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2009-2011.  The 'Generations Together’ project aims to break down barriers between younger and older people in Hammersmith and Fulham. It also helps.

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1 2009-2011

2  The 'Generations Together’ project aims to break down barriers between younger and older people in Hammersmith and Fulham. It also helps them to engage with each other on equal terms through mutually beneficial voluntary projects.  The projects aims to build trust and understanding, develop community solutions to issues which concern both groups, promote health and wellbeing and resolve tensions by helping to address negative perceptions of young and older people alike.

3  Commissioning documents circulated to 3 rd sector  Bid submission under themes – Volunteer Matching, Active Citizens, Social Enterprise, Reporting & Promoting  Small Grants – “2getherwecan”  Assessment criteria, processes, Moderation Panel  50 grant applications were submitted to the GT programme – value of request was £640,340  14 GT 3rd sector projects have been awarded £360,000 grant funding


5 The Hammersmith & Fulham Volunteer Centre has been going for more than 10 years. It aims to support people in H&F and west London into volunteering and employment through a number of projects. HFVC works with more than 2000 volunteers every year. For more information contact: Irina Jarrett-Thorpe, GT Project Manager Hammersmith & Fulham Volunteer Centre 148 King Street, London W60QU Tel: 02087419876 Email: Volunteer Champions targets young people aged 16-25 and older people aged 50+ living in H&F and it aims to offer both generations the chance to work together. Activities include: - weekly drop-in participation activities in residential homes; - art rooms, flower arrangements, music & fitness workshops, cookery and arts & craft lessons; - training on volunteers’ rights & responsibilities, Health & Safety and risk assessment, mentoring and how to become a trustee; - 8 large community events

6 Striding Out Community Interest Company is a leading provider of leadership, business and career coaching services, supported by training, networking and work placement services. It is a social enterprise. Social Pioneer Programme The Social Pioneer programme offers participants the opportunity to learn how to set up a social enterprise. The project runs workshops so younger and older participants can develop their business ideas through training including: - Idea Development Workshops - Free One to One Business Coaching - A Get Started Marketing package - Leadership Direction Workshops & Networking - Recruitment support to social enterprises For more information contact: Semhar Isak, Project Coordinator, Striding Out 117 Waterloo Road, London, SE1 8UL Tel: 0203 303 0468 Email:

7 For more information contact: Phil Fox Outside Edge Theatre Company Tel: 020 7371 8020 Email: Hammersmith and Fulham residents aged between18-25 and 50+ who have issues around substance misuse. The local residents are participating in a drama focused workshop programme which will lead to an interactive performance to an invited audience. The Outside Edge Theatre Company works from the perspective of creating theatre and drama with diverse groups affected by substance misuse.

8 Remembering the Scrubs For more information contact: Paul Clay Groundwork London Tel: 0208 762 0396 Email: Website: The activities will include guided Heritage Trails, creative workshops, practical environmental action and participation in a community exhibition at a local venue. Remembering the Scrubs offers young (under 25s) and older (50+) volunteers an opportunity to explore the history and heritage of Wormwood Scrubs. Groundwork London helps people and organisations make real changes in order to create better neighbourhoods, to build skills and job prospects and to live and work in a greener way.

9 Dance Together For more information contact: Alison King Dance Together Tel: 0208 9645060 Email: This Generations Together project consists of a series of fun dance workshops led 3 younger Amici members, with older residents from the Grove Neighbourhood Centre and surrounding area. The workshops will lead to a production to a wider audience of residents and family members at the Centre. AMICI Dance Theatre Company is a unique dance theatre company integrating able-bodied & disabled artists and performers. Founded in 1980, its productions and workshops have had a major impact challenging conventional attitudes about disability and the arts.

10 CaVSA is a local development agency that runs services that support voluntary & community organisations, such as constituents, fund-raising & networks. Reporting and Promoting For more information contact: Shani Lee, Head of Partnerships & Commissioning CaVSA 164-166 King Street, London W6 0QU Tel: 0208 748 6345 Email: The Reporting and Promoting project trains the older and younger generations in social media techniques, campaiging management and PR. They learn to create good stories using everyday technology like mobile phones, digital cameras and laptops Visit for videos, photos, interviews of young and older people’s experience of intergenerational activities.

11  548 intergenerational volunteers and 633 recipients  1,181 total beneficiaries  835 of the overall total from identified priority groups (71%)  619 under 25s beneficiaries; 562 50+ beneficiaries  7 jobs have been established  1 social enterprise business has been established  187 intergenerational workshops and events  8,460 wider community members have been reached  Outcomes include: improved SKILLS, REDUCED ISOLATION, CHANGES IN PERCEPTIONS

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