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Preparing to go Home Louise Saunderson and Alison Learwood Student Support Hub.

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1 Preparing to go Home Louise Saunderson and Alison Learwood Student Support Hub

2 Sending your luggage home It may be cheaper to send luggage via a shipping company, rather than take it yourself. Some companies to try are: Tudor Freight Whitby Oliver Acorn Delivery, Collection and Removals 07949 391508 Most storage companies will deliver to your nearest airport, where you will have to pay additional handling charges, and may have customs duty expenses as well. Delivery to a home address is very expensive.

3 Sending your luggage home If you only need to send one or two suitcases, the University Post Room may be able to help: Make sure luggage is insured against theft, loss or damage. Try:

4 Income Tax Refunds Income Tax refunds You may be entitled to reimbursement of some National Insurance if you have been working in the UK If you have earned less than £10,000 (threshold for 2014- 15) and have paid tax, you can claim a refund Use form P50 (download online) Go to

5 VAT Refunds VAT (Value Added Tax) If you buy items within 3 months of your leaving date which you will take back to your home country (outside the EEA) you may be entitled to a refund To qualify, the items must have been bought from a shop which is a member of the VAT Retail Export Scheme You should fill in a VAT 407 (or equivalent) form obtained from the shop. This should be filled in when buying the item in front of the cashier. You will need a passport or similar ID. The retailer will explain how to obtain your refund.

6 VAT Refunds When leaving the UK, you must show your goods and refund form to Customs at the last country you are travelling in before leaving the EU. For full details, see Inland Revenue Enquiry Office or visit: visitors.htm

7 Notification of departure Make sure you inform anyone who needs to know of your departure, including your leaving date. For example: Friends! Department Fees Office Accommodation Office / Landlord Employer Doctor Bank Utility Companies (electricity, phone, gas etc) Fulford Road Police if you have a Police Registration Certificate

8 Forwarding address Ensure you pass on your new address where required, eg: Alumni Office E:Vision Bank Landlord or Tenancy Deposit Scheme Royal Mail operates a redirection service for a fee. Go to:

9 Accommodation Give notice of leaving date in writing Pass on forwarding address Find out how to apply for deposit – especially if Tenancy Deposit Scheme used

10 Visas If you have a Tier 4 student visa, the University must inform the Home Office when you have completed your studies When you leave the UK, you should get a new visa if you wish to return If you are planning to come back for a graduation ceremony, it is safest to get a general visitor visa even if your student visa has not yet expired This is because some students have been sent back home at the UK airports by Immigration Officers for having the ‘wrong’ visa as they are no longer on a course of study

11 Seeking work You may wish to: Ask tutors and former employers for a written reference Join professional organisations to keep your knowledge up to date Subscribe to publications not available in your home country Speak to the Careers Service for advice on interview skills, CVs and making applications Visit the Careers Service website for links to international job sites and other useful information: admin/careers/students/international-students/#tab-4 admin/careers/students/international-students/#tab-4

12 Seeking work Try these useful websites: - includes country profiles, interview tips and information in using your language skills – advertises some overseas employment – for those who want to work in Higher Education, includes overseas posts – jobs in the EU aimed at those with language skills – useful section aimed at international students going back to home countries

13 Reverse culture shock Just as you may have found it hard to adjust to UK culture, re-adjusting to your home culture can be difficult Factors which can cause this include: Missing the food and weather! Not seeing your friends Changing family circumstances Economic and political changes Differences in your own attitudes and beliefs

14 Reverse culture shock Ways to deal with reverse culture shock include: Keeping in touch with friends Reading UK newspapers online Joining the York Alumni Association Finding friends in your home country who have also lived in the UK Accept that it’s a normal process

15 Useful information UKCISA (UK Council for International Student Affairs) have a useful information on returning home. Visit (see tab ‘The Next Stage’). The University of York Alumni Association can be found at: This includes the latest campus news, networking groups, events, an online magazine and a directory of graduates. The local Inland Revenue Enquiry Office is located at: 2 Victoria Avenue Harrogate HG1 1TW Tel: 0845 302 1433

16 Any questions?

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