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Seminar Food & Drink Innovations Daventry, 22 June 2005

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1 Low GI and low carb: Product development with inulins Claims and labelling
Seminar Food & Drink Innovations Daventry, 22 June 2005 Diederick Meyer Sensus Manager Scientific and Regulatory Affairs

2 Agenda Sensus Product portfolio Affecting the GI in food products
Product concepts: low carb/low GI products based on inulins Claims and labelling

3 Sensus within the Cosun group
DATUM !!! Nieuw organisatieschema invoegen

4 Structure What is inulin/FOS? polydisperse mixture of linear chains of fructosyl units mostly with a terminal glucose coupled with ß(2-1) linkages Natural extract from chicory roots Average chain length native inulin is about 10 units (DP 2 – 60) For FOS about 4 (DP 2-10)

5 Chain length distribution Frutafit® and Frutalose™

6 Frutafit® and FrutaloseTM ….reasons for use
Health Texture Low caloric value Soluble dietary fibre Prebiotic Low GI Mouthfeel Taste Quality Fat replacement Sugar replacement

7 How to affect the GI of a food product?
Choice of ingredients Carbohydrates Presence of gelling agents, viscofiers Fat content Emulsifiers Processing increases GI affects starch digestion Mashed potato > cooked potato White flour > whole wheat flour > whole wheat

8 Food processing Temperature, water content affect starch gelatinazation This affects degradation and digestion: slowly digestible CHO GI is lower (glucose release extends beyond 2 h limit of GI measurement): sustained release of energy Caloric value unchanged!

9 Some examples Effect of other ingredients Glucose 100
Glucose with guar 62 Glucose with beefburger, cheese and butter 57 Effect of processing Boiling potatoes 30 min 35 min Ripening of banana Under-ripe Ripe Source:

10 Glycaemic response Glucose (100) Smooth Energy (57)
Source: Sensus research

11 Product development with inulins
Low Carb Biscuits Cake DIGESTIBLE CARBOHYDRATES Low GI Cereal bar

12 Product concepts from Sensus
Cake and biscuits with low carb properties Reduction of digestible CHO Sugars Starch Difference in approach: digestible carb Low Carb quantity Low GI quality

13 Glycaemic response Frutafit® and Frutalose®
Glucose (100) Frutalose L60 (45) Frutafit HD (14) Frutafit TEX! (5) 25 g of inulin compared with 25 g of glucose

14 Low carb product development
Total carbs reduction Higher fat / protein content (not in scope) Sugar replacement Polyols / fibres / high intensity sweeteners Flour (starch) replacement Resistant starch, fibres, proteins

15 Sensus Low Carb bakery products Objective
What development challenge are we looking at? Reference Low Carb Challenge Serving size (g) Net carb (g) Net carb reduction Biscuit 3 pieces 26.5 g 17 < 8 > 53% Cake 1 slice 30 g 14 > 43%

16 Sugar replacement Rule of thumb: 100 sugar = 30 inulin + 70 maltitol
Works well in biscuit and in cake Frutafit® CLR performed better than HD Biscuit: dough workability, colour, cookie spread Cake: batter viscosity, cake texture Less sweet HIS not allowed (EU food law)

17 Flour replacement Flour: 74% digestible CHO (± 9% protein)
Flour % in dough/batter: Cookies: 43% Cake: 25% Flour = CHO + protein  potential substitutes: CHO: resistant starch, inulin Protein: Biscuits: sodium caseinate Cake: vital wheat gluten Others aspects: modified starch, egg protein, oil

18 Low Carb products realised
Reference Low Carb Serving size (g) Net carb (g) reduction Biscuit 3 pieces 26.5 g 17.5 3.6 79% 50 g (FDA) 33 7 Cake 1 slice 30 g 14 3.4 76% 5.7

19 Recipes Carbohydrate (sugar, flour) composition changed!

20 Low GI/carb lessons learned
Inulin (Frutafit® CLR) works well in sugar and starch (flour) replacement Flour replacement requires resistant starch: Hi-Maize best RS product (although bad after taste) Less suitable: Actistar, Nutriose FB, polydextrose Flour replacement system different for dough (biscuit) or batter (cake) Insoluble fibre causes too much water binding Good quality products feasible, but quality equal to reference difficult

21 GI values GI (25 g of glucose = 100)
Reference biscuit Low carb biscuit Reference cake Low carb cake 53 ± 4 30 ± 5 50 ± 5 25 ± 6

22 Cereal bars: example of low GI development
Granola type bar General comment: too sweet, too many calories Focal point: syrup matrix which holds cereals together Technological benefits Nutritional contribution Frutafit® and Frutalose®

23 Incorporation of Frutafit® & Frutalose®
Replacement of sugar/glucose by inulin/FOS: Reduction of granulated sugar by 100% Reduction of glucose syrup by 100% Fibre+ experience used as starting point Syrup - optimum technological properties in terms of: Viscosity Stickiness Water activity Sweetness

24 Nutritional value Sustenergy cereal bar*
Reference Sustenergy Low GI Protein (g) Carbohydrates (g) digestible Fat (g) Fibre (g) soluble (inulin) insoluble (cereals) Energy (kcal) Glycemic Index (in vivo) 105 ± ± 8 Glycemic Index (calc.) * Value per cereal bar of 100 g (serving size = 25 g)

25 Functionalities of Frutafit® & Frutalose®
Nutritional functionality: Non-digestible carbohydrates – low GI Sugar reduction (calorie reduction) Fibre enrichment & prebiotic effect Technological & sensory functionality: Controlled stickiness for binding Reduced sweetness (improved taste profile) High level crunchiness Shelf life OK

26 Effects of inulins on satiety
In rats (Cani et al., 2004) Inulins modify dietary intake and fat-mass development in rats: Energy intake is less Fat-mass development is less Modulation of glucagon-like peptide 1 and ghrelin concentrations, and thus of food intake? Cani et al. (2004) Br. J. Nutr. 92:

27 Effects of inulins on satiety
In humans (Archer et al., 2004) Inulin in sausage patty for breakfast (as a fat replacer) Less energy intake and less fat over the day with inulin sausage Slightly more satiating than full fat patty Archer et al. (2004) Br. J. Nutr. 91:

28 Frutafit® and Frutalose® and GI: conclusion
Low GI ingredients Prebiotic properties Soluble dietary fibres Texturizing properties Frutafit® and Frutalose® are very suitable ingredients for the development of low GI products

29 Low GI food consumption
Labelling and claims Low GI food consumption HEALTH EFFECTS CLAIMS & LABELS

30 Legislation: low GI or low carb claims?
No formal legal systems for claims about the GI or carb content of a food product No legal definition of low GI/low carb No specified validated method to measure GI ILSI proposal published (see Brouns et al., (2005) Nutr. Res. Rev. 18: ) With proper explanation on the label: low carb or GI claims could be possible (not misleading of the consumer)

31 Legislation: EU proposal (1)
Prohibited claims Weight control Slimming Reduction of hunger feelings, increased satiety Reference to non-specific benefits, well-being and normal bodily functions Source: EU proposal for nutrition claims (COM 424/final)

32 Legislation: EU proposal (2)
Approved nutrition claims: Low energy, energy reduced, energy free Low sugar, sugar free, no sugar added Low fat, fat free High in fibre, source of fibre High in protein, source of protein Reduced carbohydrate (total CHO!) Source: EU proposal for nutrition claims (COM 424/final)

33 Legislation: EU proposal (3)
Reduction of disease risk claims Based on scientific evidence for a specific claim Dossier required Wording of the claim in all EU languages should be included Some protection of data possible Low GI product lowers risk of CVD? Source: EU proposal for nutrition claims (COM 424/final)

34 Jacob’s Sunlife Breakfast Biscuits
Breakfast Energy Level Chart: Fast decreasing line = rapid CHO, reg. breakfast Slow decreasing line = Jacob’s Sunlife Part of well balanced breakfast for reserve energy Start the day right & feel in great shape Recipe & baking process = Slow carbohydrate release

35 Yop drinking yoghurt by Yoplait
Provides energy Explanatory illustration: fast carbohydrates

36 Pitta bread (UK)

37 Extend Bar (USA, 1) Positioning: ExtendBar offers important benefits
most other snacks can't: Helps prevent low blood sugar day or night Helps prevent high blood sugar in the morning Helps suppress appetite And it tastes delicious!

38 Extend bar (USA, 2) What can it do for you: Enjoy improved sleep
Wake up to normal blood sugar levels Gain control over hunger Increase your stamina for all activities Treat yourself to a guilt free snack anytime Targeting: diabetes, pre-diabetes, strugglers with episodes of low blood sugar, desire to lose or manage weight, maintain high energy level

39 Other countries Australia
Run by non-profit organisation Glycemic Index Ltd. GI symbol program with GI certification mark: GI tested correctly Food meets strict nutritional criteria (fat, fibre, salt content) Provides credibility for the consumer Voluntary labelling

40 Other countries South Africa Glycemic Index Foundation of South Africa
Our mission: - to assist you in managing your blood glucose levels.  Voluntary labelling Strict criteria (fat, salt level)                        

41 Other countries (3) Sweden Japan
Approved nutrient function claim on “GI”: The carbohydrates in pasta provide a low and gradual increase in blood sugar Japan FOSHU products to help regulate high blood glucose levels

42 Conclusions Low GI products with good quality can be developed with inulins as part of the sugar and flour replacement system “GI” claims are possible (do not mislead the consumer) Consumer understanding GI testing is required

43 Thank you for your attention ! Try the biscuit and the cake !
Questions? tel fax

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