E ’ D L IKE - G O -K ARTS By Chris D, Liam B, Sophie G, Harrison M and Jack G.

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1 T HE S CHOOL W E ’ D L IKE - G O -K ARTS By Chris D, Liam B, Sophie G, Harrison M and Jack G

2 F IRSTLY In KR we have come up with a great idea for the School We’d Like competition which is Go-Karts for the school. This is a great idea as it will help the Children, Teachers, Parents and Governors in many different ways. We have put together this slide-show to tell you all about the many good things about our idea to change the school.

3 G ENERAL THINGS TO KNOW To be able to join this club you will need to give a form in and the club will cost 50p a week. The club day will be on a Monday after school. They will have 1 hour so every lesson so 45 minutes of learning about signalling and then 15 minutes of racing your friends.

4 S OLUTIONS FOR W EAKNESSES Some of the weaknesses for our idea are: You could fall off the go-kart, It might be too hard, It might obstruct other lines

5 S OLUTIONS FOR THE WEAKNESSES You could fall off the go-kart. To prevent that from happening the first three sessions for new people will be teaching you how to be safe while using the go-kart. You will also be safe by listening to the marshalls.

6 I T MIGHT BE TOO HARD. If it is too hard then tell the marshall who is running the session and they will try to help you. We will have expert marshalls who will make the session fun and enjoyable for everyone.

7 I T MIGHT OBSTRUCT OTHER LINES We will paint the lines for the go-kart track green so that children don’t get muddled up with the lines which are already on the playground.

8 BENEFITS F OR T HE C HILDREN This excellent idea of having early stages of driving with go karts will be extremely fun for the children of our school. Also the lower school and year five’s will not have to wait until year six to do bike ability.

9 G OVERNORS Our excellent idea of having go-karts will greatly benefit the governors of Liss Junior school because they will know children's knowledge on driving, this will help children on driving or signalling when there older. It will make them glad that we are developing are leg muscles on pedalling the go-kart. We are sure they will think it’s a good idea and they would like to spend money on because of the things I've just said.

10 P ARENTS The parents will not worry about their children getting hurt because their children will get a license for driving go-karts. The children will be go-karting in a safe environment, the children will have a track so they are safer.

11 T EACHERS The club will be run by an external company so the teachers will not have to use their valuable time in organising and running the club. The children will be happy and they will concentrate in lessons which will be great for the teachers.

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