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Teaching & Learning Ideas. Passing Mind maps

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1 Teaching & Learning Ideas

2 Passing Mind maps

3 Literacy Wheel

4 1.Students spin the wheel- complete the 'task' that is given... 2.How about students use more than one command word- so spin the wheel more than once? 3.Or they can cover the triangle and see if they can match the definition with the correct command word; perfect for exam preparation. 4.Or they can peer assess a piece of work checking whether the student has accurately fulfilled the command words requirement in the writing by checking the literacy wheel. Literacy Wheel

5 The 5 minute Lesson Plan The BIG picture? Engagement? Stickability! Differentiation A f L Learning Episodes Teacher Led or Student Led? R.McGill 2012 - @TeacherToolkit@TeacherToolkit Objectives along the way…. ….print and scribble your way to Outstanding!


7 Graffiti Board / Learning Wall

8 /2013/01/trajan-column-1-2-3.html Trajan’s Column

9 Inquiry Learning

10 Staff Board

11 Questioning Prompts

12 Teaching Toolkit

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