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Why did they Go? Lesson starter:

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1 Why did they Go? Lesson starter:
Why do you think many people left their own country to go to the USA?

2 Today we will… Understand why people were pushed from their own country Understand the things that pulled them to America Identify why Black Americans were different types of immigrants

3 Push and Pull Factors PUSH factors force people from their own country (push them out) PULL factors attract them to another country (pull them in) With a partner, come up with a list of possible push and pull factors for a Scottish person moving to America in 1900.

4 Friends/ family already there Achievement of American Dream
PULL factors Political freedom Plentiful food Lots of work available Higher wages in USA Friends/ family already there Achievement of American Dream Growing industries Business opportunities and chance to become wealthy PUSH factors Persecution in own country Famine Lack of employment in own country No political freedom in own country Poor housing in own country Poverty in own country Other factors (such as Highland Clearances)

5 Where did people come from?
First Wave (pre 1900) Britain Ireland Germany Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway Sweden) Second Wave (after 1900) Poland Italy Russia Turkey Greece

6 Two different theories of immigration to the USA…
The Melting Pot Idea that all the different nationalities, races and religions mix in to make a new race – The American It is impossible to pick out the differences

7 The Salad Bowl All races mix in together
But like a salad, it is possible to pick out all the different parts They do not fully integrate

8 Video Clips Why become a US citizen? BBC Clip – immigration to America

9 Today’s Tasks Do you think Britain’s population is a melting pot or salad bowl? Write a paragraph with your ideas. Make a mind map or spider diagram showing the places that US immigrants came from. Copy or trace the melting pot diagram on page 8 of Free at Last? Textbook.

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