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The Power of Network Marketing Skills

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1 The Power of Network Marketing Skills
FM Group Training The Power of Network Marketing Skills Rita & Gedas 2010

2 First Sentences Your first sentence has to...
Get rid of the pyramid objection Get people excited Get prospect thinking ‘how can I join?’ Get rid of the training objection Get rid of the comfortable objection Give your prospect confidence Rita & Gedas 2010

3 First Sentences Most people do Network Marketing every day but they just don't get paid for it. Network Marketing is all about recommending and promoting things that you like. We do it every day when talking to family, friends and colleagues about a movie we’ve just seen, nice restaurant we’ve been to, or a brilliant song we’ve just heard. House lifting offer Boxing example Showing people how to collect what they are earning already... Rita & Gedas 2010

4 Recognising leaders in your network
Who are the leaders in your downline? Professional students of the business who invest time to learn. How you could help your leaders develop? Invite to presentations, training events and conferences. Provide materials to develop Network Marketing skills (e.g. Books, CD’s and practical advice). Rita & Gedas 2010

5 Recognising leaders in your network
3 levels of commitment: I’ll try it. I’ll do my best. I’ll do whatever it takes. Rita & Gedas 2010

6 Providing Learning Materials
Would you like to read this book? Let me lend you a copy of this book. I will pick it up in a couple of days. Because other people would like to read it too. Great, the next time I’ve got a free available copy of this book I’ll be sure to come by and lend it to you. YES NO Rita & Gedas 2010

7 Successful Prospecting
We don’t find prospects – we create them. The prospects are not positive or negative, they are neutral – YOU influence them to go either way. People are reactive. The importance of body language. Smile to people – it doesn’t cost a penny and can change the way your prospect reacts to you. Never impose you agenda on somebody else! Your job is to let them know what you have to offer and help them to make an educated decision. Rita & Gedas 2010

8 Successful Prospecting
Let others know about your business. The worst thing you can do is to withhold the information about the business opportunity when you have a chance to change their lives. Don’t prejudge people – tell everybody what you do and you’ll be amazed how many people will be interested. Rita & Gedas 2010

9 Prospecting Strategies
Prospecting questionnaire... Q1: When would you like to retire? Q2: What is your plan to achieve this? Get a pay rise? Save money? A: FM Group has a plan for you! Q: How much money do you need to retire? Rule of 200 £2000 a month in interest = £ in your bank account Not going to happen to most people... Rita & Gedas 2010

10 Prospecting Strategies
I bet you would like to learn the skills for building long-term residual income? We can show you how to do it! How to beat the cold feet when your prospect returns home or talks to dream-stealers. The story about Five Apes 3 Keys to sponsoring: People need to know you People need to trust you People need to like you Be warm Smile Make others feel comfortable around you Rita & Gedas 2010

11 Communication Skills In order to participate and take control in the conversation people have to disagree with you. Q1: What do you do for a living? A:..... Q: Wow that must be... a great job. a great way of making lots of money. etc... Rita & Gedas 2010

12 Communication Skills Q2: What do you like to do on your free time? A: .... Network Marketing can help you do that more often. Introverts can also do very well in Network Marketing. People like those who listen to them. Use that to your advantage. Ask open ended questions. Let people talk. Rita & Gedas 2010

13 Communication Skills If there was a way for you to make more money, have more time to your family and not have to commute every day you would like to know about it? Have you ever heard of Network Marketing and what do you know about it? What is the most important reason for you to earn extra money? Rita & Gedas 2010

14 Leadership skills Allow people to be at their comfort zone.
Use natural advantage of your team members: Phone Face-to-face Internet Advertisement Parties Rita & Gedas 2010

15 Leadership skills Help others to see positive side of life.
Some people have problems all their lives You cannot solve all your distributors problems Let people have their opinions instead of educating them to your opinion – it causes friction Remember - every problem is an opportunity in disguise! Rita & Gedas 2010

16 Leadership skills Importance of knowing what you want from the business. Pile of dirt example. Training doesn’t always work ! Sometimes distributors have to go out there and experience it by themselves. Describe the taste of chocolate... Describe feeling in love... Learning to fly/swimming example Show your prospect how people around do Network Marketing but just don’t get paid for it. Rita & Gedas 2010

17 Making a good offer Give me £50 and you can be a distributor?
When you join our business for £49.99 you will get a sure start success kit containing a complete set of 160 perfume samples, a detailed marketing plan that gives a comprehensive cover of our compensation plan, 5 catalogues, 6 registration forms, FM DVD, 2 receipt pads, 25 party invitations, fragrance strips, 10 opportunity leaflets and 1 fragrance wallet. Rita & Gedas 2010

18 Evaluating your progress
Five step formula or formula £ - a number of people you speak to (scale 1-10) - how much people like you (scale 1-10) Q – quality of people you speak to (scale 1-10) S – your skills (scale 1-10) - the way you see yourself/ self-image (scale 1-10) 10x10x10x10x10 = – what’s your score? Rita & Gedas 2010

19 The power of stories Advantage of being in Network Marketing
Example of breathing Store membership card example Frequent flyer miles card Residual income Rock n’ Roll star story Overcoming ‘’I couldn’t do that’’ attitude 2 year story Rita & Gedas 2010

20 OH really, how does that work?
Q: How much money did you make in the first month? A: I don’t know, I haven’t finished collecting it all yet. Q: What do you do for a living? A: I show people how to buy 3 bottles of perfume for they one bottle price they paid before. A: I show people how to sack their boss. A: I show people how to pick up an extra pay check every month. Rita & Gedas 2010

21 How to lead you business
Leading with PRODUCT Leading with OPPORTUNITY Leading with COMMON SENSE! Rita & Gedas 2010

22 Word pictures I want to think it over...
Great, please think it over – take your time. By the way, could you do me a favour.... Going to work Getting payslip When you join our business, here is what happens... When you use our product, here is what happens... Sean Connery – Marilyn Monroe Daughter example Rita & Gedas 2010

23 Closing Aggressive: Giving the freedom of choice:
Do you see anything here that you couldn’t do? So, when would you like to start? Giving the freedom of choice: Well, what do you think? And, that’s it. And the rest is up to you. Rita & Gedas 2010

24 Getting appointmets 100% Boy do I have an opportunity for you
I could give you a complete presentation, but it would take an entire minute. When could you set aside a whole minute? WHAT ABOUT NOW! Rita & Gedas 2010

Your presentation have to answer 7 questions: What kind of business are you? What is your company? What is your product? What training do you provide? How much does it cost to get started? How much money can I make? What do I need to do? Rita & Gedas 2010

We are in Network Marketing industry, do you know anything about it? The company is called FM Group, it’s based in Poland and we’ve been in UK for 4 years. We offer higher quality perfume, cosmetics and home products for the third of the high street prices as we don’t invest in advertising, celebrity reimbursements or expensive packaging. We provide 2 types of training: Part 1 – classroom training. Presentations, Training events, Conferences, Books and CD’s. Part 2 – on the job training. 2-on-1 presentations. Rita & Gedas 2010

5. When you join our business for £49.99 you will get... You can make around £100 - £200 a month from your retail profit when you start and by building you own Network Marketing business you can earn up to £ a month within 5 years. All you need to do is don’t change. Continue to recommend and promote things like you always have done. Just like promoting movies, restaurants and music. Also, out of all the people you meet you who think the same way about this business and who would like to earn some extra money, you might select a few and sponsor them by showing how to do the same you did. And guess what – you get a bonus for that too. Rita & Gedas 2010

28 Thinking business Thinking like an employee/ business man.
Conveyer belt worker example. Restaurant example. Focusing on result – not activity. Truck driving/ House painting Being your own best customer. Using your own products Leading by example Grocery store example Rita & Gedas 2010

29 Target decision making
There’s two types of buying products you like – a wholesale or retail. Which one would you choose if you had a choice? You can have your own part-time business and offer a great product or work for a company where you don't even know what the product is. What would you prefer? Rita & Gedas 2010

30 Target wants not needs People want to earn lots of money without working hard. People want to smell and look nice without spending a fortune on it. Rita & Gedas 2010

31 icebreakers Quick way of determining if the prospect is suitable for Network Marketing: Q1: Would you like to earn additional income? Q2: Would you be able to set aside 5-7 hours a week? Locate people who are willing to do Network Marketing and don't try to convince people. Oyster example Rita & Gedas 2010

32 The power of referrals Always ask for referrals:
Do you know anybody who would like to earn an extra £100 - £200 a month? Do you know anybody who would like to save a fortune on their perfume, cosmetics and home products? Also, using these phrases is a rejection-free approach to prospects who might be interested in the opportunity or product themselves. Rita & Gedas 2010

33 Types of prospects A lot of people join the company to buy the product at wholesale prices for themselves. Some buy it for themselves and offer it to family, friends and colleagues getting the 33% profit. This way they supplement their income by £100-£200 a month. Another group of people who join make about £500 - £1500 a month and these people put a little bit more time in it. They want a part-time business, invest few evenings a week and set few appointments with prospects. And finally, there’s a fourth group of people who earn £5000 – £16000 a month. Now, these people work very hard because they want to actively change their lives, get out of a job they hate or have a better future. Rita & Gedas 2010

34 Generating prospects New people have lots of people to talk to but don’t know how to do a good opportunity presentation. Experienced people have a good presentation but no new people to talk to in their warm market. The key is 2-on-1 presentations. Also, people from ones warm market are more polite to strangers they bring with them. Rita & Gedas 2010

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